If you’ve been blogging for any amount of time, you should includeA a relevant blog image for all of your posts. Images are helpful all around – they help with engagement, shares, and even Google rankings.
I started to answer her, but then I realized that there were just too many goodA resources to leave her with just one. So here it is, my ultimate list of image creation tools, image editors, free stock imagery sources, infographic creators, some miscellaneous resources, and the one premium tool that’s actually worth paying for. Update July 26, 2015: Kristie Hill over at Blog Ambitions recently posted an excellent blog image resource guide with tutorials for how to use some of the following resources. It comes packed with tons of fonts and style options so that you can create a unique image for every blog post.
Pablo’s options are limited purposely, in order to help you keep image creation to the necessities. While this app does have a bit of a learning curve compared to Canva or PicMonkey, it also has a lot of power, enabling more advanced image editing. Unsplash is one of my favorite stock image sites and is included first in the list, for good reason. The one nuance is that there isn’t an overall search function, because it is simply pulling in a bunch of different websites. Because everything is royalty free you don’t have to worry about paying or anything like that. 10 new photos are added every 10 days, so make sure to keep checking back in for new awesomeness. Pexels is my go-to site if I have something in mind to find, or even if I just want to browse some awesome images. TheA search function is really good and lets you find exactly what you’re looking for, if they have the image in stock. Most of the images are great for blurring out slightly and overlaying some text for a blog post image. Because the images come from the Creative Commons, in most cases you’ll need to give photo credit. When you click to download an image, you can select the image size you want and PhotoPin automatically generates HTML code for attribution. PhotoPin is supported by premium images which show up at the top of search results pages, but there are plenty of free images as well.
Pixabay has nearly 400,000 images in their repository, and all of them can be used without any worries. When you click in to an image, Pixabay even gives you more information such as the photographer, type of camera used, camera settings, and more. So far they’ve released 120 variations, all free for you to download and use in your projects.
Subtle Patterns has 400 nicely designed stock patterns for use on your website, images, or anywhere else you may need the use them.
You just sign up, post your request, choose a design package, and then amazing designers from all over the world will send in their version for your logo or graphic. Then you get to choose the one you like best and the winner gets the money, while you get the downloadable high quality file.

While you can only download the graphic you chose as the winner, you can of course look at the other options. The link above to 99designs is an affiliate link, so I do make a small commission if you use it, at no extra cost to you.
This entry was posted in Blogging and tagged blog imagery, free stock images, image creator, infographics. Whether you want to make a blog for yourself or for your company, the process is almost the same.
Please understand that there are several ways to make blog for free - you can even put up one on your web site - but to make things simple to digest we shall be working only with the Blogger service. FYI, detailed instructions can be found on how do I create a Google account but if you don't want to jump across pages, here is a brief on the same.
Hold on to your horses, the fun is about to start - read the next page to know how to create a blog web site. Page contents: Step by step instructions on how to make free blog web site with the Blogger service. First off, decide on a domain name (what you want your site to be called), then do a search and see if that name is available. A couple of times, while messing with code,I have locked down my own website, thankfully BlueHost had me back up and running within half an hour.
First after you pop on over to their site you will either enter the Domain Name you have registered elsewhere or use the free one you get by signing up with BlueHost. The filling out of your info is pretty straight forward and I know you do not need me taking you step by step.
You will come to a screen to make your own BlueHost password, make it a strong one so it is very hard for someone to hack your account. Recently she came out with a new design that has me severely tempted to switch over to, it is called Divine. And now there is a Restored 316 Facebook group where we help each other with stumbling blocks we may come up against when putting our sites together or changing a feature. But then I realized that it was an awesome list, one worthy of being shared with you, here. You can choose a template then drag icons, text, backgrounds, and even your own images onto your template. There are so many things you can do in PicMonkey, there’s no excuse for not making your images the best they can be.
You might notice that some of the links there are also included below, as there is some overlap.
There are options to add new objects, backgrounds, shapes, text, charts, or your own images. They also have a Photoshop plugin ($11.99) so that you can easily feed all of A the patterns into your Photoshop panel. There are some cases where Canva just doesn’t have the right icon, or in the right style. However, I advise using 99designs for logos and other prominent graphics because of their intrinsic value.
In addition, there are many cases where stock photos provided on a site have confusing attribution policies or use cases.

You could evenA bookmark this page so that you can always come back to it whenever you need it.
Leave a comment below or meet me over on Twitter or Facebook to join the conversation right now! Past few years, blogs have become very popular as these are extremely easy to create and even simpler to manage and update. And since this article has been written primarily for the beginner, I assume little or no technical knowledge - you should, however, know how to operate a computer and surf the internet. To make your first blog at Blogger, you need to first get an account at the service or use an existing Google account. You should see an email from Google asking you to verify the newly created account - click on the appropriate link.
Many big name bloggers use it but what sold me was the ease at adding plugins to make things happen that would normally take coding and the headaches involved with that for us non computer geeks.
Please just keep in mind that all images and text on this site are property of Flower Patch Farmhouse, unless otherwise stated and regardless of whether photos are watermarked or not. I have started a  blog on google last year october 2011 and now I have 4 blogs on Google. If you looking for more usage on internet , you can do it by having a internet connection at home.Watch out for some cheap plans but reliable connection. It’s been my go-to tool for creating blog and social media images for a long time now. And with many free blog services that have mushroomed, this segment of the internet has grown exponentially.
Thus, if you already have a Gmail email account, use the same username and password to sign in and jump straight to how to create a blog web site page for detailed instructions and screenshots.
Feel free to use one photo provided that the photo links back to my original post and a text link noting it is by Flower Patch Farmhouse directly above or below photo. These have stood the test of time (at least until Saturday, May 16, 2015) and are the easiest to use.
In this article I shall be providing instructions on how you can make a blog web site for free using one of the best services - Google's Blogger. Please do not remove any watermarks, crop, or edit any of my images without first obtaining written permission from me. I've also included screenshots so that you can follow the directions easily and get an online presence quickly. Keep an eye on the password strength bar and make sure it's not something people can guess outright and, at the same time, it's not so complex that even you are not able to recall later on.
The process is almost over - try to decipher the wavy security text and enter it in the field below.

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