I managed to discover a combination of layering in things I already had that actually kept me nice and toasty despite the 20 degree weather! These Steve Madden OTK boots are amazingly comfortable with a 4 inch heel, I’ve been truly impressed with their wearability.
I can shop in them, dance in them, even run around in them, plus I picked them up for about seventy percent off, making them entirely too affordable and cute to pass up.

It’s endlessly versatile: tunic style, over skinny jeans or leggings, with courts or boots and even adorable with flats! I LOVE psychedelic 1960s prints, so finding a new pattern I instantly gravitated to was pretty awesome.
The draped leather shearling jacket is vintage, believe it or not, and I picked up when I was home in San Francisco at the Wasteland on Haight Street.

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