While there are plenty examples of overweight women, there are still plenty of ladies who stay in great shape and attract a lot of attention for it. Great get now you have an odutise shooter and Miles Mack a penetrator and disher to Biruta playing his natural 4 and Dane Miller.
This British cyclist is so smoking hot that she may be shifting her career from biking to modeling.
He’s the fastest man in the world and he may also hold the title to the best abs in the world.
Jeremy Bloom is one of the world’s best freestyle skiers, 2-time Olympian and 11-time World Cup gold medalist.
The 20-year old Australian sprinter caused such an internet tizzy with her 2012 pre-hurdle warm up routine that she became a viral sensation (even if she didn’t make the Olympic games). Women of Sports is a tribute to the hot and sexy female athletes of the highest level of sport. This Frenchman is pretty lean for a sprinter, and he’ll probably never win any major international competitions.
When Venus Williams first hit the tennis scene, we had never seen a player with this kind of body before. Natalie Couglin is an all-time great Olympian, and she definitely has the upper body of a swimming champion. The clothes they wear on the basketball court are so baggy that you might never have known that Candace Parker has a body like this.
American gymnast Alexander Naddour doesn’t have an Olympic medal, but a bronze at the World Championships and one of the greatest bodies in sports is a decent consolation.

You don’t become #2 on the all-time goals list for Team USA without having a remarkable physique. Olympic wrestler Justin Lester didn’t win any medals at the 2012 games, but he does have a couple of bronze medals from the World Championships. Germany’s Anni Friesinger used this remarkable physique to win three gold medals at the Winter Olympicsa€”one each in 2002, 2006, and 2010. I might have ranked Phelps higher on this list if his body wasn’tA soA fit that it kind of freaks me out. If Chris Hemsworth decides he doesn’t want to make any more Thor movies, they could just get European, World, and Olympic javelin champion Anderas Thorkildsen. But that’s not what the world knows her for, her pictures have gone viral in the past year.
But after a shoot in FHM and another in Playboy, it was clear that Haley was going to find other ways to leave her mark.
Amanda may have come just short of qualifying for the 2012 summer Olympics but she’s well on her way to a successful career as a swimsuit model.
But we can’t tell if fans love her more because of her skills with a soccer ball or her skills in a bathing suit.
A close second to the number one athlete on our list, Yelena is another vaulter who makes skimpy Olympic outfits the real stars of the show.
And Abby Wambach, the 2012 FIFA Player of the Year,A definitelyA has a remarkable physique. Nevertheless, you have to admit she has one of the most impressive physiques in the world today.

On the one hand, when she’s in top shape, she has one of the most fit, athletic bodies on the planet. But let’s not forget that the veteran linebacker is alo one of the most fit dudes in NFL.
Daniela Hantuchova is quickly replacing her as one of the hottest tennis blondes on the circuit today.
There are thousands of images on FunCage, please make sure you include the URL of the specific image.
The multidisciplinary sport seems to create some of the most well-rounded physiques on the planet.
However, competing in the 200m against Usain Bolt and company, he didn’t really have a chance. On the other hand, a series of injures over the last several years have prevented her from maintaining that level. And today we’re going to take a stab at naming the 75 fittest, most impressive bodies in the world of sports.

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