No one will come to like your page if you don’t promote is yourself since there are 50,000+ Facebook fan pages on Internet so people hardly feel it necessary to search for fan pages manually and get engaged with it. Today by this tutorial i will show you all how to create a Facebook Fangate with Woobox and run simple contest to get more likes to your Facebook fan page. Here you have to custom tab content for your HTML Fangate, basically it has two options to show to Fans who already liked on your page and non fans who can’t see content on your page without liking. Page source of Fangate has four different ways to configure, it depends upto you about what kind of content you will show your visitors that they want to see or get any special offers, freebies, coupon codes or anything interesting stuff. You can also make this tab visible on your Facebook page timeline by simply drag this tab on above and keep within four tabs, so it can be visible always. ABOUT USThe Wild Blogger is a free resource of tutorials for content marketing system WordPress, Blogger and other CMS software.
Wiki is a collaborative website with integrated tools that allow users to freely edit and add content. Wiki with its simplest user interface and greatest applications and features is being used a lot in the field of education.
Creating and editing Wikis need no programming knowledge, even non-technical users can contribute their thoughts to the world. Wikis can be used for pre as well as post lesson activities, online resource supply, assignments, results and collaboration with students and parents.
Wikispaces is designed to be usable for everyone, everywhere and at any time just with a Web browser and an Internet connection.
Wetpaint provides educators with the best aspects of blogs, message boards, social networking, and other collaborative technology tools to advance classroom activities. HOW-TO GEEK BOOKSRead our first book, the HTG Guide to Windows 8, or check our upcoming books.
Enter your email below to get exclusive access to our best articles and tips before everybody else. Wikis are a great way to communicate and work on a project with other people, but hosting your own wiki can be complicated to work with. Note: naturally this post is meant for beginners, so the more advanced users should probably skip this one.
Google gives us the option to publicly share our wiki or share the wiki with a group of people that we are working with. Google Sites is tightly integrated with other Google products such as Picasa, Spreadsheet, Document, Presentation, etc.

The great thing about Google Sites is that we can put our Google documents (spreadsheet, presentation) or Picasa photo album into any sites that we create in Google Sites.
Zainul spends his time trying to make technology more productive, whether it’s Microsoft Office applications, or learning to use web applications to save time. I think that Blogger is the best place for hosting a web site as they have tools to make your blog look like a professional website. DID YOU KNOW?Outside of the US and UK markets, Dora the Explorer instructs children in the use of English (not Spanish as she is well known for in the aforementioned markets).
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Facebook fan page is most popular place to grow a site’s audiences, branding and making sales double.
You have to make your page more useful with high quality posts and target it for audience on Facebook. This is one the active ways to get Facebook likes which both small and big publishers can perform. If you want to create any dynamic page to grab more attention of your fans by creating any awesome template then you can use this option.
It enables members to create pages and spaces without undue restrictions or rules and guests to modify them without the need for registration. It should take around 10 minutes to 1 hour to draw a PPG, depending on how detailed you make it and how much effort you put in. Select “Share this site” from the more actions dropdown and enter the email address(s) of collaborators you want to add. It has a user friendly interface that allows us to create visually appealing and easy to use Wiki, just take a look at this Wiki site. If you put insert Google document into your Site, does it show the document content (& update that as the document is updated) or does it just link to the Google Doc?
Does inserting a Google document use up some of your Site space allocation (100Mb I think)? And you can also buy a domain through Blogger and Google for as little as 7 US Dollers abour 6 English pounds a year to host on your own domain. Can i know if I can make the site public at large, I mean can anyone post or add or correct things with any email they wanna log in with like in Wiki? Getting likes to your Facebook brand page is a must if you really want to grow up a business and wanna make perpetual income online.

Wikispaces’ visual editor lets users see the layout and design of their page while you're editing it, this feature helps non-technical users create and manage content with ease. Educators can make a classroom without boundaries by using Wikis that allow any student to edit and modify content. Educators can make course work and homework information  easily available to both students and parents. PPGs are pretty easy to draw, considering they aren't very time consuming and can be drawn with a mouse. But I think if you want to create a wiki the best place is Wikispaces,where I have several wikis. Google Sites offers 10 GB of extra storage – you can add file attachments to web pages or embed rich content from other Google applications like YouTube videos, Google Docs, Presentations, iGoogle gadgets and Picasa Photo slideshows. But it’s not easy to drive countless likes to any specific Fan page unless you take proper actions.
With Wikispaces, educators can save their time by keeping all online resources in one place. It also provides users with widgets to add third party applications like YouTube videos and Google calendar. Templates are designed with teachers in mind, it enables educators to quickly create unlimited pages for free.
They give you a lot of choice unlike some where like Wikopidia which will not let you link to any websites or upload photos. Engage students by starting discussions, ask them to give feedback through comments, give them assignments, etc. But Wikispaces lets you do pretty much what you want and you can add pages from your blog or website,add images and PDF files if you want to.Andrea Borman. Google Sites have templates so you can give a more consistent look to all your website pages.
He loves building web apps and has also written for the Wall Street Journal & Lifehacker.

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