I had just quit my job at Microsoft to pursue my dream of entrepreneurship, inspired after reading so many stories of people who had created a dream lifestyle by starting a (deceptively easy-looking) online business. With over 16 years leading successful corporate marketing initiatives, I was sure I would be on the fast track to a booming online business quickly. In fact, for a fleeting moment, I wanted my predictable job title, paycheck, benefits and comfortable work environment back. My ideal client was anyone who would hire me because I hadn't worked with enough people to know who my ideal clients actually were.
Entrepreneurship is as much about personal growth and confidence as it is about what you actually sell. That's why it's important to remind yourself of all the things you are, actually, awesome at (and have a little fun while you're at it). Include things that have to do with your profession, sure, but also include things that make you HUMAN (and maybe even bring a smile to your face) like wine tasting and chick-flick binge watching.
I have a list of 50 items (at least) posted on my bulletin board that I can review at any time. Well, you need to take all that awesome-ness and craft a message about why you are THE BEST PERSON for your clients.
In other words: why should they choose you over all the other (highly qualified) people out there? Well, instead of me telling you about everything I do let me give you a client success story.
She was speaking at events and in demand for writing and giving soundbites across her industry. But here's the challenge - Sue wasn't able to turn that knowledge and credibility into a reliable stream of clients. That's what I helped Sue to do, and within just a few months Sue got more clients than she had in the previous year. If you’ve been following our blog from a while you already know, I got a real passion for braids, wavy hair and hairstyles generally from my mum (hairstylist). Se  seguite il nostro blog da qualche tempo ormai lo sapete, ho ereditato da mia mamma (parrucchiera) una vera e propria ossessione per le trecce, le onde morbide e i capelli in generale. Quando il pacco e arrivato e finalmente ho potuto toccarle con mano sono stata piacevolmente sorpresa: al tatto risultano splendidamente spesse, morbide e (come dice il nome) setose.
If you are a redhead like me (or maybe have beautiful mermaid hair) I  would definitely suggest you buying a blonde set and then make it professionally dyed.
By the way if you feel like dying the extensions at home I recommend asking for a friend’s help! A tal proposito, se avete intenzione di tingere le vostre extension in casa mi raccomando, fatevi aiutare da qualcuno, non e cosi semplice come sembra!

Una volta preparato il mix per la tinta, il processo e molto semplice: tingete le extension esattamente come fareste normalmente con i vostri capelli, lasciate in posa per un bel po’ e lavate con abbondante shampoo e balsamo. The application is quite easy, but if you have long yet very thin hair like me, I would suggest you clipping most of the extensions in the lower half part of the head or you will end up with some clips popping out! L’applicazione e abbastanza facile, ma se avete capelli lunghi e sottili come i miei vi consiglio vivamente di attaccare tutte le extension nella parte bassa della testa altrimenti c’e il rischio che alcune clip si intravedano tra i capelli! If I could change just one little thing I think I would order them a bit shorter (maybe the 20 inches set). Se potessi cambiare solo una piccola cosa, credo che le ordinerei piu corte (magari il set da 20 pollici). One O was co-founded by Chiara & Irene in 2013 to inspire your life and experiment DIY-crafty projects.
One O e stato co-fondato da Chiara & Irene nel 2013 con l'obbiettivo di ispirare le vostre vite e sperimentare progetti di fai-da-te. Except where otherwise stated, all images are taken by Chiara Cavagion & Irene Fucci from One O. My heart was pounding, my palms were damp and there was a growing warmth rushing from my neck. Stories of four hour workweeks, virtual assistants doing all the hard work and clients zooming in from all corners of the internet. I'm a business coach and marketing strategist, which doesn't mean much on title alone, right? She needed a strategy and approach to take all the work and knowledge she had to offer and turn it into business opportunities. Immediately unlock your hidden profit potential with From SECRET to SOLD OUT: 15 Strategies To Get Clients Quickly. So when a lovely company called Irresistible Me got in touch and proposed us to try their real hair extensions I went bananas and immediately volunteered.
Cosi quando Irresistible Me ci ha contattate per proporci di provare le loro extensions di capelli veri mi sono subito offerta volontaria. They have like a bunch of different extensions including remy hair sets, ponytails and interesting hair tools and accessories.
Hanno varie tipologie di extensions, tra cui le remy e le code di cavallo, senza dimenticare tutta una sorta di accessori interessanti per una patita di acconciature come me.
Lo so, lo so… mia mamma essendo parrucchiera mi ha avvantaggiata economicamente… ma vi assicuro che il risultato finale vale ogni centesimo che andrete a spendere! Come potete notare dalla foto precedente il colore finale delle extension e veramente identico al mio. The extensions arrived in this simple black box, packaged in a see-through plastic pouch, making it easy to colour test them against you hair.

Le extension sono arrivate in questa semplicissima scatola nera, racchiuse in un sacchetto di plastica trasparente che vi permette di vedere subito il colore che avete ordinato: questo rende anche piu facile il cambio, nel caso in cui abbiate fatto cilecca con il colore! Starting with the right side take a section just above your ear and clip two 2 clips piece one on top of the other.
The first time I tried them I was so thrilled that I send pictures of me wearing the Irresistible me set to pretty much all my Whatsapp contacts!
Pensate che la prima volta che le ho provate ero cosi felice che ho inviato foto di me con le extensions di Irresistible me praticamente a tutti i miei contatti Whatsapp! Don’t get me wrong I love to be finally able to see myself with this amazing main, but I’m not used to it!
Non fraintendetemi adoro avere la possibilita di vedermi con questa lunga e folta chioma, e solo che non ci sono abituata! I’ve been wanting to try clip in extensions for years so I was super excited to finally welcome them in my life!
Era da un sacco che volevo provare delle extensions a clip per cui dare il benvenuto a queste bellezze mi ha elettrizzato! So after asking for my mum + Chiara + Cristina’s advice I opted for 200g of silky clip-in extensions at 24 inches. I was also tempted about not dying them at the end, as the color was not so diffent from my hair ends shade. Inizialmente ero quasi tentata di non tingerle, essendo il distacco dal mio colore non cosi netto e creando quasi l’impressione di un semplice degrade; cosi per un paio di giorni le ho indossate al naturale, mascherandole all’interno di una treccia – se siete curiosi di vederle in questa fase le trovate in azione in questo post di Brit+co! So if you’re not happy with the colour match you’ve chosen, you can then easily exchange them. All’ interno trovate in totale 10 elementi: una mega ciocca con 4 clip (che onestamente e cosi spessa e naturale che spesso e volentieri la uso da sola, quando faccio trecce o code basse), 2 ciocche con 3 clip, 5 ciocche con 2 clip e 2 mini ciocche con una clip. Cosi finisco spesso con i capelli incastrati nella tracolla della borsa o nel giubbotto e cosi via. Sfortunatamente non sono riuscita a trovare una tonalita che si avvicini al mio color carota (ma perdono Irresistible Me per questo. Inside the pouch you can find a total of ten pieces: 1 piece of 4 clips (that honestly is so thick and lovely that is the only piece that I wear when I do a side braid or low pony), 2 pieces of 3 clips, 5 pieces of 2 clips and 2 pieces of 1 clip.
Alla fine solo il 5% della popolazione mondiale ha i capelli rossi :P), cosi ho deciso di aggirare il problema acquistandole invece di un luminoso biondo miele e tingendole successivamente.

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