Whether you are in a quiet waiting room or a bustling restaurant, people around are mostly glued to their cell phones. Within the next five years, “More users will connect to the internet over mobile devices than desktop PCs,” says Morgan Stanley’s analyst Mary Meeker.
With growing number of consumers browsing through web pages using their smart phones, it’s crucial for you to make your website accessible to these potential customers.
It is very scary how technology is changing our lives and creeping into every aspect of it.So do we need to make our sites mobile friendly?

One of them works best for people using a Content Management System (CMS) such as WordPress and the other works best for people with their own custom website platform (or a unsupported CMS).Create A Mobile Website Using A Theme Or PluginMany major CMSes offer one or more themes or plugins which help you quickly create a mobile version of your existing website. These work in two different ways.The first set of themes creates a version of your website using standard HTML which can be viewed easily on modern mobile phones and tablets. This theme will usually override your existing theme, so you should make sure you like the theme before making it your new default.The other set of themes can only regularly be viewed by mobile devices. They won’t override your existing theme, but they probably will look quite different than your main theme, which can be a problem if you’re trying to brand your site.Many of these second category of themes also require a plugin to let you manage different sets of themes for different sets of devices.

Basically all other themes can be considered obsolete… Unfortunately though, because there are some really nice ones around.

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