September 4, 2013For Couples, For Womenhot flash, intimacy, Love, love life, menopause, relationship advice, research, Sex, sex adviceDr. Researchers of this study also noted that postmenopausal sexual health, for many women, can be affected by psychological factors in addition to physiological factors. Basically, ESPN tells us they are a bad team so we think they are bad, and the same can be said with how they sell actual shit teams as good ones. Before people scoff at me and say “we love our team” and “it is all about the team”, let’s do a little test. The Vikings have started three QB’s this season: Christian Ponder, Matt Cassel, and Josh Freeman.
Of course, now it seems like a “no shit, Sherlock” moment, but here is the thing…why are ESPN and Fox not talking about that? Given the state of the NFL and their shitty “offense first” rules, how can a team be expected to compete while starting scrub players and a punt returner at corner?
The Vikings *should* be healthy next year, with another high draft pick and a relatively easy schedule.
This is for all the fans of Mortal Kombat Mileena :) Check all the other MK special posts! For all the fans of Silent Hill, we prepared this special collection with some of the hottest nurse cosplays! Elkins commented that most women participating in the study complained of fatigue, anxiety, depression, and fear of close contact that could induce hot flashes. Is it just me or do some of these responses appear like they are written by brain dead visitors? You know, its crazy how much cock we as a collective sports society like to suck when that cock happens to be that of the Four Letter or FOX Sports. While on the surface it might not knock your socks off, it would if you knew that mark was higher than other QB’s like Tom Brady, Nick Foles, Andy Dalton, RGIII and Joe Flacco.
In fact, their offense is actually one of the better offenses in the league despite their “poor” QB play. It stinks worse than that hooker’s hump hole you just got done throwing your pole in.
The NFL is a league that rewards shittiness far more than it rewards mediocrity, and they do this in a number of ways. First, of course, is the draft. The way the NFL is set up, the Vikings are an example (like the Colts of two years ago and the Chiefs of this year) of a bad team this year that could surprise people next year.
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I was reading some comics this weekend and I thought, why not to find some hot cosplays of the Supergirl?
Because the close contact experienced during intimate sexual contact can ignite hot flashes, many women abstain from sexual activity all together. Although women may be physically fit for sexual activity, an emotional barrier in the relationship with her partner or herself, can make intercourse difficult or unpleasant. Some of the biggest, and I do mean biggest, punching bags of the DUD are people like Juan Uribe and Pablo Sandoval. We are all guilty of looking at sports through the lens of what is given to us, instead of through the lens of actual human beings.
And every year, people all over the nation buy that trash and every year they are completely let down.
The Vikings defense is second worst in yards allowed (behind the Cowboys), second worst in points allowed (behind the Redskins), second worst in third down percentage (behind the Falcons), and second worst in time of possession (behind the Eagles).
And second, the other lesser known aspect is that the last place team gets to face two other last place teams from the year before, which means the Vikings are looking at games next year against the Bucs, Redskins, and Rams instead of games against the Seahawks and Panthers. Two games in the NFL is the difference between, well, pretty much every single divisional race going on right now outside of the AFC South. At the end of the treatment period, the participants who received hypnotic relaxation therapy had a better sex life, in terms of sexual satisfaction, increased pleasure and decreased discomfort. For many, a committed monogamous relationship, such as marriage, can bring about comfort and stability for a healthy sex life.
This isn’t so much a rant about how the Vikings are a good team, because they really are not a good team at all.
Fans like my mother who have no fucking clue what is actually going on in a football game…she just wants to see someone make a circus catch in the end zone. No one cares if the Cardinals win or lose as long as Larry Fitzgerald reaches pay dirt for their fake team. Your next gripe will be that Ponder doesn’t throw the ball down field, so of course he will have a higher completion percentage. Coaches these days fall into two categories…Bill Belichick and every other coach on the hot seat. But the Vikings have lost 4 games in the final minute after the offense has marched down and given them the lead.
Two games is the difference between making the playoffs and making headlines with felony possession of a firearm in the club. Gary Elkins, a professor of psychology and neuroscience at Baylor University, presented a study to the American Psychological Association proposing a possible alternative to hormone replacement therapy.

Whether this took the form of better sleep, decreased stress and hot flashes, or a combination of reasons, remains unclear. However, sexual intimacy issues can also be a symptom of emotional turmoil in a relationship. She knows that a 50-yard touchdown is far more valuable than a 2 yard touchdown…at least, that’s what ESPN tells her. No one gives a shit about the Lions and Ravens tonight as long as Calvin Johnson or Reggie Bush or (God forbid) Ray Rice find the white stripe.
They are a bad offensive team because they do not have the answer at the most important position. That places him ahead of Tom Brady, Cam Newton, Matthew Stafford, Andy Dalton, Andrew Luck, etc. The Vikings have been playing without their two starting tight ends, starting linebacker, their four starting cornerbacks, and their starting safety. Elkins, who has a background studying hypnosis and hypnotic relaxation therapy, conducted a study with researchers at the Baylor Mind-Body Medicine Research Laboratory to determine the effects of hypnotic relaxation therapy on women. Perhaps this is why hypnotic relaxation therapy helped females, it brought about the comfort and security they needed to feel at ease with themselves and their partners for sexual activity.
Remember that this was a playoff team (that deserved the chance to compete in the playoffs by winning their last 4 games against other playoff teams) last year. This four win team could actually be 8-5-1 right now, and that would actually put them on top of their division…if they had some semblance of a secondary to stop those last second plays. The participants were randomly assigned to five weekly sessions of counseling or hypnotic relaxation therapy with a clinically trained researcher. Nobody is saying that makes Ponder a real QB, but all I am saying is if you are actually going to say he is pure dog shit, there are some numbers to put him in perspective. Participants completed questionnaires at the beginning, end and twelve weeks after treatment to assess how hot flashes interfered with their sex lives, as well as how sexual intimacy changed because of the treatment. It’s why the Lions will never go anywhere (well, that and offseason felony theft) and why the Patriots always have a chance. Knowing that finding, it would make sense that having more sex should lead to increased feelings of happiness.

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