There are plenty of shy guys who have been on dates, or have female friends, even well into their 30s, who simply have not made the connection of a girlfriend. Keep in mind that if you want to learn how to get a girlfriend as a shy guy, you have to first stop replaying the fact that you have never had a girlfriend in your head.
First, understand that you are shy, but do not use it as an excuse to sit in the corner.  In order to get the girl, you have to admit to yourself that you are terrified of spending an hour cooking class each week standing next to the girl you want to ask out, and you have to do it anyway. Once you feel like you can maneuver the murky waters of courtship with a semblance of confidence through sitting up straight and making eye contact, motivate yourself to become less shy by talking to a stranger each day.
Some shy guys believe that because they have never had a girlfriend, there is no use in trying, and nothing could be further from the truth. In the end, learning how to get a girlfriend as a shy guy, even if you have never had a girlfriend, means being honest, displaying integrity at every turn and enjoying the time you spend with the woman, even if it is only during a club-arranged event at first.
In just a moment, I’m going to show you how to get your ex girlfriend back… so buckle up, because there’s a lot to cover.
If you recently split up with your girlfriend then you’re probably hurting REAL bad right now. I know the pain you’re going through right now and I know that it won’t stop for a LOOOOONG time. Sure you can carry on with your life… bang a few new girls at a party, go out with your friends and try to forget about the girl you lost. OR you can use proven techniques that thousands of guys are using right now to get their girlfriend back fast.
There are a few areas of “getting your ex girlfriend back” which I want to cover, so by all means skip to the section that makes most sense to your current situation. It’s been a few days, weeks, maybe even a month and the wound is still raw… now what do you do? Understand why she left you – The first step is to understand why she dumped you in the first place dude! Leave it at least 2 weeks – Don’t be needy or act desperate, it’s not going to help you.
Get back in touch – After a couple of weeks, get in touch either with a text or a Facebook message. Keep it casual – Always meet up with her in the day for lunch or coffee so it’s casual, like you’re meeting a friend. Go in for the kill – After several casual meetups, invite her along on a night out with your friends or say to her that you’re going to be somewhere and she should come along. The key to remember here is that you’re laying down the important groundwork with the casual meetups. Pimp up your Facebook profile – Your Facebook page is a constant message that your closest friends and acquaintances are reading.
Get in touch – Go back to “situation 1” and follow all the steps from “Get back in touch”. Right then, you haven’t spoken to her in months, you know that she doesn’t have a boyfriend and you’re still kicking yourself about the breakup.
Write to her – The very first thing you need to do is write to her, Facebook, email even a freakin hand written letter dude.
Rinse and repeat – Follow everything from the first and second situation, until she takes you back.
There are a few ground rules you MUST follow that I haven’t mentioned yet, they are solid mindset tips that will help you get her back (trust me they work).
Be persistent – Think alpha male who knows what he wants, not a pathetic needy loser who’s begging for attention.
Embrace change – Show her that you’re willing to be a better you by changing your ways.
Don’t sulk – The moment you accept your defeat, is the moment you will never get her back, so stay positive and know that you’re going to get her back in time. So as I said earlier, I used Text Your Ex Back which really helped me get my girlfriend back. But I did try a another product that I think is seriously worth mentioning because I picked up some killer tips from it. I got some really great tips from this guide, if I hadn’t have gone through the other two then I would have just used this one but it would have taken me a while longer to get her back.
Then you’re not doing the steps correctly or you’re still portraying the same crappy qualities that she dumped you for in the first place. So there you have it, this is without a doubt the best advice you will get on understanding how to get your ex girlfriend back in the fastest way possible. My girlfriend and I broke up a month and a half ago, we were talking frequently until 3 weeks ago when she moved to Portland, OR (we lived in California together). Hay, I broke up with my girl like for 2 years now, but it’s all coming back to me, it was my fault, I physically assaulted her. Im a lesbian and was with this girl for four years going 5 on july.she ask space for 3months no communication,no seeing each other so I gave her space but i broke my promise not to call,text and see her. I had already been arguing with my girlfriend for awhile, I had been sick and on alot of medication one night when she called and tho has got heated. I have been in a releshp wth my ex grlfrend for 4yrs she was my school sweethert we came from far she loved meh soo much we did everythng toghet na untll she had a crush on some guybt she found out the guy is in arelshp wth anther person she came back to meh cryng i accpted her back bt then after a mnth se change start sayng we break up bt then she apologies back for her word iknw ehe was up2 smthng i broke up wth her she didnt even say why or sory she said alryt naw its been 3weeksi tryed callng her bt she nat intrested shes is sayng she want to be single an forcus… so do you think she is a relshp wth smeone else i need advice shoild i just move on? I recently lost, my girl it was my fault I got hooked up in internet adiction, porn sites and dating sites, she read my corespondance to the other women and even contacted them to see if we had met up. If I liked a girl, then it would feel literally impossible for me to ask her out. What if she said no?
So for years, I watched from the sidelines as the girls I liked went out with the more popular and confident guys. The truth is that many shy men can go months or even years without having a girlfriend, dating or even kissing a girl. Well, the first obvious reason is that confidence and social status are probably the most attractive things to a woman. Think back to your high school, who were all the cutest girls dating?
In this article, I’m going to provide you with key pointers to getting the relationship you want. When I was first trying to overcome my shyness around girls… I went out of my way to go to clubs.Why? Now I live near a downtown university, which means there’s a seemingly endless stream of cute girls walking down the street whenever I step outside.
If you’re into self help or spirituality, then maybe the best place to meet someone for you is at a yoga class. For example, ever noticed how the woman is almost always a few years younger than the man in any couple?
And the fat stores around the hips are used in the later stages of pregnancy, allowing a woman to survive to have the baby and breastfeed it in our past when food was scarce. You should read that quote 2-3 times. When it fully sinks in, it will change the way you see the social world forever.
It basically means that your looks aren’t nearly as important to attract a girlfriend as you probably believed. This is why in my courses I focus a lot on changing your inner thought patterns and beliefs, not just learning new conversation tricks.
One of the key mind-shifts to feel more comfortable and confident around cute girls is to knock them off the pedestal you’ve created for them in your mind. Strong eye contact. Most shy guys break eye contact with attractive women quickly because the tension makes them too nervous.
A clear resonant voice. Speaking up in a clear way shows people that you value what comes out of your mouth. These are just 3 simple examples of behaviors that can instantly make you more or less attractive to a girl. These types of behaviors underneath your words communicate a lot more about you, your dominance and social power, than your words ever could.

I hope this article has given you a few key pointers on where to meet a potential girlfriend, what really triggers a woman’s attraction, and how to communicate in a high status way so that women find you more attractive. I study all areas of psychology, sharing what works (and what doesn't) for overcoming shyness and social anxiety. Now it's my life's mission is to help 25,000 people get the confidence, friends and romantic partner you want!
Your friends probably think you are the nicest guy on the planet, and wish you would find the perfect girl who deserves you.
Not every woman on the planet likes the loud mouth guy who controls the room, only to interrupt any decency along the way. If you want to know how to get a girlfriend as a shy guy, follow these quick and easy steps to getting there — even if you have never had a girlfriend before. Certainly there is nothing wrong with trying new things, but if you are debilitating shy, entering an Improv troupe to find a girl is probably the wrong angle. Listen to her talk, and take the information in as if you are researching her for an important assignment. Kindness, compassion and understanding are all impressive ways to get the girl, even when you are shy. You feel sick to your stomach, with no energy, you can’t be bothered to see anyone and you just want to be left alone.
Let’s say that you broke up, it’s been a few months, maybe even a year and you’ve heard through friends that she’s got a boyfriend (perhaps you even saw it on Facebook which would really suck).
Get some new threads, workout at the gym (get the body most women want), eat right and drum some positive thoughts into your head. It’s crucial that they see the guy you want to be seen as… which is a confident, independent, happy and outgoing guy. It’s vital that you find out why she hates you… because this will help you to build a solid action plan.
Apologise for what you did wrong and say to her that you respect her wishes, also that you truly wish that she finds a guy that will make her happy. If you did, then that’s awesome, keep the communication flowing and suggest meeting up for a coffee because you want to stay friends with her. It took me exactly 4 weeks, but I have a friend who used the same techniques and it took him 7 months. He started stalking and harrassing me, and would harrass any guy I dated.I told him never to speak to me again, but he still tried to get me back, was watching and following me in person and on line ,so I called the police and filed a report, and later filed a no contact order. We broke up because she got jealous about other women who were giving me attention, and i lied about one of these girls at a party and i just got too comfortable and didn’t show interest. My gf mentioned to break up due to another man and no more feeling with me, I’ve stopped this action taken as I can’t take it!
In the mean time go and get your self together work out hang with friends and make your self happy.
You are her comfort zone you know each other so she is just there with you after what she thinks is good is not. The next day I saw she had took us off of a relationship on Facebook and I lost it, I gave her my password and she out of current mistrust searched through my emails. Express your self about what was the underlying problem with the situation between you both.
I thought I looked ugly growing up, I was scared to smile because of my slightly crooked front teeth, and I believed my appearance was the reason no girls ever showed interest in me.
I’m going to start off with the basics so that even a guy who is a virgin and totally confused about dating, can be on his way to having a girlfriend. If you live in a more suburban area outside the city, then go to a nearby shopping mall, bookstore or a busy coffee shop. Although I’m not a big fan, the fact is now almost a quarter of adults ages 25-34 years old have used online dating. Only after we find a girl physically attractive are we open to being even more won over by her personality, common interests, etc. Because it’s this body shape that would most successfully give birth to a child in our distant past.
Younger girls also usually wear much more revealing or skintight clothing across most cultures than guys do. In all social species with pair-bonds, females are attracted to evidence that males display a chance for power in the community. The attention of the tribe is a kind of psychic territory where we harvest the resources we cooperative apes need to survive.
That’s one of the big focuses of my popular article on overcoming shyness around girls. Improving your grooming, style and lifestyle will make you feel like a much more valuable person, and that will naturally shine through to any woman that you meet.
Of course, you don’t want to awkwardly run out of things to say, but a girl becomes attracted to a guy because of his behavior underneath his words, not because of the words themselves. Whether you want to make her into your girlfriend or just sleep with her, touching is often the secret for turning a boring friendly conversation into a charged one. Having choice instead of loneliness feels great, and I deeply wish for you to experience the same transformation I did. These emails are going to go more in-depth about how to meet girls, what to say to make them attracted, how to get sexual, and so on. But since there is so much demand for this information I may take it down any day and instead sell a product on overcoming shyness around girls. After curing my own severe social anxiety I created "The Shyness and Social Anxiety System" to help others. CLICKBANK® is a registered trademark of Click Sales, Inc., a Delaware corporation located at 917 S. One of the things you need to know about how to get a girlfriend as a shy guy, even if you have never had a girlfriend, is that you know plenty about yourself at this point in your life, and you should use it to your advantage.
It is common to be single, and enjoy your life, while fulfilling your interests, so do not beat yourself up about or it will show.
It is okay to stay true to your modest existence, but a couple of improvements must be formed along the way if you want to know how to get a girlfriend as a shy guy. You would be amazed at how easy it will become, and your confidence will be boosted as a result.
Remember, although having a girlfriend may be new to you, the world has seen more than its share of both great and mediocre versions, you have simply been waiting for the one who gets it right for you. Listen intently, make eye contact and smile as she tells stories about her dog or cat, parents or siblings or even events in her life. If she reveals that her very best friend in the world is her grandmother, ask how she is doing the next time you talk to her.
In the meantime, making it all about her will send her to the moon and back, so opening doors and pulling out her chair are simple ways at landing a second date. Make yourself available to her, and let her know that you are always around to talk, dine, watch a movie or enjoy a class together.
Something like “Hey, so I got the job… (yay for me) starting in a week” fancy a celebratory coffee? This means you need to upload pictures of you partying with other pretty girls, smiling, traveling, doing things that you NEVER did whilst in your relationship with your ex. Well then after we broke up i made out with one of the girls and i told her about it and it devestated her.
She she leave it becaue she thinks she found the one to replace you then she finds out the grass is not greener on the other side so she comes back. She took a light hearted conversation to be factual and believes that I am a cheater and our relationship was over a long time ago.

I even had an apartment a couple blocks away from one of the main nightlife areas in the city. You have to put yourself into situations where you have a chance to come in contact with women. Depressed, insecure about how I looked, little sense of fashion, and unable to even look a cute woman in the eyes for more than 1 second.
Because a woman who is younger was a lot more likely to have a healthy pregnancy in the distant past.
Cavemen who mated with younger women were more likely to have healthy and surviving kids, so now guys are wired to be attracted to younger women in general.
There’s a reason why the stereotype of the high school quarterback dating the school cheerleader exists. Being able to comfortably look her directly in the eyes is a sign of a high status, dominant man. So if you are nervously fidgeting and feeling tense, then she can’t relax talking to you, and will instinctively be turned off. And the sooner you start touching her while you’re talking to her, the easier it will be to avoid the friend zone. It’s my favorite article on your site so far and it goes a lot more in-depth than what I remember from the previous one. Shy guys have a number of stunningly brilliant attributes including modesty, and humility, that a lot of guys lack. No matter what your interests are, there are women who love the very same thing, and all you have to do to expose your inner shy guy is begin by making an appearance at these events.
Together you two can enter new worlds, expanding each other’s comfort zones along the way. Allow her to carry the conversation, or ask non-probing follow up questions to keep the conversation going. Recalling important things will endear her to you, and she will want to spend more time with you because you care. Once you have made the connection, all you have to do is continue to make it all about her, and she will be yours in no time. You may push her limits till she is afraid of you or hates the very thought of you.If you are a good man, she will miss you and call you. I made a lot of mistakes after the breakup, begging to come back to her, argued a couple times, freaked about her dating. She is blaming you for cheating because she is not being 100% with you about what she is doing. I just started the no contact phase and am giving her time it’s been 3 days no contact. It’s still fresh, I have sent her a very brief letter trying to keep an image that I have calmed down now, and apologized once again for how cruel I was, and for even saying the things I had.
I had to learn how to become more comfortable with myself and comfortable connecting with other people. Men are wired to feel attraction to a woman whose body displays signs of fertility, health and youth. Back in my high school, I can even remember two guys who were very chubby, but they still got girlfriends easily because they were funny and confident. ClickBank's role as retailer does not constitute an endorsement, approval or review of these products or any claim, statement or opinion used in promotion of these products. The women are not going to magically appear at your home, so you will have to make the initial effort to interact with them socially, and clubs and memberships are the best way to start.
You do not have to begin your dating strategy by becoming the guy on the dance floor, but you do have to be present in the moment. Allow her to see it for herself, without the pressure of making her your girlfriend right away.
We’ve hung out like 7 times since the break up and things got pretty affectionate 4 out of the 7 times. I was leaving the state around half year and she had ask me to stay but, I insist to leave due to good opportunity.
I sent her mother a 4 pg front and back letter explaining in order of occurrence everything, assuring I am not a cheater and just everything, I was completely honest, and mature in every way.
I thought thst i could not get over my ex but I am living and making the best of the situation everyday. For men that stimulus is usually visual: long shiny hair, straight white smile, big innocent eyes, a curvy body, etc. You know, the guy who can drag a girl out onto the dance floor even when she is shaking her head no? If she dislikes Chinese food, do not force the fact that you love it upon her and demand she try it on your first date.
It’s just been a rough past summer for me in general with my grandpa passing away and adjusting to all this change. One is a love letter and the other is an apology letting her know I accept the breakup and wish her the best. When we were together I was a jerk and didn’t make a big deal about it and it hurt her.
If you are slouching and looking at the floor while a woman talks to you, she is going to feel slighted and her interest is going to be diminished immediately.
That system goes both ways when you are learning how to get a girlfriend as a shy guy: You do not have to do anything that terrifies you, or that you dislike. I do love the girl and I’m attempting to get her back by going to her school which is an hour away and serenading her wih a guitar right on campus haha. So now what Idk is should I text her the night before and say something about it like goodluck don’t be nervo use it’ll be okay, just good luck or nothing at all? There are a number of dating tips that will provide you with the knowledge you need on how to get a girlfriend as a shy guy.
Simply be honest and forthright, saying that maybe next time you will want to try sushi or go to a salsa dance club. We’ve broken up before about 2 years ago and I did the same thing just outside of her house. You simply have to have an open mind, and do a little work on yourself to get there, even if you have never had a girlfriend before.
You do not have to be everything to everyone right away, but you do have to keep an opened mind along the way. She keep saying no more feeling with girl, what can I do to get her back again coz I too love her. She has me blocked on facebook and snapchat, yet we still keep in touch through text and phone calls and shes friends with my mom on facebook still haha. Atleas give a consideration that i was a faithful dude down to be in it for the long hall . I know if i pull at her more while she still mad and bitter shes just going to pul away more. On top of that ahe has the type of girlfriends who like bashing dudes cause thwy dont have one or not satisfied qjth the ones they have. She would always tell her friends about me and how much she loved me and even tod them all about our sexual life.

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