When you are given writing assignments at the University, you will usually need to include the ideas of others in your writing, and to show clearly that you are doing so. So, by citing and referencing sources you not only acknowledge the work of others in your assignment, you also demonstrate that you are becoming part of the ‘academic conversation’.
Read the following paragraph (click it to enlarge) from an academic text and look at the ways in which the author incorporates information from sources (using APA style). If you cite a work in your text, then you must include a full reference to that work in a reference list at the end of your assignment (see the example above). Scholars from different disciplines have different expectations about citation and referencing style.
Website – A collection of informational pages on the Internet that typically include an article title, author and publisher. EasyBib helps educators provide students with the tools they need to do credible and ethical research, while allowing them to track student progress and understanding before they hand in their final paper. About the BlogThe EasyBib Blog was created to help students with their reading, writing, and citing.

Citing a specific document or page from a website is a bit complicated because you first need to determine what kind of content the page has.
This guide will introduce you to the concept of plagiarism, strategies for avoiding it, and City Colleges of Chicago's policy on plagiarism. Plagiarism and cheating of any kind are serious violations and will result, minimally, in a failing grade.
Academic dishonesty is a serious offense, which includes but is not limited to the following: cheating, complicity, fabrication and falsification, forgery, and plagiarism. In individual cases of academic dishonesty, sanctions may range from a written warning to a failing grade for the course; the severity of the penalty is left to the discretion of the instructor.
Tip: To turn text into a link, highlight the text, then click on a page or file from the list above.
We've complied a list of guides by subject that we hope will assistance you with your library research. The reference list provides the information that is needed by a reader who wishes to locate the text that you have cited.

However, some of your instructors still ask for it – double-check if your instructor requires it. After reviewing this guide it is recommended that you also consult the Citing Sources guide.
Pace yourself so that you will not feel rushed to write your paper or tempted to plagiarize. As you search the internet, library databases, and check out books from the library, take notes and record your findings. You can also save material to a flash drive, print articles, or make photocopies of information from reference sources.

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