The PNG (graphical) files or MWB (MySQL Workbench, zipped) files attached to this page show the database schema for FLOSSmole. To make it easier to read the database schema on the screen, we've divided the large schema into one separate colored box for each "section" of the database. The explosion of new ideas and methods in cultural disciplines from the 1960s did not seem to affect the presentation cultural processes in practice. Any opinions, findings, and conclusions or recommendations expressed in this material are those of the authors, and do not necessarily reflect the views of the National Science Foundation. Books and museums devoted to art, design, media, and other cultural areas continue to arrange their subjects into small numbers of discrete categories: periods, artistic schools, -isms, cultural movements.
The chapters in a book and rectangular rooms of most museums act as material dividers between these categories.

Unfortunately, this is the only well-known art history diagram produced in the whole 20th century (!)--------------------In contrast, since the first decades of the the 19th century, scientific publications came to widely use graphical techniques which allowed to represent phenomena as continuosly varying. Visually and spatially, smooth curves and freeform surfaces have emerged as the new expressive language for the globalized networked word where the only constant is the rapid change. EMERGED is investigating the potential of fuzzy logic as a loose-fit organizational technique for developing intelligent, flexible and adaptive environments. However, rather than only using these terms as metaphors, we also propose to visualize cultural processes using the same techniques.
The time has come to align our models and presentations of cultural process with the new design language and theoretical ideas made possible (or inspired) by software.
For example, what will happen if we start conceptualizing and visualizing cultural phenomena and processes in terms of continuously changing parameters - as opposed to categorical boxes standard today?Just as software substituted the older Platonic design primitives with new primitives (curves, flexible surfaces, particle fields) we propose to replace the traditional "cultural theory primitives" by the new ones.

It creates the opportunity for multiple paths, manifold interpretations and cross-curatorial exhibits within a single entity." UN Studio. Design for the group exhibition Ben van Berkel & the Theatre of Immanence (Frankfurt, 2007.)Use of diagrams and information visualization to analyze the spatial conditions and programs - pioneered by the same Koolhaus and UN Studio and now common in architectural research - also serves as a catalyst for our research.

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