Having a good website can be the difference between staying in business or failure…Having an incredible website can be the difference in making significant profits rather than just keeping the doors open. As such, we as business owners spend a lot of money purchasing, developing, modifying and updating our websites on a regular basis. One may think that you simply put your website costs on a line item called “website expenses”, then file your tax return and forget about… regrettably it’s not that simple.
You may be surprised to learn that the IRS has still not yet issued formal guidance on when Internet website costs can be deducted. Fortunately, established rules that apply to deducting business costs in general, and formal IRS guidance that applies to software costs in particular (the “software guidelines”), provide a taxpayer launching a business website with some guidance as to the proper treatment of the costs. 3rd Party delivery of website, considered an asset, and you exceed 25k in asset acquisitions in 2015. Website content that is advertising is generally currently deductible; the treatment of other content costs will vary. If you have complex programming on the website, the costs attributed to those portions of the website will need to be amortized or deducted over 3 years. If you don’t exceed 25k in asset acquisitions in other areas of your business, simply 179 the costs and write them off in one fail swoop as an asset acquisition expense.
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The internet might be a safe place for all, but not every websites on the internet are safe. There are some antivirus softwares that do check-in for unsafe websites, some might be strong enough to check-in for all, some aren’t too solid. Almost everyone that is familiar with antivirus softwares knows that the MCAfee software is very recommendable antivirus software which comes with lot of features. Tracking your visitors and knowing what they do is such a crucial part of an online business strategy.
But in general, website traffic software can be categorised into self hosted or hosted software. The Dinosaur of website traffic software, Google Analytics, the Giant and Leader of the internet ?? Google analytics is the most used website traffic measuring tool according to Wikipedia. For example, in WP Slimstat you could see the detailed activity and click path of some of your last visitors, in Google Analytics this is only available for real-time and not as a clicking path, only where the users are at the moment. In a customers project this was really important because we could see that none of the visitors clicked to the product details on the online-shops category listing. No matter which website traffic software you want to use, adding them to your website is technically always the same. Easiest here is the WP Slimstat, since it is a native WordPress plugin, it does also add the code automatically after installing the site. Every good website traffic statistics tool should have a tutorial how to implement the tracking code on the website. Bounce rate – This is the rate how many visitors do leave your site after doing nothing.
Conversion rate – How many of your visitors do what the website is intended for, send you a contact request or buys your product?

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Please link back to the post itself using rel="canonical" if reposting complete articles, thank you! Here are just a few examples of recent designs from the Keep Calm-o-Matic creative community. If you haven’t made any money yet (sales) and you are still in the “Start-up” mode, any website costs will be considered a Start-up Cost. If the website doesn’t have complex programming, the costs to develop and launch the website, will be considered an asset. Again, if the design costs that aren’t “software” are deductible as an asset, but then you have exceeded your 179 deduction, you will need to deduct the website costs in accordance with useful life. If, instead of being purchased, the website design is “developed” and designed in-house by the individual or company launching the website, the taxpayer can choose among alternative treatments, including, but not limited to, 1) “currently deducting” the costs in the year that the costs are paid, or accrued, depending on the taxpayer’s overall accounting method, or 2) or amortizing the costs under the three-year rule, discussed above, for a “purchased” design.
If your site is primarily a ‘landing page’ advertising your product or services, and there isn’t a shopping cart of complex programming, simply write it off as an Advertising Expense. If you’re going to spend big money on a business website, I would suggest you get an opinion from your accountant before thinking you can write-off all the expenses as a current deduction this year. Kohler is a CPA, Attorney, Radio Show host and author of the book “Lawyers are Liars- The Truth About Protecting Our Assets”,  and “What Your CPA Isn’t Telling You- Life Changing Tax Strategies”.
Kohler, Mark Kohler, small business, software, tax, tax and legal playbook, tax planning, website, website cost, website costs, website deduction, website development, website tax, website write off. Most links are malicious, suspicious and can install malicious softwares on your computer or device which is capable of stealing your personal data, so checking for website safety is advisable.
Anyways, I’ll be revealing to you some useful online tools that you can use to check website safety and scan for malicious or suspicious links. You look up on a url, scan, and get result on how safe the website is, the location the website was hosted, Norton rating on the website, site summary and review.
All the user needs to do is to add their web browser, and the tool will ensure your internet is safe. The online site scan is an online based tool that scans website urls, and tells if the links are safe or not.
Just as I said earlier, the internet might not be a safe place for all, so try and surf wisely, so you don’t fall victim on any suspicious or malicious websites.
When you need advanced traffic analytics, and measuring is really important for you, it is possible that you have to try different website analytics software to find your favourite.
The advance is, you have full control over the data and it is stored only on your web space, so there are no problems with data privacy regulations (but later more to that). However the free version works only for small sites, because if you have many visitors your detailed website traffic statistics reach only few days back.
Prominent call-to-action buttons were missing, which could then be easily repaired and led to more conversions. In a WordPress installation best way is to add a child theme and add the tracking code to the footer.php. Click through to see more designs, create your own, share designs and purchase customised products.

As such, you the taxpayer must elect to (1) deduct up to $5,000 of the costs in the year that the business starts and (2) amortize any of the excess costs over a period of 5 years beginning with the month that the business starts. As such, the website qualifies as “section 179 property,” and is thus eligible for the Code Section 179 elective expensing deduction that is generally available only for machinery and equipment. Thus, these costs must be amortized over the number of years that it is expected that the non-software portions of the design will be used in the business. Thus, the costs of website content that is advertising are, generally, currently deductible. I already published an article on how to check website status or availability, I also advise you go through the content. The disadvantage is, that usually a small shared web space does not have enough power to handle the statistics, especially if you have a lot of visitors.
However on a shared hosting space the piwik traffic code added to your website can make your site several seconds slower, which is really much in our fast times we live nowadays.
It is easy to install, you do not need to add manually any code to your WordPress themes, it is handled completely automatic. It is the most powerful tool of them all, but it is more designed for websites with a lot of traffic. This piece of code has to be present on all your sites, so adding it to the footer is the best option. If you would track simultaneously with two different tracking software, you would see slightly different results. If the special election isn’t made, then the expenses are only deductible only upon the termination or disposition of the business. This would typically be over a 3-year period to be safe and avoid any argument as to what is portions of the website are considered “complex software”. Website content that isn’t advertising will be currently deductible, or amortized over a multi-tax year period, depending on its useful life.
I’ve used the tool for the past few weeks, and all I can tell is that it works like a charm. The website traffic statistics are displayed directly in the WordPress dashboard and are stored in your WordPress database.
But every software can give you a general overview what you can do to optimize your website. Bottom line, these website costs would otherwise be currently deductible unless paid for or accrued before a business begins.
For this year, in 2015, the 179 deduction is currently back to a maximum of 25k unless there is future legislation. However, if it’s clear that the website doesn’t have any sophisticated programming, and it’s expected that the website will have a useful life of no more than a year (before you have to re-design), then the costs can be currently deducted.

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