0Share on Pinterest0100As you all know, Facebook is currently the top social networking site and is one of the most visited sites online.
You spend time on Facebook daily but have you ever thought about creating your own site like Facebook?
What If i say, You can create your own Social Networking site Like Facebook for free and that too without having any programming language? Database Name: If you want to change the name of Database, type the name of your desired Database.
Admin Account: Choose an Admin username, Password, First Name, Last Name, Birth Date, Gender and Admin Email.
After the completion of Installation, you would be able to access your site and it will have almost all features of Modern Facebook. I have seen so many Free Social Networking Site Scripts which claims to provide all features of Facebook. After the success of the Social Networking Site like Facebook, MySpace etc, many of them started or starting new Social Networking Sites on their own areas. On this post, I would like to discuss the steps to create our own Social Networking Site like Facebook or MySpace. Next is to choose the Development method for your Website which is either Opensource or Custom Development.
Many paid packages available on net which provides the basic features of a Social Networking Website.

Development Progress – Whether they report you and shows the Progress while developing the site. As a general, we are an expert team in developing a Social Networking Website from Scratch. On PHP-MySQL platform, there are many Opensource packages available which helps to create your Social Networking Website within few minutes.
This is the exact Create a Social Networking Site like Facebook blog for anyone who wants to assay out out near this subject. In India, People spend a lot of time on Facebook chatting with friends and posting updates. If you are serious about your Social Networking site, Buy Linux Hosting from top hosting companies like- Hostgator, Bluehost, Dreamhost etc.
Out of all, I recommend you to use Open Source Social Network because it’s interface and other features looks similar to Facebook. To start any Website, we need to do some basic steps like Register and Own a Domain Name, Choose the Website Category, choose the language which you plan to develop etc. PHP is widely used and there are many resources, comparatively low in development, so we can go with PHP-MySQL platform for development. Custom Development may need more time & thus the cost is comparatively higher than Opensource development. We can extend the package by purchasing Modules or Plugins which provides more functionality.

You can contact us from here, with the features you are planning on the site and our team will help you to implement the idea on the web. While choosing a specific Opensource package, you need to consider all points I mentioned above as part of a Paid Package except the price.
You asking so some its virtually tiring to reason with you (not that I rattling would want…HaHa). In this tutorial, I will explain all steps which are required to create your own Facebook like site. Here also one need to find an expert in developing your site, I prefer one who developed or knows the concepts of a Social Networking Website.
It means, You can create your own Social Networking site like Facebook without having any programming knowledge and that too in 2 minutes for free.
The second option needs an experienced developer on that package, otherwise the cost of the development will be high. A social network in a box, build a social network for your company, a website like Facebook, school, sports team or niche community.

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