For background information and to learn the basics on what child custody means in Minnesota, check out the Minnesota Child Custody page. After reviewing the statute, you’ll also need to review previous court cases in Minnesota to know what the courts look at for each factor and how they tend to evaluate particular circumstances. If you don’t have a lawyer, you can visit your local law library to review cases to see how the court has ruled regarding these 12 factors. Situation 2: An unmarried couple has a minor child and the child has no established legal father.

In the first case, a dispute arises when the unmarried couple is now split up and the mother, who has all custody rights under Minnesota law, is denying or otherwise restricting access to the legal father. As stated above, this can be negotiated by the parties and ultimately agreed to, or it can be ordered by a judge if the parties can’t agree. The county she is receiving benefits through inserts itself into a court proceeding to establish a legal father. The county does this so they can get the father’s child support obligation started.
Custody may be awarded based on an agreement of the parties or, if the parties can’t agree, custody will have to be decided by a judge.

The county then receives reimbursement for the public benefits paid to the mother from the father.However, the county has no interest in establishing custody and parenting time rights for the father.
The county’s only obligation is to establish paternity so the father may be pursued for child support.

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