I need to use the PowerPoint handouts-for-Word feature to send slide pictures to my translator overseas.
Here is another suggestion from Steve Rindsberg’s PPT FAQ, which involves creating links instead of embedding and then breaking the links.
PowerPoint 2010 has better video capabilities, accepts more video file formats, and can do a lot more with videos, including trimming of video clips. Note: Although the techniques explained in this tutorial pertain to Video compression, they work for Audio files too. Open your presentation, where you have already inserted a video clip and which you want to compress. Now, access the File menu, and choose the Info option to get to Backstage view, as shown in Figure 1 below. Presentation Quality: Helps save space and also at the same time maintains the overall audio and video quality.
Internet Quality: Video quality post compression is comparable to video typically streamed over the internet. Low Quality: Produces video of very low quality hence can be used when file size is more important than quality. Preview your video after compression, if you are unhappy with the compression result you can undo the compression.

Note: Compression of any type will finalize any Trim Video options you chose -- after compression, all parts of the video that were trimmed away will no longer be available.
If you use PowerPoint only occasionally, wondering how to edit photographs or graphics, then this tutorial is for you. Drag the image from one of its corners to the size you want, holding down the mouse and the shift-button at the same time.
You can compress an image in order to decrease its file size by selecting it with a double click.
Optionally, you can follow the same steps but instead of dragging the frame, drag the image itself in order to change the part that is revealed within the frame.
Get my free video training, "13 techniques that will make designing your slides EASY." Need training? However, it also embeds all inserted video clips by default -- and this can result in huge presentations that contain huge video files!
To do so, click the Compress Media button again, and select the Undo option from the resultant drop-down menu, as shown in Figure 4. As soon as you save and close the presentation, the compression will be permanently applied to your video clip .
Word is embedding the PowerPoint file rather than just inserting images, so it incorporates lots of irrelevant information.

You just need to purchase or download the language pack (see here for more information about translating your Office) and then run the installer. This ultimately occupies oodles of disk space and may also make PowerPoint work a wee bit slower. There are exceptions too -- you will not see the Compress Media button if you used an online video or a Flash clip.
If you want to keep the aspect ration then you should make sure to check Lock aspect ratio and use the relative to original picture size. I cannot upload this to Internet because many translators are simply not that computer literate, and may live in a country with very low bandwidth.
To tackle this problem, you can explore the new media compression abilities built right inside PowerPoint 2010 -- you no longer need any third-party media compression tool since PowerPoint's native Media Compression options make this task very easy indeed. Also, if you choose to link a video clip rather than embedding it, this button will be visible, but grayed out.
To learn how to link a video rather than embed it within a presentation, look at step 3 in our Insert Video (Movie) Clips in PowerPoint 2010 tutorial.

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