PlayIn this Dignity Dating Den episode, Dating With Dignity coach Marni Battista & Dignity Dating Man Panelist Christian Anderson discuss how to be in your feminine energy to attract the right man.
In this Dignity Dating Den episode, Dating With Dignity coach Marni Battista & Dignity Dating Man Panelist Christian Anderson discuss how to be in your feminine energy to attract the right man.
Marni BattistaLA Fortysomething Relationships ExaminerMarni Battista is the founder of Dating With Dignity and with more than 25 years of personal relationship and dating experience, she has dated, was married for 17 years, divorced, and then successfully dated again in the 21st century. As the Super Bowl ends, getting relationships back on track beginsSince preseason started in 2015 there were teams playing their hearts out trying to be the ones who would be playing in Super Bowl 50.
After Liverpool lost to Manchester United, the phone-in callers were adamant that he should be shown no mercy.
We forget too quickly: Jose Mourinho was right about that when he talked about those doubting his ability. Rodgers has the right philosophy but needs time to succeed at Liverpool, whom he has managed since 2012Many would have fired Rodgers at the end of last season after Liverpool were humiliated 6-1 by Stoke City. Sure, Liverpool fell short in the end, agonisingly short, but what a season that was to be a Liverpool fan.
Maybe some Liverpool fans will baulk at the suggestion that the club winning the title would have been a surprise. Rodgers watches Liverpool in Bordeaux and goes into the game with Norwich under the microscopeThe intervening months have not been easy. In addition, she has received professional training in dating and relationship coaching as well as training in the Core Energy Coaching Process from the Institute of Professional Excellence in Coaching (IPEC). Many were convinced that the cluba€™s owners, Fenway Sports Group, would usher him away in the summer.

If they had won the league, if they had gatecrashed the cosy club of 21st century title winners established by Manchester United, Manchester City, Chelsea and Arsenal, it would have been one of the biggest shocks of English footballa€™s modern era.They did it playing terrific football, too. Maybe some still believe that a club with their glorious past should be challenging for the title every season and winning their share of championships alongside the Big Four.But many also realise that the landscape is different now. They have to be placed in the context of a club that is fighting a long, uphill struggle to regain its place among the elite of the English game with an ownership that cannot, or will not, match the outlandish spending of three of its four main rivals.Some do not like Rodgersa€™ style. Liverpool were driven on that season by the brilliance of Suarez, Daniel Sturridge and Raheem Sterling and the fading greatness of Steven Gerrard.
She is also trained as a Facilitator and Mentor Trainer by the Hoffman Institute, a world-renowned leader in personal development. It is our misfortune that we are willing to let great achievements be overtaken so easily by temporary setbacks.It happens during autumna€™s sack race season every year. Most predicted, correctly, that if he survived, he would be under intense pressure from the first day of this season.Liverpoola€™s 1-1 draw with Bordeaux in the Europa League on Thursday night stopped the bleeding but anything other than victory against Norwich at Anfield will lift the opposition towards him remaining at the club to new levels. Rodgers was lucky he had a player of the quality of Luis Suarez up front, of course, a player inherited from Kenny Dalglish, but he made the most of his resources and played a pressing, high-tempo, attacking style that won plenty of admirers. The stunt, which was masterminded, inevitably, by a clothing firm, was also crushingly unfunny. And yet it is still only 16 months ago that huge crowds were lining the Anfield Road, standing 10 deep, seeking vantage points on garden walls or shinning up signposts, to cheer Rodgers and his Liverpool side of 2013-14 into another home game as they mounted a thrilling title challenge. The fourth has barely played since May 2014.Liverpoola€™s attempts to restock the team have not yet been successful. After Liverpool lost to Manchester United last Saturday evening, the phone-in callers were adamant that he should be shown no mercy.

Foreign players dominate our league now and the best of them often prefer life in London.Liverpool find it hard to attract the best players these days.
There was an air of defeatism about his words when he recounted how the club asked him to approach a€?long-shota€™ targets.For Liverpool now, players like Willian and Toni Kroos are long shots. Those impressions are matters of opinion although none of them seemed to matter too much when Liverpool were top of the table the season before last.The truth is that the path Liverpool have to tread is not an easy one to negotiate. Gerrard knew there was little chance of persuading them to come to Liverpool when Chelsea, say, were in the running. They are searching for something they may never be able to find, which is why their assault on the title 16 months ago swept so many of us away on a tide of nostalgia and optimism.Rodgers proved himself that season. Then again, a Rodgers signing, Philippe Coutinho, is fast emerging as the cluba€™s best player.The reality is that Liverpool cannot climb back to the top by outspending their rivals.
There were others, too.a€?Occasionally a player would say his wife or girlfriend preferred the idea of living in London, Madrid or Paris,a€™ Gerrard wrote. They already have a fine manager and the best strategy is to stick with him.To adapt Mourinho, Brendan Rodgers is a fantastic manager when he is not winning matches and he is a fantastic manager when he is.

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