I read a lot of questions from you guys every day, and one of the questions I get the most often is this: how can you make your crush like you? Source: ShutterStock Have Nice HairOne survey found that men are more attracted to women with healthy looking hair - it even found that nice hair is one of the first things men notice. Source: ShutterStock Go For Natural MakeupA recent study found that men are more attracted to women who wear less makeup.
Source: ShutterStock Get Dumped?This very odd study found that men prefer women who were dumped by the last boyfriend over women that dumped their last boyfriend. Source: ShutterStock Be NiceNot surprisingly, studies have found that men find women most attractive when they have nice personalities.
Source: ShutterStock Be PlayfulOne study discovered that "playfulness" is one of the most attractive qualities you can have. Source: ShutterStock Laugh At His JokesWe all love when someone strokes our ego, so it's not shocking that one study found that men are more attracted to women who laugh at their jokes. Source: ShutterStock SmilingIs anyone surprised that research has shown that men are more attracted to women who smile? Source; ShutterStock Talk In A High-Pitched VoiceStudies have shown that men prefer women to have more high-pitched voices.

Give us your juiciest, wildest, weirdest and embarrassingest (it’s a word) hook up stories! While some of these studies are infuriating (and kind of a bummer), I also find them to be very interesting. This makes sense, since around negative people can make others feel more sad and bummed out, and that typically doesn't really lead to attraction or romance. This is interesting, but I wouldn't take it to mean that you have to be obsessive about your hair. This is kind of a sweet sentiment, but if you love wearing a face full of makeup and that makes you feel confident, go for it!
That's really cool to hear, actually, because it's great to know that men take personality into account when trying to decide whether a woman is attractive to them or not.
Researchers discovered that having a good sense of humor, wanting to have fun, and having a generally playful personality makes a woman more attractive to a man.
Researchers say that when a woman is wearing red, she seems more warm, more confident, more approachable and even more sexual. When I was researching studies on what attracts men, I was pretty grossed out by some of them… but to be fair, some of the ones about what women were attracted to were equally bad.

If a dude isn't going to date you because you're having a bad hair day, he seems kind of lame.
According to the research, men care about women's long-term relationship history when they want a serious relationship - not when they're just looking for someone to hook up with. When you're around your crush and you're trying to get him to notice you, just make sure you're being your nice, awesome self. By the way, this isn't even only good for attracting a crush, it's also just good for you in general!
One researcher theorized that men are more attracted to girls who have been dumped because they assume that means the last BF was in control, and that then they will be able to be the dominant ones. So, even though I don’t think you should change anything about yourself to attract someone else, I decided to investigate.

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