Geetesh: What are your thoughts about PowerPoint 2013 – what do you like, what do you miss? Ric: PowerPoint 2013 is full of things that will delight users, and a few things that will give user's pause. It has been painful to me to be in presentations where the presenter stays in the Normal editing view to get this type of control -- it's a shamefully bad experience.
Luckily both problems have been worked on and it's much easier to get to Presenter View, and make sure it's showing up on the right screen. And finally, the ability to go into a slide-sorter like view in Presenter View is simply magical. In Office 2007, the Office Ribbon Czars decided that a lot of older (I like to think of them as "time-tested") UI conventions would be unapologetically trashed because everyone was supposed to "love the Ribbon." One of these sacrifices that the PowerPoint team knew was a mistake were floating formatting tools. Click on some text or a shape and the Ribbon automatically shows the appropriate formatting Ribbon's tab. But the best part is that pane can be "undocked!" That means you can move your mouse pointer up around the pane's title and drag it away from the edge of the window, out over the slide content! Geetesh: New technologies such as SkyDrive get more integrated with PowerPoint (and Office) with each release. For me, my online storage of choice is DropBox, because they've available on every platform, have good performance and feature set, and they're a very mature application. SkyDrive is a rebranding of some tech Microsoft has been working on for a while, but they seem to have made a bigger commitment here in integrating this in Office, especially since it's the default save choice.
I think SkyDrive is more appealing than Apple's iCloud if you actually sit down and compare them in scenario based appraisals.
Microsoft has provided various preset presentation designs with its Microsoft PowerPoint software. And this is how it looks when you customize it according to the subject of your presentation. All the objects you’re using in your presentation slides should be aligned so that they give a proper professional look and a polished image of the presenter.
Every powerpoint presentation needs a theme which is consistent throughout the presentation, so as to give a proper flow to the presentation.
The website provides you with various options of fonts in which the selected icon can be downloaded in.
Using free to use flat icons and colours carefully, coordinating with the context brings life to the presentation.
Take a look at this example: If you’re not aware, Delhi (Capital of India) has recently tested Odd-Even formula for cars so the traffic on the road reduces and effectively pollution can be kept under control. Bezprzewodowy prezenter z bardzo wyraznym czerwonym wskaznikiem laserowym i intuicyjnymi przyciskami sterowania pokazem slajdow spowoduje, ze wywrze odpowiednie wrazenie na odbiorcach. Prezenter Logitech® Professional Presenter R700 gwarantuje maksymalna kontrole, a to oznacza wspaniale prezentacje. Czytelny wyswietlacz oraz ciche, wibrujace alarmy pozwalaja na biezaco kontrolowac czas, poziom baterii czy sile sygnalu sieci bezprzewodowej.
Kingsman: The Golden Circle to be filmed in Birmingham - but will Channing Tatum and Taron Egerton be there? Hot Midland TV presenters Emma Willis and Cat Deeley got a thorough cooling down as they became the latest stars to line up for a drenching in the charity Ice Bucket Challenge. Both of the stunners took a break from their hectic schedules to raise awareness and money for two charities with the chilly stunt. Currently entertaining the nation as the face of Celebrity Big Brother, Emma Willis looked relaxed in jeans and a loose-fitting cream T-shirt before the mix of freezing water and ice cubes hit. But she may have regretted her outfit choice seconds later as her top quickly turned see-through, revealing her black underwear beneath.

Emma, who was born and raised in Birmingham, uploaded her challenge to Facebook and Twitter after being nominated by fellow presenter and comedian Paddy McGuinness. The 38-year-old, who was raising money for Macmillan Cancer Support, said: a€?Oh gawd, here goes, my Ice Bucket Challengea€?. The short video shows two men standing behind Emma, poised with a large bucket ready to drench the sexy star.
But once the time comes more people rush into shot, soaking the star from all sides with three containers of icy water. The former pupil at John Wilmott School in Sutton Coldfield lets out an ear-splitting scream before desperately trying to warm up with a little dance. Birmingham-born Cat Deeley also joined the ranks of celebrities promoting awareness of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), also known as Motor Neurone Disease.
Wearing a multi-coloured tribal-pattern shift dress, she took part in the challenge with a young friend after being nominated by American actress and singer Anna Kendrick.
The 37-year-old definitely didna€™t look like the cat who got the cream as she grimaced before being drenched with the freezing water, which left her in stunned silence.
Her young friend was much more vocal, screaming as the water hit, before both jumped into a pool, holding hands.
Victoria and David Beckham, Britney Spears, Lady Gaga and Oprah Winfrey are among the long list of stars who already have taken on the chilly task. Luckily, the latter are few and easily avoided or turned off so I won't dwell on them much. And if you're practicing with a single machine, you can now bring Presenter View up and work with it on that single screen. It's very hard to be a presenter in front of an audience, and everything you ask them to do to work the presentation has to be easier than when they're using PowerPoint in their office.
This lets you navigate to another slide randomly, without the audience being aware that you're doing anything more than advancing to the next slide. Floating meant you could bring this stuff down to the bottom of the screen where you were working and be that much more efficient.
Click that tab and then click on the tiny dialog launcher (box with arrow) icon at the bottom of say the Shape Styles group in that Ribbon.
A new pane will open up to the right of the screen with all the appropriate settings right there, easy to get at. I use SkyDrive mostly to preview Office documents I've received in e-mail, and it does a great job of that, better than anything else on the web. Luckily you can change that default, but it's still very easy to get to when you want to use it.
Both have clients for each other's platforms, a SkyDrive menu bar control for OSX and a Windows control panel for iCloud, and they work well. I know a couple of people who have gotten screwed over (in their opinions) by sharing files with me via SkyDrive, and they still don't forgive me for making them use it. The slides should be as sleek as possible, so as to make sure it doesn’t overshadow the presenter and his content.
This is because if there are too many words on the screen, it may overshadow what you’re speaking as the presenter.
This is an area where the presenter can make his notes, keep tab of the time each slide is taking and also view a preview of the presentation. Some of its tools are accessible for free, but if you want to make use of all that Haikudeck has to offer, you should sign up for the premium membership at a very nominal price.
If you just showcase the slide in the left (nothing technically wrong), but the smarter way is to make the audience feel rather than just communicate.
If you any doubts or questions regarding this article, feel free to post them in the comment section below.

Jasnozielony wskaznik laserowy jest dobrze widoczny nawet na plaskich wyswietlaczach, ekranach projekcyjnych, a takze w bardzo jasnych pomieszczeniach. A big example of this was the idea that you shouldn't have to hit small targets with the mouse.
I don't know how they got this by Office Design who seems to have wanted everything to be washed-out grays and whites, but kudos. It is so much like a card trick where the magician pulls out the card you were thinking of, but this time from a slide deck. If you're an Office user you have access to SkyDrive Pro, which lets you sync local folders with the cloud service. In order to prove that you’re more than just a beginner, it is important to create a presentation that is different from the mainstream. The colours used should be sober, the default sounds and animations should be kept to the minimum and the points being written on the slides should be minimum, but of a size that is visible to the audience without straining their eyes.The following slide will never work! Instead, there should be a creative use of various tools of visual representation of data, like graphs, pie charts, bar graphs etc., which are enough to convey the presentation ideas by acting as a support to the presenter.
Hence, instead of using your actual slides as a collection of notes for your oral presentation, this feature enables you to give a more natural looking presentation. Dzieki dyskretnym wibracyjnym alarmom i przyciskom, ktore latwo skonfigurowac i dostosowac, mozna dobrze zarzadzac czasem.
Buttons and things you need to click should be big, easy to target, especially if your hand is trembling. Back in the 90's we started getting requests from people who wanted this functionality, but who couldn't really state how it should work.
Once you do that, saving locally to those folders makes sure you have a local copy and one in the cloud. Create your own background, customize the size of the slides and use a font different from Calibri. One simple reason for this is that most of your audience would have seen those templates countless times in various presentations and using them would give out a very redundant impression of your presentation to the people who matter.
This is an area where the new design has gone backwards a little, but it's because they've been focusing on using this view with a tablet and adopting the somewhat controversial Mosaic design style.
DropBox works in that mode by default, which is a slightly simpler metaphor for users to get their head around.
Of course, if you're not already into a cloud storage service, you probably should try out SkyDrive when you install Office 2013.
Basically, get rid of any settings that could give an impression of recklessness or lack of experience on your part. It's not horrible, but the idea that the navigation and utility buttons are dimmer, and a bit smaller than in the prior version is such a lost opportunity to make this truly great and easy for the user.
This may seem like not so much of a big deal, but it actually let's you prioritize the use of the various information areas, especially if you're using the text area as your personal teleprompter.
Dzieki intuicyjnym przyciskom sterowania prezentacja, ktore latwo znalezc palcami, mozna sprawnie poruszac sie po prezentacji. Latwy w przechowywaniu bezprzewodowy odbiornik typu „plug and play” pozwala szybko zaczac prace — nie trzeba instalowac zadnego oprogramowania.
And I may be wrong, but I think they increased the sensitivity to grabbing the dividing lines here so it's actually easier to drag these divisions larger or smaller. If I'm wrong there, I blame my enthusiasm for the black background spilling over into that evaluation.

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