The reason why all humans do this instantaneously is to make sure we remain safe.  Its called the Reticular Activating System, a safety mechanism that has allowed humans to survive for 1000s of years. For example, as cave people we learned that anything large, hairy with big sharp teeth was extremely dangerous.  Whenever we saw anything remotely resembling that, we instantly learned that we needed to run. The reason I bring this up is because the limbic system is able to understand and interpret more information then you can ever possibly realize.
Somehow North Americans have jumped on the bandwagon and fairies, butterflies, dolphins and tribal tattoos are popping up everywhere. No woman looks classy with a skull, stars, butterflies and dolphins splashed all over their chest and arms.
Don’t forget those tattoos might look good now but in twenty years, that butterfly with look like a elephant, and the dolphin a whale, once all your skin starts stretching and hanging with age. Clothes – Men love slutty looking clothes, because they scream sex, whether the woman wants them too or not. Over drinking – Is it a turn on when men are sloppy, tripping, spilling, saying stupid things and acting like a complete idiot while drunk?
Of course, if you just want to swear a ton and act like one of the boys, don’t be surprised when that is what you become.
When you act indifferently, you play hard to get, you are too quick to brush him off, or you don’t give men a chance you are acting differently to what you say you want deep inside.
If you put five hundred people in a crowded room and one of the men is controlling, and one of the women in the room has been a victim of controlling men they will automatically gravitate towards each other.
One of the biggest reasons you will not find a guy attractive is because deep down you don’t really go after what you want. Strong, independent women, with the mentality ‘I can do it all by myself, I don’t need a man’ don’t make a man feel attracted to her, despite popular belief men are threatened by your success. You can look feminine, you can dress in a feminine way and still not be feminine in your behavior and words. Allowing a guy you like to take care of you, make the effort for you, and enjoy who you are as a woman will build attraction.
Saying we are not attracted to someone or we never find anyone attractive in our lives can have a lot to do with our judgements and expectation of how things are supposed to be. Lorna is a Dating Coach who helps women like you get RESULTS, the guy you have always wanted.

This process allows people to take in huge amounts of information instantly, process this information immediately and determine an appropriate response.  Normally this process is highly accurate. Those cave people who were not able to learn from their limbic brain and utilize their reticular activating system would have died very early in life, usually trying to pet a saber tooth tiger. Or passed out with a needle in her arm, dry bubbly split lips from a crack pipe, flailing around on the dance floor while hopped up on Ecstasy or passed out with their head between their crotch from smoking too much dope.
One or two tattoos can be cute if truly meaningful and placed in a nice discreet location, otherwise it is just a giant ink spot.  It looks like someone rolled a piece of silly putty over newspaper and stretched it out.
One of the boys and nothing more.  Act like a lady and every man will treat you like a lady. If you do any three or more of these visual faux pas, then you might want to consider that the reason why you are not attracting the type of guy you want is because you are not visually communicating the right message.  Perhaps its time to reassess how you express yourself to the world.
Well obviously if movies are utilizing this belief, then more people then just myself are sensing it.
Our collection of most popular funny images, memes, funny quotes, comics and other funny pictures is updated daily. It can become a safety net for you to not press forward with things or events you say you want in your life. So beware if you say you would really like to meet someone this year, if you are taking action that corresponds with what you say you want.
You are fearful you are not enough for the guy you like, so you don’t go talk with him, you don’t show interest and hold back.
When you make a guy feel good about himself, as a man, then he’ll want to be around you more and more.
She used to ask me how her perfume would smell all the time and I could never smell it over the cigarette stink.  Then of course I would always smell like smoke whenever I spent time with her.
Seriously, if you can set off a metal detector with your face, you have more problems then not just being able to meet a good guy.
So you will attract the types of guys who only want sex and the good guys who want a relationship will look else where. Women look just as bad, if not worst.  No one is saying you can’t have fun, but do you really need to get so drunk your friends have to carry you and your shoes outside, so you can lay down in a pile of your vomit and urine? It’s hard enough to attract a good man, without sabotaging yourself before you even say anything.

When we say we don’t find anyone attractive, it usually means we have not dealt with some hidden fear inside of us that is holding us back from going after or having what we say we really want. You are instantly giving them the information they need to know that you are not what they are looking for.
Either get a dog that is capable of walking without breaking a leg or don’t get a dog.
Also you can be a part of our website - just upload or browse images and share them with your friends. It is like when Zig Ziglar talks about stinky thinking, nothing good will ever come from a poisoned mind. If she decides she does not want to attract a controlling man anymore, she must build herself up internally.
The quality guy needs to know you like him, acting weird, uninterested or stand-offish won’t get you any closer to falling in love.
So instead of making excuses and thinking oh there are no attractive men in my area, why not question why you believe this? Sometimes those insights might not be popular, but isn’t it better to know, so you can increase your chances of meeting the type of guy you want? Because I can tell you right now the man you want lives closer to you than you think, you just have to give him a chance.
The quality men that did not find her attractive before are now finding her attractive because of the woman she has now become.
It is really important to understand your past and patterns because sometimes our attraction is caught up in our pattern but when we don’t want to be attracted to men who are not good for us, we can lose attraction to what is good for us.
You can also turn this around by working on yourself and growing you to the point of a healthy solid relationship.

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