Jerry Seinfeld interpreted this as meaning that at a funeral, more people would rather be in the casket than giving the eulogy. Susan Cain, author of Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking, and an introvert herself, is now a professional public speaker. The Art of Public Speaking makes an excellent point: work especially hard practicing your intro.
Not just because it grabs the audience and sets the tone, but research shows having the beginning down cold can help with jitters. Anxiety levels drop after a few minutes so having the intro well-rehearsed gets you through the toughest part of the talk. I want to make my body as relaxed as possible and exhaust as much physical energy early in the day. If all else fails — you know the audience hates you and your point of view — seek out the person who hates you the least… If you are going to get a first smile, a nod of support, or a round of applause, it’s going to come from him.
Berkun recommends talking to a few audience members before the presentation, and referencing them by name during the talk.
Request the names of three people to interview who are representative of the crowd you will speak to. Spend a lot of time preparing and make every effort to connect with your audience personally.
If you forget everything else, keep that in mind and you’ll still see dramatic improvements in your ability.
Preparing a great PowerPoint presentation can be a daunting task mainly because you are required to pay attention to all the small details on the slides.

Gallup says 40% of people fear public speaking — and some people fear it more than death. If people say an average of 15,000 words each day, that’s about 1,500 verbal blunders a day.
The audience will look to you to decide how serious a blunder is and if you’re cool, they probably will be too. If I respond to spilling water on my pants as if it were the sinking of the Titanic, the audience will see it, and me, as a tragedy. I did that by practicing in very small, very supportive and very low-speed environments where it didn’t matter if I screwed up. And eventually you get used to the strange feeling of being looked at, which used to make me feel horrified. Research has shown that a speaker’s anxiety level begins to drop significantly after the first 30 to 60 seconds of a presentation.
As a rule, I go to the gym the morning before a talk, with the goal of releasing any extra nervous energy before I get on stage. It should be noted that a PowerPoint presentation is not just about typing text on the slides but it should be prepared in a way that the message is conveyed to the audience.
A professional PowerPoint presentation should never include cartoon style backgrounds or animations as this will make you look stupid in front of your audience. After preparing your presentation, simply go to the File Menu and Print, selecting the type of handouts you would like to print.
Once you get through the introduction, you should find smoother sailing the rest of the way. It’s the only way I’ve found to naturally turn down those fear responses and lower the odds they’ll fire.

Then, when giving your talk, make sure to mention, “Here are the three top complaints I heard from my research with Tyler, Marla, and Cornelius.” Including the audience in your talk will score you tons of points. There is no denying the fact the content on PowerPoint slides is extremely important but a great presentation will require you to talk about other factors as well. You st-st-stutter; you forget the words, you swotch the sounds (and when you type, you reverse the lttres — and prhps omt thm too). Even after preparing a great presentation, you can fall flat if you forget the most important aspect, that it is you who will be communicating with the audience and not your slides. You may also choose to include sound in your presentation depending on the size of the hall and your viewers. However, you may choose to print five to six slides per page if you want to give a quick overview to the viewers. The bulk of these go unnoticed or brushed aside, but they’re all fascinating, as much as for why they’re ignored as why they’re noticed. Use simple computer speakers if you will be interacting with the people in a boardroom setting. If you are using a coloured background for your slides then do not forget font colours that is in high contrast with that background.
Similarly, consider formatting the pictures to make the text more visible if you plan on using a picture background.

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