Macromedia Flash has a library that has many control buttons, check boxes and other tools that are used extensively in a program. Macromedia Flash has very comprehensive help and tutorials that can be useful in understanding the tool. On a conclusive note we can say that Macromedia Flash is a great tool that can be used for making animation and web contents. Listed below are some of the features which you will experience after Macromedia Flash 8 Free Download. Before you start Macromedia Flash player free download, make sure your system meets the minimum system requirements. Macromedia Flash 8 offers the most complete set of tools for authoring accessible rich media applications.
With Macromedia Flash Player 8, the first rich media player to make rich media accessible to people with disabilities is now enhanced to make the best experience on the web even better.
Macromedia Flash Player 8 has integrated support for Microsoft Active Accessibility (MSAA). Designers and developers can provide accessibility information in Macromedia Flash 8 using either the Accessibility panel or ActionScript. The Accessibility panel in Macromedia Flash 8 also offers designers and developers control over the accessibility of individual elements or even a group of elements.
All of the information that is assigned using the Accessibility Panel may also be assigned via ActionScript.

The Macromedia Accessibility Resource Center provides a number of documents offering tips and techniques to designers and developers seeking to create accessible Macromedia Flash content. Develop awesome flash material in Macromedia Flash 8 development kit and enjoy power of flash. Experts can write the action script of any program they want to make using this great tool.
It has a motion tweening feature by which you can make an object to move on the path you have defined. Novice can take advantage from  the step by step help and tutorials and can make some creative stuff. With an array of new features in the authoring tool and Macromedia Flash Player 8 and new and updated support resources at the Macromedia Accessibility Resource Center, designers and developers are now able to make the best experience on the web available to everyone. Using Macromedia Flash Player 8, people with visual disabilities may now access the web using either Window-Eyes from GW Micro or JAWS from Freedom Scientific.
MSAA serves as a bridge between Macromedia Flash Player 8 and screen access technologies such as the Window-Eyes screen reader from GW Micro. The Accessibility panel allows text equivalents to be specified for elements of Macromedia Flash movies.
Using the Make Object Accessible and Make Child Objects Accessible options, designers and developers are able to hide individual elements that present no content. Visit the Accessibility Resource Center to find information on adding text equivalents in Macromedia Flash, working with buttons, accessibility hints, adding animation, Frequently Asked Questions, ActionScript and accessibility, and captioning in Macromedia Flash 8.

On the timeline you can specify the initial position and than after giving path and defining final position you can specify the final position on the timeline.
With new support for scripting and a powerful new set of accessible components, as well as a host of new support materials from the Macromedia Accessibility Resource Center,designers and developers can create accessible rich media in ways never before possible. Macromedia Flash Player 8 allows designers and developers to script this information and update it as the content changesa€”thus allowing for accessibility in more flexible and powerful applications. Shown below, the Accessibility panel allows designers and developers to specify a brief descriptive text equivalent in the name field. In addition, designers and developers may specify a single text equivalent for a group of elements when it is the relationship among the elements, and not their individual identities, that is significant. This site will be updated with new tools and information to support accessible design in Macromedia Flash 8. In the middle of the interface there is a large working area in which you can design whatever you want.
For example, in an animation of the solar system, a single text equivalent describing the movement of the planets may be more appropriate than individual elements for each planet.
After finishing the task you can test the movie and can see how the object is moving on the given path.

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