Now when you open your file from your file system (click thumbnail below for screen print), it should open in your web browser (click 2nd thumbnail below for screen print). This post was written by MistyKhan and published on July 1, 2010 in the following categories: Excel, How-To's. The text that comes after the address is what appears on your web page and what you click on when viewing it in a browser.5.
ParagraphsYou are now ready to add text to the HTML document, just as you would any conventional document.

Sometimes you'll want to place some text on a line by itself, without including extra white spaces above it, thus creating a line break. What you place within the quotes of the alt="" is the alternative text that will be displayed if the image doesn't appear. This folder is where all of your web documents must be placed for them to show on the Internet.
If you have an older version (or none at all) please call x2001 and we can upgrade or install the software for you.1.

This should bring up the login window:Now you need to type in your username, password, and context if they are not already there. If you are faculty or staff, then click on World then CWU_TREE then CWU and finally Acad and scroll all the way to the bottom where you will find ZEUS_WWW.

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