We’re going to teach you how to alter your perception, RIGHT NOW, so you can learn how to attract men using the law of attraction. When you treat yourself as someone unworthy of love and affection, you’re sending negative signals out to the universe. This is one of the most important pieces of the law of attraction, and it isn’t isolated to the dating world. Be respectful to service workers, smile at strangers on the street, and do favors for friends. You can’t spend most of your life being rude or unfriendly and expect your dating life to be full of love and sweetness!
The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.
If a certain behavior, activity or even outfit repeatedly fails to meet your needs, get rid of it and replace it with something totally new. Approach your dating relationship like a scientist looking for the cure to loneliness, or like a chef trying to improve the taste of their lasagna. If you use the same recipe today that you did last week, you’re going to get the same result!
Even if you know that the guy you just sat down with is not going to be right for you, be kind and loving to him.
Just try to make the date as positive of an experience as you possibly can, and consider it practice for next time. If you both part ways feeling good about some aspect of your interaction (regardless of whether or not it led to a second date), you will both be setting yourselves up for more positive dating experiences.
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Today (after weeks of work) I reveal my predictions for the changes that will occur for women born under the sign of Leo and the main characteristics of the Leo woman personality type.
I have already discussed the main characteristics of the Leo personality in my recent post.
Perhaps the most common belief that people hold about the Leo woman personality is that jealousy is the dominant characteristic of this personality type.
Whilst this may be true for some, in my expert opinion it is unfair to say that all Leo women are mad, crazy jealous people prone to attacks of the green eyed monster. Like any sign of the Zodiac and their personality traits there will always be exceptions to the rule.
The Leo woman may feel worried and insecure about her place in the relationship with these star signs. This in turn will cause the Leo woman to act strangely and appear to others as being irrational. If you are in a relationship with a Leo woman and feel that they are constantly getting jealous over the smallest things then you should reassure your  Leo that she has nothing to worry about and that your relationship is secure.
This will go a long way in helping the Leo woman relax and will ease her seemingly jealous personality traits.
At the risk of seeming overly negative the next aspect of Leo women personality traits that I want to discuss is that of anger.
The Lion is a fierce personality type that much is true, however it is the Leo man and not the Leo woman who is most prone to having an angry personality type.
Leo women tend to get labelled as being angry or aggressive because of the belief that because Leo women tend to be more assertive than compared to women born under other star signs. It should come as no surprise to learn that it tends to be men who spread the myth that the assertiveness shown by Leo women is actually aggressive or angry behavior. Do not adjust your personality Leo – it is good to be a strong and independent woman and it is no bad thing that some people may find this a little surprising. REMEMBER: As a Leo woman some people will automatically assume that your confident personality is a sign of aggression.

As the year progresses there will be a major change in the personality traits of the Leo woman.
Perhaps the biggest and most significant change will be the new sense of confidence that you begin to feel as Saturn begins to ascend through Leo.
My analysis tells me that the last year has been a difficult year for Leo women and I also suspect that your self-confidence has taken a bit of a knock. The good news is that all that will begin to change for you in the coming year with the rise of Saturn. Leo as a dominant star sign of the Zodiac is best when it feels self assured and full of self confidence. The second reason is that as confidence begins to return to the Leo woman personality new opportunities will begin to appear to you. The return of your confident and outgoing personality traits will have a major impact on both your personal and your professional life. As you begin to feel more like yourself and become a happier and more content person you will find that a major change occurs in your love life.
People around you will begin to notice that you have become a happier person as the year progresses and I suspect that this will draw the admiring glances of two secret admirers this year. Right now, reading this report, you might think that this seems wildly unlikely but trust me Leo. You may not even notice it and if you are already in a relationship then you will probably not do anything about it. However if you are looking for love then you should look out for someone being more friendly than usual. Earlier in this report I said that the personality traits of Jealousy and anger are deeply unattractive traits of the Leo woman. If you begin to notice that your new and happier personality is attracting romantic interest from someone close to you, you need to understand how the Leo Woman Personality is compatible with other star signs.
You might find these special reports on Leo compatibility useful if you are looking for love for the year ahead. Or if you are interested in starting a romance with an Aquarius (a great match for Leo women!) then you can read about compatibility between Leo and Aquarius here. In addition to positive developments in your romantic life, the changes in the Leo woman’s personality characteristics will also have positive impacts on your career and working life. As you become a more positive person as Saturn continues to rise for Leo you will be offered an opportunity in regards to your job that will take you completely by surprise.
My advice to you Leo is to use the other great personality trait that most Leo woman hold – good judgement.
If you take time to use your sense of judgement and reflect on this new job opportunity I suspect that you will benefit even more.
The Leo woman personality is no different from other star signs and if you remember to accept the good and the bad then you have a positive and product year ahead which will see your personality, relationships and career all make positive moves forward. I truly believe that my gift of psychic ability and insight is a blessing to me and if I have a responsibility to use my God given gifts to help others. This part was just silly to me how we can’t change ppl so dont try for us not to waste our time. How to use your inner power to get the man of your dreams, To get the man of your dreams if you want to attract true love and power of attracting the man of your dreams and it was to attract men after.
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This post focuses specifically on the Leo Woman for the year ahead so without further ado let’s get started.

Sites like Cafe-Astrology tend to overemphasize the more dramatic elements of the Leo woman personality for effect and I think this does a great injustice to all Leo women.
However in my 25 years experience of analysing the Leo Woman personality traits I have found that the majority of Leo woman I have studied are not insanely jealous.
This trait is a deep insecurity about the future that most Leo women feel from time to time. Do you often find yourself feeling insecure in your relationship or do you have constant feelings of jealousy or suspicion? You need to accept that the Leo woman personality characteristics contain both good and bad aspects. The Leo woman personality is much more sedate than her male Leo counterpart and is actually quite calm compared to the Leo man. You can’t change other people so do not waste time worrying about what other people think about you. At the end of the year you will look back and marvel at the things you have managed to achieve by putting yourself forward to the front of the queue. Saturn is a dominant planet in the star system and this will have a major impact on Leo women traits.
This means that although you have been feeling slightly less confident than your usual self, in the coming months you will begin to feel that old sense of confidence coming back to you. I am sure you agree that when you feel good about yourself you are generally a nicer person for others to be around.
This person is responding to your new sense of positivity and confidence and they will begin to find you very attractive.
Your personality characteristics mean that when you see an opportunity you automatically jump in feet first.
Just be careful to weigh up all the options Leo and remember – if your sense of judgement tells you that something is too good to be true then it probably is. Like all things in life there are aspects of the personality which are good and with the good comes the bad.
If we’re insecure about anything Its because someone made us feel insucre about whatver situation. These are common questions that some of my readers have been asking me over the last week so rather than answer each question individually I have prepared this complete report on the Leo woman. This insecurity is a very common trait for Leo women and it often becomes apparent in the early stages of a relationship with a man born under the sign of Scorpio, Aries and Gemini. In today’s busy and fast paced way of life being assertive is actually a very positive trait for a women to have. When your personality becomes more positive and confident you will begin to become more attractive to those around you. I would just ask you to remember that every sign of the Zodiac and personalities all have their good points and bad points.
After all, no one likes being around someone who is constantly mopping around or being miserable.
And being a leo woman there’s no man on earth who can stroke my ego to give me reassurance that our relationship is secure. I have to be shown I have to feel within that what you’re saying is true so untill one proves it not only with words with action then I myself will not belive it.

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