Most makeup contains harmful ingredients that are not only bad for your skin, but can be absorbed into your body.
All of the recipes in this E-Book are 100% natural and made from organic foods for minerals. A few years ago I started looking for an all natural makeup, but after looking online, I realized that many of them still had harmful ingredients. I was very pleased with the recipes I made and how great they looked, that I wanted to share the recipes with you! I usually like to have a white background where my words are going to be so everyone can read them clearly. I wanted to add some pictures to my invitation to make it a little more pleasing to the eye.
These chemicals include toxic preservatives, fragrances, and ingredients such as; formaldehyde and petroleum.

Resize it to fit in on your writing canvas, and play around with the colors and shape until you get what you want! Resize it to your liking, and repeat the process to add as many pictures as you’d like! We read them over and over and over and over… ?Y?‰ Thanks so much for reading, Tiffany!
Using the process in Step 3, I inserted one letter at a time so that I could make each letter a different color. Print them, cut them out, and mail them to everyone who will be so incredibly impressed by your mad invitation-making skills!!!
It really is easy to learn how to make your own party invitations, and the beautiful thing is that once you have the skills, you have the ability to create whatever you want, so you don’t have to spend hours searching around for the perfect invitations AND you can save yourself some money!
I thought of you this week as hubby and I set up our budget-tracking program again (after slacking off for a few months) so we can use it in August.

All of the options are still there, though, you may just have to look under a different tab. I love all of the cute invitations that I see on Etsy and Pinterest, but I really feel like it’s extra special when I can make my own. Impossible… so we will be making them this year for her Rainbow Dash, Cinderella, & Gio (from Umizoomi) birthday party ~ she has a horrible blue obsession! And the beautiful thing is, once you complete this tutorial, you will have the skills you need to make whatever type of invitation you want, and therefore you will become the coolest mommy on the block.

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