It was an absolutely superb effort and this is a HUGE sum to us - as we do not charge for entry we rely on donations to survive. The state pension makes up a hefty chunk of the lives of many over 55s, but many are left confused by the constant changes.
Examining the over 55s’ attitudes to the state pension and its importance to those who receive it, the report found that 32 per cent would not be able to cover basic living costs without it.
Women were found to be more likely than men to rely on the state pension: 60 per cent consider it very important to their individual finances compared to 46 per cent of men.
Just 65 per cent are aware of the new ‘flat-rate’ state pension that launches on 6 April 2016, and 24 per cent are completely unaware. Additionally, 26 per cent of over 75s are unsure if they will receive it, despite being a decade older than the qualification age, while among the target age group (55-64), 42 per cent are unsure if they will receive the full flat-rate payment. There is also limited awareness that the state pension age is rising over time, the report found. The state pension should be the foundation on which all other retirement savings are built.
At the beginning of the 2008 soccer season, raffle tickets were distributed to over 1,300 young soccer players affiliated with F.C. A special thanks goes to the event's title sponsor Assante Wealth Management (Peter Pomponio).
The evening’s special guests were Vassili Cremanzidis, a 17 year-old cancer survivor and our 2007 Honoree as well as his caring physician, Dr.

This fund-raising initiative coincided with the 2004 Saint-Leonard Soccer Tournament, presided by Vassili Cremanzidis, a former ASSL player and cancer survivor.
The Saint-Leonard Lions U11AA boy’s team, headed by Coach Maurice Puorto, raised a total amount of $1,200 to win the title for most tickets sold by a team. At the beginning of the soccer season, raffle tickets were distributed to over 1,500 players affiliated with the ASSL.
98 per cent of over 55s feel the universal state pension is important to UK society, while 80 per cent believe it is important to plan their own individual retirement finances.
Despite this, the survey found that many over 55s are confused about, or oblivious to the changes being made to the pension set up. The report also found there to be confusion about who is and who is not affected by the change in ruling.
These funds will be used to support the Adolescent and Young Adult Oncology Programme at the Jewish General Hospital as well as the Dr.
This event has raised over $85,000 bringing the overall total of The Vita Children's Foundation to more than $325,000.
Later, talented and not-so-talented karaoke aficionados sang their hearts out to the delight of everyone present.The event raised $1600, which will be used to meet the needs of children with cancer and their families. Each player received a minimum of 10 raffle tickets each to sell to the community at large. 16 per cent of over 75s believe that they will receive the full flat-rate state pension; the qualification for this is 65 or less for men, and 63 or less for women.

Awareness is low among those aged 55-64, with just over half having any idea about what is set to happen. The raffle drawing took place on the last day of the club’s 2008 Soccer Tournament (Primiani Cup) held from June 14h to June 16th, 2008. Both the player and team that sold the most tickets received prizes offered by MONTREAL IMPACT FIRST TOUCH SOCCER CLINICS.
Both the player and team that sold the most tickets received prizes offered by MONTREAL IMPACT FIRST TOUCH SOCCER CLINICS . Raffle prizes included a $2500 Travel Certificate, a week-end get-away in Mont-Tremblant and an electric scooter. Healthcomm and Mercer Human Resource Consulting, as well as Rosanna and Roberto Pietrovito, the event’s major contributors. With the additional support of Escher-Grad Technologies, this much-loved event raised over $5,000 for The Vita Children’s Foundation.

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