Well there could be hundred of reasons for all the above questions and the best way to find out is by comparing your website with your competitor’s website and finding all other related websites of your niche.
In this post I am going to tell you about 10 magic tricks that will make your visitors stay on your page for longer time.
One thing that is your duty to serve your visitors with is providing them with easy and clean navigation. It won’t be effective if you are just adding things to your website without even making it a news. If your website is taking more than 5 seconds to load then forget about it that your visitors will wait for the website to open. Place good and relevant ads on your webpages but avoid making any kind of distraction to your webpage. So these are some measures that you should take while designing a website, a good and attractive website indeed. For professional reasons, my sweetheart and I want to make sure that personal pictures, info, contact emails or numbers, etc. If you're geeky enough to be hosting your own website instead of using a service (NERD SOLIDARITY!), you're probably geeky enough to know how to use robots.txt to prevent search engines from finding your site, and password protect your wedding website at the directory level.
Diamonds ring, 14k Ring, Rose gold ring, Pink Sapphire rings, Diamonds rose rings, Multicolor Ring, Two tone Rings. To get customers to use the site I used in-store signs and messages to invite customers to use different features such as letting me know how our staff services are good and bad. My programmer also designed a smart phone app both for iPhone and Android, and QR codes to use around the store. Over the past two years I have been pleased with what the site has achieved, however it has been a definite learning curve. With the experience of my first version of our website I decided that I needed to find a professional website designer to create a new version.
Again I had prepared a brief about the look of the site, it's purpose, content and future possibilities. I believe that to be a success my store needs a presence on the Internet and we will continue to develop our online activities as more customers use it. You’re not a web designer, you can’t afford a web designer, and you need a website for your business. First, pick a platform that will allow you to get under the hood of your site and change the way it looks. Once you’ve established your two main colors in your site header, your link colors, your headlines and other static areas of your site, select one accent color to complement your two main colors.
Use this accent color sparingly to draw attention to important areas of your site like buttons, opt-in forms or ads. Ignoring the standard web fonts and making the extra effort to use custom fonts on your site is one of the fastest ways to make it stand out from the other sites on the web. Sites tend to get more cluttered over time, so commit to keeping yours simple and stick to it. Read this page on content marketing at Copyblogger for more information about how to make content marketing work on your website.
With a little extra care and attention to formatting, you can make your pages look inviting.
Taking the time to break up your paragraphs so they’re no longer than three sentences will help.

And taking the time to add great images to go with your words will make the difference between a mediocre page and one that stands out. Join Wendy Cholbi and me for The 5-Step System for a Powerful, Easy — and Beautiful — Website. In this fast-paced presentation, we share a five-step system for creating a powerful business website. How to break down your website-related tasks into chunks so they’re easy to complete and keep up with. The crucial task that many forget … it will make the difference between website fame and website obscurity. Sign up to get the link to The 5-Step System for a Powerful, Easy — and Beautiful — Website now.
Stick around to discover how to grow your business with the powerful combination of marketing, strategy, and design.
To see our content at its best we recommend upgrading if you wish to continue using IE or using another browser such as Firefox, Safari or Google Chrome.
They are getting attracted with the graphics but what is it that makes them leave the website as soon as they enter? They won’t bounce in 5 seconds and will also become your customers after visiting your website.
Yes, when your website is not having enough of images to attract users and let them stay on your page it is completely your fault because you have designed a boring webpage for your visitors. The topmost navigation should contain all the important links that your visitors might e interested in like home, contact us and other relative information.
The cross button in colour red on the extreme right will work faster for them than your website. Having a website is not enough but you have to be very careful while designing and planning the graph of your website. She is the head of web development team at Webdesign Xperts – Melbourne based leading Magento Development Company. If anybody would like to use any images, graphics, source files and language codes or content which we are also using, his duty is to find the real owner of that images, graphics, source files and language codes to use it according to the license (terms and conditions) of that content. MyWedding makes it easy for you to create a " wedpass" - a password that you can give to guests so they can log into your wedding website without signing up for an account.
Reasons for slow loading can include the end user’s web browser having to download too many files (remember every image and style sheet is a separate download the browser has to perform), files not compressed, and more. The original site was very much a trial and produced by a friend from a brief that that I put together. I have found these comments invaluable as they have helped me to inform staff when they are doing well and indicate areas of training needs when they don't.
For the launch, we gave away a free can of Euroshopper energy drink to each customer who added the app to their phone. When I reviewed the site earlier this year, I found that the extra pages and features that I have added had made it too complicated; the site statistics also showed that some areas were not being used. After searching the web for suitable candidates, I took a look at the sites that these companies had developed. It has not suffered any glitches as yet (it was fully tested by the Web Guys before launch!) and we have continued to promote and ask for feedback about the site in-store. We will continue to promote specific online offers to encourage this as we have done during the last two years.

He takes an active role in his community and is always looking for ways to make his shop and the shopping experience stand out.
Not just any website: it needs to look professional, function perfectly and be easy to maintain.
It should be brighter, more intense, and from a different part of the color wheel than your two main colors.
This will mean making some difficult decisions about what you allow onto your home page, and which promotions are worthy of your sidebar. It ranks them higher in its search engine, which means more people will find your site and recommend it to others. My annual hosting fee is A?80.00 and I was wondering if there was a better deal to be had or whether I could somehow host the site myself?
When they know what and where to move their cursors they enjoy browsing your website and will definitely spend some time on your site. Please do not add anything on your site; these extra elements are those that add to your website’s credibility. If anybody have desire to modification, edition, deletion and print or any kind of use in that stuff he should find the real owner. We want to make a wedding website to help guests with planning a trip to our location and for RSVPing, but we're concerned about the possibility of the site showing up in searches.
Most other commercial wedding websites offer both the ability to hide from search engines and password-protection. The work that I liked best was done by The Web Guys, so I made an appointment to visit their office to discuss what I wanted from my site. Because if someone is searching for information or resources, they’re going to spend more time on a site that’s easy to navigate, simple to use, and a snap to understand.
The webinar already happened, but if you sign up below, I’ll send you a link to the replay video. Every other Saturday, you’ll receive one email that’s chock-full of information about the intersection of business, branding, design, and marketing. When you want to leave an everlasting impression it is the credibility of your website that works. I know that my customers will help me to understand the full potential of the Internet for my store and I know that a successful website needs to be an active one.
If your visitors are not finding anything on your website to be trusted it is difficult to retain them on your website. After installing both, open Firebug using Tools, Web Developer, Firebug, Open Firebug. It has a free option to check your site from various locations around the world to see how long it would take to download from those locations. It’s called Yslow.  YSlow also gives a score of how your website is performing. Press Ctrl as you refresh to make all pages download from the website, and you’ll see the detail of the downloads.

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