The video for ”Opposites Attract” earned Abdul her lone Grammy — and something she treasures even more: a friendship with Gene Kelly, who called after seeing the clip. Now on its 2nd week, Showtime’s match making segment “Nasaan Ka Pastillas?” introduced today, September 23, 2015, Richard is from Ozamiz City and he can sing. According to Richard, he never had a serious relationship before and when he saw Pastillas Girl in the viral video, he immediately liked her personally.
Her father worked in some sort of factory, and his salary wasn’t the best, while Andrea stayed at home with the wide-eyed girl. Seventeen years might have gone by, but that didn't matter, he knew exactly who the tiny brunette was that he'd gotten the bottle of wine down off the self for. So he hadn't exactly said anything to piss her off, she just didn't like being called Lottie anymore.
In what could prove to be a major marketing and legal embarrassment for Hindustan Unilever Limited (HUL), a 26-year-old man has filed a case against the FMCG company, which owns the Axe brand of men grooming products, for ?cheating? and causing him ?mental suffering?. He even performed the song “Ngiti”, sounding like a recording artist, during the early part of Showtime’s episode.
Money had always been tight, but the small family made it work, and while Dominic her father, didn’t have the money to spend on toys he caved in under Lottie’s tearful pleading at the grocer's. He reasoning behind that made perfect sense, and he could definitely understand why jet lag would cause even the slightest bit of aggravation. This would mean, whatever pleasant catching up she would of done with Carol and Ian, was now going to be had with Oliver as well. The plaintiff has cited his failure to attract any girl at all even though he?s been using Axe products for over seven years now. I would have tea with him — sometimes once a week, sometimes twice a week.” Opposites attract, indeed. The second that Lottie had gotten home, she’d rushed to the front yard to “save the world”.
The surprise was evident on his face when she turned and they locked eyes, recognition also rather evident as well.
Already in a foul mood, she kept her pace even as she approached the checkout placing her groceries down carefully.
He knew the feeling all too well, and he was just glad that it didn't really seem like he'd done anything wrong. Yes, she was being polite, but it was an almost forced politeness that bordered on being considered fake.
Axe advertisements suggest that the products help men in instantly attracting women.Vaibhav Bedi, the petitioner, also surrendered all his used, unused and half-used deodorant sprays, perfume sticks and roll-ons, anti-perspirants, aftershaves, body washes, shampoos, and hair gels to the court, and demanded a laboratory test of the products and narcotics test of the brand managers of Axe. For the visuals, the future American Idol judge storyboarded her vision with some Disney animators, then presented it to her record label.
The summer air was hot and sticky, making her thick hair stick to her neck and forehead, while the dress her mother made her wear was torn by the knee and grass-stained.The sweet scent of freshly cut grass and heady dirt filled her nose as Lottie raced about her yard, making sound effects with the likes enough to rival a Michael Bay movie. It was enough to make him sober up a great deal, and he was also able to tune out the drunken laughter of his mates for the time being. When he asked if he’d done something, the girl was tempted to break out into cold peals of laughter; though refrained.
He didn't get what he'd done to her, and he suddenly felt like he had in the grocer's the day before.
Vaibhav was pushed to take this step when his bai (maid) beat him with a broom when he tried to impress her by appearing naked in front of her after applying all the Axe products.No girl ever asked Vaibhav to call herNo girl ever asked Vaibhav to call her?Where the fu*k is the Axe effect? From her house the scent of cooking chicken and bread wafted out, faintly noticeable to Charlotte’s delicate nose. He felt like he'd done something wrong, or said the wrong thing already, but what the hell could he have done this time? As she ran about her dark curls bounced with motion; she was so caught up Lottie failed to notice a familiar and entirely unwanted shadow approaching.
He didn't even think that she could possibly be keeping even a small part of the truth from him, and why would he?
Maybe he was used to just smiling at people and having them melting; but it wouldn’t work on Charlotte so when he grinned at her Charlotte nodded. Right from my college to now in my office, no girl ever agreed to even go out for a tea or coffee with me, even though I?m sure they could smell my perfumes, deodorants and aftershaves.
Even if they hadn't seen each other in nearly two decades, the thought of her lying to him didn't really cross his mind. He'd see how the evening went, and, if nothing changed, he'd confront her about it later on.When his parents came out into the foyer to greet Charlotte, he stepped into the other room where his brother was hunched over, playing around with something on his phone. I always applied them in abundance to make sure the girls get turned on as they show in the television. All of those questions, and many more, were swirling around in his head, and he didn't know which to ask first.Instead, he stupidly uttered her name, and he was certain that he couldn't come off as more of an idiot as he did right then and there. In his eyes, they'd been rather close as kids, and he was honestly glad that she was back in Sheffield. Didn’t realize you’d be here.” Charlotte intoned, in a voice that could be considered polite. The sight was one that Oliver was all too familiar with seeing, especially at family gatherings when it was more than just immediate family. Finally I thought I?d try to impress my lonely bai who had an ugly fight with her husband and was living alone for over a year. No dice, and drawing upon her fiercest scowl Lottie squared off with her mortal enemy- Oliver Sykes. As he stepped aside to let her in, Charlotte smoothed down her dress as the aroma of a cooking roast drifted by her.She had never been a picky eater, and that hadn’t changed growing up.
Tommy was always rather quiet, kept to himself quite a bit, though that was just who his brother was.A few moments later, Carol was ushering Charlotte into the room, and Oliver noticed his brother's attention shift away from his phone for a little while.
Axe effect my foot!? Vaibhav expressed his unhappiness.Vaibhav claims that he had been using all the Axe products as per the company?s instructions even since he first bought them. Not to mention the last summer ‘Lottie had gotten with her father was spent it in a leg cast. When Tommy called her Charlotte, he almost wondered if he was the only one who hadn't gotten the memo about her no longer going by Lottie. He argued that if he couldn?t experience the Axe effect despite using the products as directed, either the company was making false claims or selling fake products.?I had always stored them in cool and dry place, and kept them away from direct light or heat. Andrea was good friends with Carol,Oliver’s mother, therefore the two ended up spending a lot of reluctant time together. He opened his mouth to say something else when she spoke, the cold edge behind her words confusing the singer slightly. Because of that cast her father went to work instead of taking her and her mother to the beach. She was probably exhausted and just wanted to get home, so he decided against it for the time being.He wasn't at all surprised when she cut the conversation short once more. Pausing for a moment at the door she reached down, taking her heels off and putting them in a pile. I?d always use a ruler before applying the spray and make sure that the distance between the nozzle and my armpit was at least 15 centimeters. Oliver usually just called her a baby and teased her, and Charlotte hated him with a fiery passion.
She had no idea if Carol wanted shoes off in the house; but since she was a bit of a neatfreak about that sort of thing Charlotte didn’t feel like tracking mud into the home. Before she’d taken more than ten steps forward, Carol came bustling out of the kitchen, her arms open as she exclaimed ”Charlotte! I even beat up my 5-year-old nephew for coming near my closet, as they had instructed it to keep away from children?s reach. He'd literally just said her name, that was it, though he supposed her correcting him and telling him that her name was Charlotte, not Lottie as he'd always called her when they were little, could be the reason. If she'd just moved back a week ago, she'd probably been pretty busy getting things sorted amongst other things. He'd apologize if he had to, for the sake of trying to not start off on the wrong foot, but it almost seemed ridiculous in his eyes. The seven year old girl was halfway down the road towards the dangerous hill her mother had drilled in her never to go near when she saw a hand grasping at the toy and letting out a scream that could raise the dead tried to make her little legs go faster than they already were. How could something so small start them off on the wrong foot when they hadn't seen each other in seventeen years? An advocate in Karkardooma court, who happened to mistake Vaibhav for some deodorant vendor when he entered the court premises with all the bottles, has now offered to take up his case in the court. The idea that they saw their time spent together as kids very differently had yet to cross his mind. HUL has been served a legal notice in this regard.HUL has officially declined to comment on the case citing the subject to be sub judice, but our sources inform that the company was worried over the possible outcomes of the case.
Heaving off a sigh Charlotte paid for her food and began collecting her bags before turning back to him.She really had no idea who this man in front of her was.
The company might argue that Vaibhav was hopelessly unattractive and unintelligent and didn?t possess the bare minimum requirements for the Axe effect to take place. Things were going well for her, she was nearly halfway down the hill so close to winning bragging rights she’d beaten an older boy at running, when she felt her ankle fall down into an old abandoned rabbit hole.
He'd fuck things up after not seeing her for seventeen years within the first five minutes of reacquainting himself with her.He continued on, seemingly oblivious to the fact that she clearly wanted nothing to do with him at all. See you around, Charlotte." He mentally praised himself for not falling back into the old habit of calling her Lottie despite what she'd just told him a few moments before. He'd wait it out and see how the rest of the evening went before he said anything.Things didn't seem to get any better as time progressed. Officially HUL has not issued any statement, but legal experts believe that HUL could have tough time convincing the court.?HUL might be tempted to take that line of argument, but it is very risky. With a sharp cry of pain, the beloved Optimus Prime figure flying from her hands Lottie felt her leg twist and a crack so loud it sounded like one of the gun’s from her father’s action movies had been fired and soon she crumpled to the ground deathly silent for a singular moment.Pain so intense it made the young girl scream, tears welling up in her eyes as Lottie tried to stand- only to fall back down.
But she was back in Sheffield with no friends, and perhaps if she was just minimally polite with him; the newfound rockstar would just grow bored with her.
Yeah, most of my friends are back in the States so it’s been a good place, and I’m mostly settled in.” Ian had emerged from another room in the house, a small grin blooming on his lips. It almost seemed like Charlotte was refusing to talk to him, and he didn't understand why that was. There is no data to substantiate the supposition that unattractive and unintelligent men don?t attract women.
It wasn't a difficult task in the slightest as they were being just as loud and rowdy as they'd been earlier when he left them."What was that all about, mate?" He wasn't at all surprised to be asked that question the moment he found them.
In fact some of the best looking women have been known to marry and date absolutely ghoulish guys.
When she moved to the States, something he remembered quite clearly to this very day, he was certain that he'd never see her again. They'd all seemed rather confused when he just followed after Lottie before, and he supposed it was understandable.
It wasn’t long before she was ushered into the living room where a near unrecognizable Tommy was hunched over his phone; eyebrows furrowed though he glanced up when Charlotte was ushered into the room.
I?d suggest that the company settles this issue out of court.? noted lawyer Ram Jhoothmalani said.
His mum had tried telling him that he would, that she and her mum would probably be back to visit every so often, but, even as a ten year old, he knew better. She refused to fucking look at him, and, whenever she mentioned him in conversation, she never referred to him by name either. He knew that she wasn't coming back, and, while he was pretty gutted about the whole thing for a while, he did move on. I’ve gotta go.” He apparently hadn’t changed that much since she could still recognize the stubborn flare in his hazel depths, leaving Charlotte unsure of where to look. He didn't think that a woman had ever confused him more than Charlotte had in the last twenty four hours or so. He'd had a bit of a crush on her when they were kids, but they were just kids at the time, nothing more.
It just made no fucking sense at all.Thankfully, the tense atmosphere in the front room was alleviated a little bit at the dinner table, though he could sense that Charlotte didn't exactly enjoy being sat between him and Tommy.
Her squalls increased in volume if possible due to the pain and the thought that she’d been left to die there.The next thing that Charlotte could remember was her father, crouched by her side and having to only take a single look at her leg to declare it broken- or at least fractured.
A great deal of time had passed since then, and a lot had happened in those seventeen years. Her Optimus Prime lay forgotten in the leaves as she was taken to the hospital and when she returned the next day, her leg in a cast; she swore then and there she’d never forgive Oliver.
Thankfully, no questions were asked after that and they went back to exactly what they'd been doing before he ran into the petite brunette.The next day, Oliver found himself heading over to his parents' house. Clearly he was the only one who had done something wrong here, though he still had absolutely no idea what it was that he could have possibly done. Even when Carol and Ian had brought him over to apologize and he handed back her Optimus Prime, Charlotte so much as refused to look at him and refused to take her toy back.
His mother had rang him earlier in the day to inform him that she'd invited Lottie over for dinner that evening and she wanted him to join them as well because wouldn't it just be lovely if they all spent some time catching up? Summer had gone on, of course with Charlotte’s leg in a cast there wasn’t much she could do. But the other option was sticking around the store to wait the rain out, and sticking around with Oliver.
Trying to talk to her would probably only serve to make things awkward and tense at the dinner table, something he really didn't want right now.
She saw Oliver occasionally but still refused to talk to him; and as every year Fall’s chill was beginning to creep into the air and Summer was drawing to a close. When did you get back to Sheffield?"And then she was pushing past him, starting back down the aisle towards the till, and Oliver was more confused than he'd ever been before.
He supposed she was right though, and he would have figured out a way to see her again anyway, he wanted to do some catching up, see what she'd been up to over the course of the last seventeen years and find out why she was back in Sheffield amongst other things.
He'd decided, officially, to say something to her after dinner when his mother offered to have him and his mates help her finish moving things into her place if she needed it. But then, truly the worst day of her life happened when her father had gotten into an accident at the factory and after a few days on life support, the plug was pulled.

So instead of getting into an argument, she just ducked her head and pushed her way out into the night; shuddering once the icy rain began to saturate her clothes and made a mad dash for the car.
So, he agreed, and later on that afternoon, he slipped on a clean shirt and one of his nicer pairs of skinny jeans before heading on over to their place.When he got there, it didn't take long at all as he didn't live very far from his childhood home, he didn't see any cars that he didn't recognize parked in the driveway so he figured it was safe to assume that Charlotte wasn't there just yet. Probably got some bread and peanut butter laying around… Oh and chips!” Oliver didn’t eat meat? Regardless of what it actually was, he couldn't help wondering if he really had said something to piss her off, even if he hadn't said much of anything to her at all just yet.
She did well in school, made friends and when college rolled around she was at the top of her class and had been accepted into the law program to the college she was attending. It certainly seemed that way, and, although it was fairly obvious that she didn't want anything do with him right now, he followed after her, ignoring the questioning looks that everyone was sending him as he did so."Lott--er, Charlotte, wait up!" He called after her. He crinkled his nose a bit at the familiar stench of a roast hit him from the kitchen area.
But before she could chew it over Carol and Ian were heading towards the kitchen; Ian bidding them to Be good as if they were children again.
It didn't take him long to reach her at all, she was much smaller than he was and he had long legs, not to mention the fact that it was only a short distance to the till anyway.
Oh it was so cute.”Andrea crooned through a sudden rush of static on her end, breaking up the words a little while the video lagged.
He wanted to tell his mum that yes, he would mind helping her, for the sake of saving himself from the awkward tension that he'd certainly have to endure, but he knew very well that he couldn't.
The first to sign up for work study opportunities and having never scored below a B on a test. Curled up on her sofa, not having to start work until next week, Charlotte chatted with her mother a bit longer before hanging up.
He loved his mother's cooking, but, for whatever reason, she always seemed to forget that he no longer ate meat and that he hadn't for a while now. Which wouldn’t be so bad but Tommy had lapsed into silence, going back to his phone and Oliver was watching her with an expectant gaze as if he were waiting for her to break into talk with him. He still didn't think that he could have said something wrong in such a short amount of time, but he wasn't about to act all high and mighty about it right now.
He shouldn’t hold his breath in that case.As if Tom sensed the tension roiling in her veins he glanced up, ”Heard you graduated law school.
The dark haired woman would of waited until the morning; but her mother since losing her father had become very protective of ‘Lottie, and had she not called the moment she was settled was likely to send one of her old friends from the neighborhood to check in on her. Today had been the day that everything had been moved in, her furniture was here and the only thing missing was food; which was why Lottie had thrown her worn sneakers on and headed down towards the grocer’s.
Of course, the last thing on his mind was that her cold demeanor was caused by something, or rather a lot of things, that he'd done seventeen years ago. It was strange for Charlotte, this was the first time she wasn’t living with someone and the creaky silence of the house made it hard to sleep that night.She tossed and turned that night, entangled on her mattress, she couldn’t figure out how to put the damned bed frame together along with a few pieces of furniture namely the desk she’d gotten shipped here. It was a bitchy move and she knew it, and yet, here Josh was, ever the good person she'd always known him to be, reaching out to her again after all this time and willingly coming to her wedding. He looked great and she was quickly reminded of part of her reasoning behind having a thing for him when they were younger. There were probably moving companies who did that; or simply have another go at the instruction manual. In all honesty, it made her feel even shittier for everything that she'd done in the past, and, if she knew how he felt about her, she'd probably feel ten times worse, if that was even possible. Of course it didn’t help to feel like there was ghosts that she’d now be forced to face since moving back. As she pulled into the store, checking off a mental list which included pretty much stocking up an entire fridge, the woman hurried into the store.Her long hair, dark and rich brown in color held a few waves and curls as she hadn’t the time to straighten it that day, and dark-feline green eyes flickered about the store torn between familiarity and grief. You would've been bored to tears." Effy said, running a hand through her recently-dyed brunette locks. She'd really just missed talking to him in general, and she knew now that she was already in way over her head because, deep down, she knew that her feelings for him had never gone away."Well, his name's Sam for starters. She'd missed him so much over the years, and there really wasn't a day that went by when she didn't regret doing what she had. Trying to push that thought down the woman systematically went down the aisle picking out what she needed to get through hopefully the next month.She was standing in the middle of the booze section, debating on picking up the pink-wine she so liked when the doors banged open and voices of a rowdy group of men could be heard.
She was kind of hoping to get some other things done as well, but she didn't want Sam, her fiance, to feel bad or anything like that. Which didn’t matter, she wasn’t a big cable fan; but if she had guests over there would be no sense in sitting around and staring at the walls. He's really sweet, and smart, he's a doctor so he kind of has to be, but that's besides the point.
Rolling her eyes Charlotte leaned up, trying to snatch the bottle; scowling when she realized that she was not tall enough.
She was getting into the shower when her phone beeped, she’d thought ahead and gotten her carrier switched so she could receive calls, and with trepidation glanced down though her face eased into a small smile at the message.
If she tried to jump and grab it she may very well of knocked the entirety of the damned shelf off, and that would be mortifying. I know what your brother has been up to.” As if to once again make a subtle backhand comment, she refused to call Oliver by his name. It was such a bitchy move, and she knew that even more now than she ever had before, she was just glad that Josh seemed so willing to just put that all behind them. She was still weighing what to do when a smoky voice purred behind her with confidence that made Charlotte scrunch her nose with dislike. Having a dinner at my place tonight and since you can’t possibly be all settled in, I’m inviting you to come over.
That and he's totally okay with my Marvel and Harry Potter obsession, let me drag him to Comic Con and everything, so there's that." She let out a quiet laugh, a small smile tugging at the corners of her lips.
He didn’t get to torment her for four years and then reappear back in her life like a good guy. It’s a roast, and I hope you still like meat.” Having an inkling that it was from Carol, her suspicion was confirmed when the phone buzzed again with a new message.
Despite everything she'd been telling herself about how seeing him would just serve to complicate things, she really was glad that he was here right now.
With the wedding fast approaching, things were becoming more and more stressful and overwhelming, and having Josh here gave her a sense of familiarity, one that she'd missed a great deal if she was being completely honest. It was too late to just turn on her heel and head back home and order out as his eyebrows furrowed together with recognition.
After getting an address and a time, Charlotte jogged to her room pulling apart her suitcase still jam-packed with clothing and strewing bits of it’s contents around her room. She was going to need a drink, or maybe five, after spending the morning and a good portion of the afternoon with her soon to be mother-in-law.It was moments like this where Effy found herself thinking about Josh. Finally she settled for a rather sophisticated looking dress and threw it on, struggling with the zipper for a moment before finally securing it on her body with relief. She didn't know why, she hadn't seen or spoken to him in quite a while now, but he still managed to plague her mind.
There were so many times when she was having a rough day or when something amazing had happened when she wanted to reach for the phone and call him, but she always felt like she couldn't. Oliver was surrounded by a group of men, all ranging in degree of drunkenness who Charlotte honestly didn’t recognize; which was fine by her. And it was always times when she was alone, or Sam bailed out on something because of work. She felt as though she'd been the one to almost end their friendship, more or less, and she always felt like he'd just ignore her calls like she'd ignored his anyway.
She was still surprised that he'd even RSVPed to the wedding in the first place."No, of course not.
Realizing he’d been talking Charlotte was torn between walking away, and just being polite.
He'd only ever seen her as his best friend, nothing more, nothing less, and she was over him. It wasn't a long drive, though a little complicated driving with heels, serving for a few close calls with traffic laws.
I got lost on campus, you know my navigation skills have always been terrible, and he kind of picked up on that and helped me find my way back to my dorm.
He'd been asking how she was, and when she got back like it was any of his business so with a rather flat voice hoping to discourage the wanker from continuing speaking to her Charlotte answered him listlessly.
Of course, she'd sent one to his sister, mum and dad as well, but she didn't really know why. I wanted to make it up to him, and he told me that the only way I could was if I let him take me out for coffee sometime, and the rest is sort of history, I guess." Even if she still had feelings for Josh, there was no denying the fact that she loved Sam as well.
As if a piece of her softer personality was drug out by the time that Carol announced it was time for dinner she was quite relaxed.
In all honesty, what she was wearing wasn't really at the top of her list of priorities today. She hadn't spoken to them in years, though her mother had told her it was the right thing to do. It was fairly obvious just how in love the two of them were, and people constantly teased them about how sickening they could be at times. Her nerves about this dinner being a bit awkward were gone, in fact they’d been silly in the first place. She'd received an RSVP from everyone she'd invited, Josh' mum, dad and sister included, except for the one person who, though she wouldn't openly admit it, she was truly waiting on.She really needed to stop doing this to herself though. Fingers tapping against her soot colored steering wheel Charlotte decided ultimately she was too close to back out now; and tried to remind herself Carol had been like a second mum when she was young. The small creamy off-white envelope had been at the bottom of his mail pile, and in the dim lighting of his kitchen Josh nearly didn't notice who it was from. She was a little calmer as she pulled up to the address that Carol had given and stepped out, exhaling deeply. The dark-haired singer nearly put it back on the counter for later when a familiar name caught his eye on the postage. It hadn't crossed her mind that either of her sons could be there as well, in fact it was very likely they were there. Talk to you soon."She let out a soft sigh once the call ended, running a hand over her face. And then he mentioned her clothing choice, or lack there of, causing her eyes to widen slightly as she glanced down and realized that he was right, she wasn't wearing any pants.
Which would mean for Carol's sake she'd have to be polite if her hazel-eyed bully was there. As the family plus Charlotte made their plates and tucked down to begin eating conversation died off for a moment.
Make yourself at home." She turned to start up the stairs, mentally cursing herself once she reached hers and Sam's bedroom. Finally, though at the last minute he lost his nerve as the girlfriend at the time was in the room.
She was going to marry Sam whether he showed up or not, and they were going to live long, happy lives together. I wouldn’t miss my favorite American girl’s wedding.” Josh teased, a flirtation so subtle it was easy to miss. Regardless of who it was, that would be the case, but this was Josh and that made it ten times more embarrassing in her opinion.Returning a few minutes later in a pair of pajama bottoms that she was certain were Sam's, they were way too big to be hers but she couldn't be bothered to look for something of her own, she plopped down next to him on the couch before grabbing her carton of Chinese food and pressing play on the remote control.
And after that summer where their skinny love had nearly become tangible; Josh never saw Effy again.
Quickly shaking the thoughts from her head, the petite brunette stood up, figuring that she might as well go make herself some breakfast and get started with her day. She wasn't a cheater by any means, but she still felt like she was cheating Sam out of something if even a small part of her heart belonged to someone else. She wasn't due to meet up with Sam's mother for a couple more hours, so she had time to relax and maybe get some things sorted that she was certain wouldn't get sorted when she was with her mother in-law.Even though the wedding was just a short six weeks away, there was still so much that she needed to do. He missed Effy in general, but hearing her thousands of miles away made that ache so much more real.
Curiously, Oliver stayed away from the meat selection, Carol had flicked the overhead lights on halfway through their dinner as it was getting dark and rain clouds had once again rolled their way overhead. On a more serious note, Josh considered saying that he missed her; but over the phone wouldn’t be good enough. The weather was a bit different than what she was used to, which would be yet another thing she had to adjust to.
Feeling his palms sweat, disgusted he wiped them off on his pants making his breathing slower and more even. Curious as to what was going on Josh quickly ripped the envelope apart, to reveal a prim looking invitation."Whatcha got yourself into this time Effy?" He murmured, to the potent emptiness of his home. Thankfully, she didn't think she'd reached that point, though there were a few times when she'd come pretty close.As much as she was dreading today, she knew that it was going to happen regardless, might as well make herself look presentable and prepare for the torturous day that was in store for her. I hope they treat you well?” Carol spoke up from across the table and hurriedly swallowing her bite she nodded.
She had a feeling that it was going to be a bit hard to focus on the TV or anything else for that matter. For the time being, she was able to distract herself by throwing herself into the last minute planning for the wedding. She could try pushing any and all thoughts that came to mind to the back of head but she knew one thing was certain: she was fucked. As he read, mouthing the words he could feel ice spread through his stomach as he was "cordially invited" to Elizabeth Kingsley's wedding.
Glancing at the clock, figuring that he should end the call before he could say something stupid he murmured in a lower, huskier voice ”He’s a lucky guy to have you Effy. It was very easy to do with her soon to be mother-in-law around who, if she was being completely honest, was doing more harm than good in her opinion. David Crobal, it’s like ten minutes away which is actually why I moved back to the neighborhood.” Nodding her approval, Tom cut in with a less than impressed tone.
She was getting married in six weeks time, but, with Josh here, it was going to be hard not to think of the feelings she'd once had for him. Don’t stress yourself out too much love, everything’ll be grand.” Josh promised before hanging up.

This was Sam's mother, and she knew that the woman was just trying to help in any way that she possibly could, but it was just proving to stress her out even more.Needless to say, the next day or so she found herself fairly distracted and busy. By the time he was done an audience had gathered around him which consisted of his band members.
Of course, there were instances when she found herself thinking about Josh but, with so much that still needed doing, she was able to easily push those thoughts to the back of her head. The paper that was clutched in his hand was like a mockery and with a little sigh, Josh tossed it back onto the counter and out of his sight; as if he couldn't see the invitation than it wasn't really happening. Also she just didn’t have the time and I was busy with school.” She hated how soft her voice sounded, like she was that vulnerable little girl again.
For a moment he just stood there; shoulders slumped with a defeat he hadn't felt in such a long time. Was she absolutely swoonin’ over you mate?” Dan demanded, his eyebrows knitted together with intrigue. Maybe, as cliche and fairytale as it was; Josh had just believed they'd find a way back to each other. Effy had called and ordered Chinese food, she was in no mood to cook for herself that night, and she felt like being lazy. She did know however that her mother was crying, along with the adults so something bad must of happened.
Even if she didn't know it Elizabeth was his fucking muse.He hadn't been able to be proper with a bird, as Effy had a way of creeping onto his mind on dates. It had been Max’s idea, and his stubble-faced friend rubbed his hands together before blurting out ”Josh you can’t steal her in a weekend.
So, that's exactly what she did.Dressed down in her pajamas, she was about to dig into her chicken and broccoli when the doorbell rang yet again. He didn't want to sound melodramatic, but it felt as if he'd been tossed into ice water; and oh so slowly Josh made his way to the living room to flop onto the couch to process this. Eyebrows furrowing slightly in confusion, she stood, pausing the episode of Grimm she was watching so that she could answer the door. At the wake Lottie hadn’t been able to make herself go near the adults mourning; nor her mother who had openly wept.
Tomorrow, all your traveling things are still good.” Dan, Matt, and Chris had all crowed their agreement. She really didn't have the foggiest clue as to who would be here, she had her Chinese food, and Sam wouldn't be back from the hospital just yet. She didn't really know what to say though, they hadn't spoken in years, let alone seen each other. Josh on the other hand thought it the stupidest idea he’d heard and glancing away shook her heads. Not to mention the fact that, even if he was, he wouldn't ring the doorbell, he'd just let himself in.
This phone call was unexpected, regardless of the fact that she'd sent him an invitation to the wedding. She made her way over to the door, not really thinking about what she was wearing, or her lack of pants for that matter, and peered through the peephole to see who it was. It’d been Oliver to find her and instead of his harsh comments he’d remained quiet and just sat with her after letting Carol know where they were.
And what's that supposed to mean, Franceschi?" She question, punctuating her words with a raised eyebrow, though she couldn't ignore the way her heart seemed to skip a beat when he smiled the way that he did, and she knew that she was blushing, that much was obvious.
Had it not been for Josh's inability to be alone, had there not been another woman, they would of been together. And, when she saw who was waiting on the other side, the last thing that came to mind was going to grab a pair of pajama pants or boxer shorts. And when she had finally understood her father was never coming back and burst into tears, he’d awkwardly patted her back and tried to rub her back.
For a long time he just laid on his couch, hand over his mouth as he tried to come to terms with what was happening. You didnt’ hear her talking.” Weren’t friends supposed to be happy for one another when the other got married? Something he was mimicking from Carol that was used on Oliver when he was upset.That was one of the only positive memories she had of him. He was startled from his thoughts as his phone began ringing and glancing down quirked an eyebrow as Max's name flashed onto the screen.
To say that she was relieved that he almost seemed to have backed off was a bit of an understatement. He'd been here all of maybe ten or fifteen minutes, yet he already had her feeling like a teenage girl again. She tried focusing on the show a little bit, and finishing her food, and they seemed to settle into a comfortable silence for a while.
You sound gutted over something." Exhaling, pinching the bridge of his nose remorse at snapping at his friend coiled in his stomach. They’re very nice boys.” It was a tantalizing offer, she didn’t think that her furniture would ever be put together. Until the next commercial break, when Sam was brought up, or, rather, his whereabouts were. Looks like I’m going to the states tomorrow.” His friends had given him hearty slaps on the back before helping him pick out a flight. But if Carol was referring to the boys she’d briefly met last night; she wasn’t sure she’d want to deal with a bunch of drunken men. Got my invitation in the mail today." There was a pause of silence as Max tried to find a way to best cheer Josh up.
She'd missed him a lot over the years, and, whether she'd admit to it or not, deep down she knew that she was still in love with him. This may be Josh’s only chance to at least tell Effy how she felt; and maybe if by some fucking miracle- she returned his affections.
I’m sure that Oliver is a very busy.” However, glancing at Oliver she didn’t think that she’d be able to worm her way out of this without flat out refusing. It hadn’t taken long to pack for the next month and a half, since he had never unpacked from being back from tour. We're all at Dan's place if you want to come out." Josh was torn between going and staying put. It was like they were teenagers again, and they were at her grandparents house, Josh would usually crash on the couch the night before she arrived just so he could be one of the first people to see her.
Finally the need to not be alone right now won out over his desire for some sleep in his own bed.
Josh was mixed with feelings of hesitancy and elation as his plane took off, and thankfully he was undisturbed the ride. It didn’t stop him from wrapping his arms around Effy’s waist and spun her around setting back on the porch. There was little turbulence thankfully, Josh couldn’t stand turbulence, and when they landed he was feeling overwhelmed.
God she was beautiful; more so than he remembered and it was then he realized she didn’t have any pants on. The airport was crowded and packed with bodies all bustling about going about their lives, to see loved ones and go to meetings, romp about on vacation; or maybe to go win someone’s heart like himself. Trying not to be a twit about it, Josh made sure to keep his gaze fixed on her face as he responded cheerfully. If nothing more than for creative and band purposes Dan's house was about ten minutes away.
As he snatched his keys, shoving his feet back into his shoes Josh cast one glance around his home before heading out his door to the car so he could go and drink his cares away for a night.
He doubted Effy would be upset to see him; maybe a bit shocked but that’s what he was going for.
There was hardly any traffic as it was growing late, so within no time at all he was parked outside Dan's home taking a deep breath to try to put on a facade he wasn't still upset by the news of Elizabeth's wedding.He wasn't going to go.
If she knew when he was coming than Effy could prepare herself; and besides it’d be a nice surprise.
There was no way Josh would watch as the woman he'd been harboring a not so secret crush on for the past ten years went off and married some other man. Josh would appear as a balm, a sense of familiarity that she probably was lacking with all the wedding preparations.
Taking a deep breath to collect himself Josh exited his car, locking it and shoving the keys into his pocket. When he got to Dan's door he found it unlocked so allowing himself in Josh wrinkled his nose at the smell of booze; though was somewhat surprised by the low-key atmosphere. Dan and Max were on the couch, each holding a beer and watching something on the telly that Josh didn't recognize. Fuck that yearning to see her he’d pushed down all these years had come back like a vengeful tide; alright maybe his friends were right. The second he was dropped off at the hotel, he checked in; going to his room with his suitcase and after unpacking it into the dresser in the room took a shower. As Elizabeth stepped aside to let him in, the scent of Chinese food drifted by him and Josh's stomach rumbled a bit. When he got out, letting the chilly air dry his skin Josh applied the lightest bit of cologne, grinning at himself in the mirror.It was going on seven at night by the time he hailed another taxi, giving him Elizabeth’s address on the paper.
It didn't escape Josh the looks they shot each other, though thankfully said nothing allowing Josh to grab the pack of beers and carry it back out into the living room; taking a seat on an unoccupied loveseat. So when the cab pulled up to the curb in an upscale looking neighborhood Josh handed him some money, getting out and looking around.
Thank you oh and Effy?" As she turned around, seeing what he wanted he motioned to her legs. They were dwindling down to their last bottles, Chris and Matt having joined the fray awhile ago, when Dan spoke up. I wouldn't want your fiancee to beat this delicate face up for the wrong idea."Her eyes widened, almost comically as if she'd forgotten that she was pantless. Pussying out would not help his cause so with a determined breath of air Josh sauntered up the steps, faking a confidence he didn’t feel as he rung the bell.
With a promise to be right back and to make himself at home she was gone up the stairs leaving Josh free to wander around. I'm not going." The house fell silent for a moment before Chris burst into laughter followed by Matt. He'd been inspecting the living room; it was a nice place though he felt a little smug that doctor Sam's home wasn't as nice as his. The stench of beer was beginning to give Josh a headache as he tried to sort out what was so funny through the static buzz in his head. It quickly melted away as his gaze fll upon Elizabeth and a smile warm and bright bloomed onto his lips. As he was walking around he noted a few pictures on decorating the walls, a couple of them of Sam and Elizabeth. The man was dark haired, handsome even as much as Josh hated to admit, and his arm was wrapped haphazardly around a laughing Elizabeth.
And while it may not be smooth sailing; he was still determined to steal the bride, get his girl and go home with her.
This wasn't a movie, he wasn't the dashing hero that swooped in and saved the bride from a marriage she didn't want. Taking the final swig of his beer Josh set his bottle down with a little more force than needed.
Josh had recanted every reason he should not go and make an arse of himself and ruin her life. Was for Effy to have even the smallest bit of attraction for him; then Josh could just prove to her that he loved her. As the boys blathered on, Josh found himself arguing less and agreeing more; until finally his mind was changed.
He's loved her for all these years, and if there were such things as soulmates than maybe she was his.His train of thought was disrupted when he heard her coming back down the steps and heading back towards the house sat down, making room for her.
That he promised he'd go to the wedding to win over Effy as he should of done ten years ago. Alright, maybe he took up a bit more room than he had to in order to get them to sit a little closer together. When the night was melting into dawn the small group had finally passed out where they lay. With a groan, hiding his face behind his hands Josh would admit he felt absolutely hungover.
It was then he noted the hair change, she used to be blonde but now her hair was dark brown and rich in color. The other boys were still sleeping and glancing down at his watch swore when he noted the time.
It was about ten here, and Effy was five hours behind which meant that it was still too early to RSVP.
As drunk as Josh had been last night; he still remembered his promise to go and at least tell Effy how he felt about her. Of course they were worse than a group of highschool girls so he'd likely want updates and whatnot. As he picked it up with a trepidation that was clear to the other men, Josh gathered whatever balls he had and dialed his long-time friend. Thoughts raced about his skull as the phone rang; and on the second ring a familiar, achingly sweet "Hello?" filtered through. Clearing his throat, forcing himself to sound calm, happy even Josh hoped he didn't sound too much like the anxious mess he felt himself to be. It took him back to the days that he would spend waiting for her to arrive, often going to her grandmother's house the day before she got there and crashing on the couch just so he wouldn't waste any time with her. It's Josh Franceschi, how're you?" It had been awhile since he heard her voice and Josh was reveling in it.

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