You know how everybody always tells you that having a website for mobile devices is very important for your business because it improves users’ experience, it gets you more visitors and more brand awareness? Resize the images to improve the loading speed; large pictures will slow down the page and users will become frustrated if they have to wait to visualize them. The expensive way is hiring a designer and an IT developer for them to create your mobile website without you having to worry about a thing. Nevertheless, there’s an obvious problem that comes along the popularization of smartphones. Onbile is a DIY editor that allows users to create a free mobile website, which is ideal for personal pages or projects which do not mind having advertising on their mobile websites. Why can’t companies understand that mobile websites should be clean and load fast, like eBay or Asos?
More and more people are starting to access the internet from their mobile phone, and analyst Morgan Stanley estimates that if smartphone sales continue at their current pace, then the number of users accessing the internet on a phone will exceed desktop internet users by 2015.
Get the best tech deals, reviews, product advice, competitions, unmissable tech news and more! TechRadar is part of Future plc, an international media group and leading digital publisher. Everybody knows that mobile internet connection isn’t as fast as fixed connection, but that’s no reason to make users wait more than 5 seconds to load your website. When shopping on mobile devices, images are much more important than text and you don’t want to have users scroll through pages and pages of information just to get to the shopping cart button. There are suitable resolutions for the images, a good option would be 72 dots per inch; moreover, with the HTML editors, image can be adapted in terms of height and width. Users access the information using their smartphones by touching the screen, so every element must be big enough to tap it easily. The interface of a mobile website must be simple in order to reduce the quantity of elements and its loading time. There are several servers which can help you to know how optimized your theme when you start to develop it.
It is the fact that most web pages aren’t coded for, and hence simply incompatible with such devices.
While most smartphones can access the internet the experience they get is less than perfect, as most websites just aren't designed for mobile phones.
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Using unnecessary elements, like Flash, will only make your page slower and in Apple devices it won’t even work, so think twice.
A good solution is the use of bottoms since they are big enough to touch them and don’t require as much concentration on the screen as text links. In addition, this design must be created in order to can be visualized in all the browsers.
If your company is in need of a good and cheap mobile website, the perfect solution for you is an agency which offers DIY editors, like Onbile.
If you have not yet registered for your own website domain and subscribed to a web hosting plan, you are advised to take a look at the How to Create A Website Guide first. After implementing this responsive image technology, your responsive website will look perfect in all mobile devices.
Keeping up to date, being innovative and creative are maybe the main keys for success in business.

Less images and appropriate weight will also help your website to load faster, so choose wisely. Try to write only the information need to draw the client’s attention and not to have many pages with unnecessary texts. They should be place at the top of the page or on the easily accessible zones using the thumb. Tricks of Every WordPress Professional Developers Upon successful installation of the WordPress, you will be able to see immediately a website at your own domain.
If you have not implemented a responsive WordPress theme, you are advised to read How to Create A Website For Mobile Devices The Lazy Way [Part 1] for the step by step instructions. All the steps involved will be covered in details so that you will gain a complete view of the process involved in creating a website and blog on your own. The user sometimes also has to download plug-ins to visualize those elements and may not visualize the content since Flash is not compatible with some mobile devices. Having to zoom in to click on links followed by zooming out to see the pictures is pretty annoying too. How to Create A Website With Security in Mind What is Website Security and Why is Security Essential? The Automatic Way to Reduce Image Sizes for Mobile Devices Why Reducing the Image Sizes is Important? You can make your own website in four simple steps: Choose a domain Set up a website host Install the website software – WordPress Website design with themes and write posts Create Your Own Website Now How to Rank Well in Search Engines Guide Why ranking high in search engines is important for your website? At the end of this guide, you will have a built a professional looking website similar to the ones below. That’s why creating a single column website that is easily displayed on mobile devices, whichever their screen width, must be your number one criteria.
For instance, when people look for information using their smartphones it will be related to the localization or the contact number. Website security is concerned about allowing only authorized access to your website while identifying and blocking unauthorized access that might bring about harmful changes or leakage of information.
Website speed matters a lot, especially when people are viewing your website from mobile devices on cellular data. Create Your Own Website Now The Mobile Friendly Website Guide Why is it important to make sure your website looks great in mobile devices?
More than 80% of people will try to find what they want using search engines, in particular Google which accounts for the lion’s share at around 80%. In addition, using cascading style sheets will also help you to optimize the loading speed of your mobile website, since the content on it is divided from the interface, and files are lighter. However, if they look for information using their desktop computers, it will be related to other aspects.
For most businesses the latter option is best, it allows you to dip your toe in the water, and if it works then you can then move to a site that has a mobile strategy at its core.The quickest way to construct a mobile site is to look at one of the many online mobile portal tools. There are 4 simple steps to take to make right the 4 issues as indicated in the following screen capture: Change the default Site Title and Tagline Remove the placeholder Post and Comment Remove the placeholder Page Make the URL address readable You will need to perform the following actions in the Admin Area of WordPress. Researches have found that if your website does not load in 5 seconds, 90% of visitors on mobile devices would leave the website.
Repeated studies have also shown that if your website can rank number 1 for a particular keyword, you will get more than 33% of all visitors searching for that keyword. Tips: if you want to create a website now, you are advised to read the condensed How to Create A Website Guide here.
These services allow you to create mobile sites in just a few minutes or a few hours or little cost.

From How to Create A Website For Mobile Devices The Lazy Way [Part 1], you understand mobile viewing is gaining importance over the past few years and soon more people will view your website from mobile devices than from desktop computers. Many even predict that mobile devices would soon replace the desktop computers and notebooks. It is very scary how technology is changing our lives and creeping into every aspect of it.So do we need to make our sites mobile friendly? The sites you build are either created from a selection of pre-defined mobile templates, or they allow you to create new mobile templates using drag and drop features. Losing mobile visitors will mean losing more than half of the prospective visitors to your site! Soon there will be the time when more people will visit your website from mobile devices than from traditional desktop computers. One of them works best for people using a Content Management System (CMS) such as WordPress and the other works best for people with their own custom website platform (or a unsupported CMS).Create A Mobile Website Using A Theme Or PluginMany major CMSes offer one or more themes or plugins which help you quickly create a mobile version of your existing website. With most of the mobile portal building sites, you create a basic mobile site either by specifying the functions you want or, in some cases, you drag and drop the features you want on to a dummy mobile screen. Ranking number 1 for this keyword alone will bring in around 66,330 visitors to your website! These work in two different ways.The first set of themes creates a version of your website using standard HTML which can be viewed easily on modern mobile phones and tablets. This theme will usually override your existing theme, so you should make sure you like the theme before making it your new default.The other set of themes can only regularly be viewed by mobile devices. With Wapple you can create very sophisticated mobile websites and have them up and running very quickly.
Normally, the images on the webpages are tailored for viewing on large screens (such as desktop monitors) which are much larger than required on small mobile screens. From 2013, more people access the Internet through mobile devices than desktop computers as a whole. They won’t override your existing theme, but they probably will look quite different than your main theme, which can be a problem if you’re trying to brand your site.Many of these second category of themes also require a plugin to let you manage different sets of themes for different sets of devices. There are two ways to develop with Wapple, you can either use the simple drag-and-drop controls which will get you a workable and well-designed site in less than 30 minutes.
The number of users around the world using smartphones (mobile phones with touch capabilities that can display websites) is estimated to top 2 billion in 2015 (according to a Bloomberg report). Or you can drill-down and tweak every element of a page and produce something very sophisticated. Website traffic from mobile devices is increasing at a rate of 3.5% month over month (according to Televox). Features include widgets to do site search, add Google News and Sitemap, as well as creating click-to-call features, ecommerce features include the ability to accept Google checkout, PayPal or Bango payments, and design features include photo galleries through to adding audio and video clips. Built into MobilePress is the ability to track your mobile sites analytics and serve ads from some of the biggest mobile ad networks such as Admob, Quattro Wireless, Buzzcity and InMobi. Basically all other themes can be considered obsolete… Unfortunately though, because there are some really nice ones around.

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