With the Godmother Guild destroyed by Teague's army, Mina finds herself without the guidance of her Fae Godmother.
To save them, Mina must make a deal with the prince to become his prisoner or lose her friends forever. Former Delta Force operative David Wolfe thought he had left it all behind--the horror, the hurt, the guilt. But is there any hope for Jared and the love they briefly shared, or must beauty destroy the beast she created? So when the military asks for her help in a covert operation, she refuses--until masked gunmen raid her home and threaten her life. But now the men who savagely murdered his wife have set their sights on a brilliant cryptologist who can lead them to the cache of weapons they prize.

The prolific New York Times columnist Bittman is now on his eighth edited or co-authored book in as many years. The dark prince threatens their very existence with a show of power on the human plane that has everyone running for their lives.
As passion ignites between David and the woman he's sworn to protect, what began as just a mission escalates into the fight of his life.
Like many entertaining-based cookbooks, Bittman's is organized by dinner menus: 10 for each season.
Noelle has no choice but to trust the dangerous stranger sent by the military to safeguard her. Charmingly titled ("A Meal for Questionable Weather," "A Cool Dinner for a Hot Night," etc.), the meals rely heavily on simple Asian and Mediterranean techniques like stir-frying and braising.

Impressive but eminently do-able entrees like Curried Mussels, Roast Tomato Frittata, and Pasta with Dark Red Duck Sauce are probably his hallmark, but Bittman also shows a flair for assembling succulent, long-cooking dishes like Kale, Sausage and Mushroom Stew and Slow-Cooked Leg of Lamb with Fresh Mint Sauce.
For desserts, he shies away from labor-intensive baking projects; more typical are forgiving foods to be prepared ahead of time like Pineapple-Ginger Sorbet and Coconut Rice Pudding.
The recipes themselves are airily laid out-one page per recipe, rarely more than eight or 10 ingredients-so that although home cooks may be preparing four or five dishes at once, it scarcely seems like a challenge. As for the author, it seems as if he could keep on making life easier for time-pressed gourmands ad infinitum - as long as you keep it simple, you need never run out of inspiration.

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