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Continuing the short series on working with columns in Word, here’s how to create a column layout in Word. To turn an entire document into columns in Word 2007 and 2010 click the Page Layout tab and select Columns > Two. To undo the change and set your document back to one column in effectively undoing the two columns, repeat the process.

If you want only part of a document to be in columns then select that part of the document first.
This will make just the selected text into columns, leaving everything else full width of the page.
So, that’s how to make text in columns in Word, how to delete columns and how to make only part of a document into columns.
Here you'll find handy hints, tips, tricks, techniques and tutorials on using software as diverse as Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Outlook, Access and Publisher from Microsoft and other applications that I love. For example, you may select all the content after the heading, leaving the heading unselected so it will be full width of the page.

The trouble I’m having at this point is that I want the columns to continue on the next page. The default for any document is one column so all you’re doing is going back to the default.
With that content selected, choose Page Layout > Columns and then select the number of columns.

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