If this is you and you’ve found yourself recently divorced and back on the dating scene, here are some tips from relationship expert Aaron Anderson to get yourself back out there and find a new love of your life. On Thursday, we asked our readers on Facebook and Twitter to share with us how they knew they were ready to date again after divorce.
Click through the slides below to see what our readers had to say, then head to the comments and tell us if there was a moment you knew you were ready to date again.
Danica McKellar stopped by ABC News on Thursday to promote her new math book, "Girls Get Curves," and to dish on her personal life. The actress and mathematician, best known for playing ultimate girl next door Winner Cooper on "The Wonder Years," talked to ABC News about how she is adjusting to life after divorce.
And even though she may not be ready for a romantic relationship just yet, she does have one leading man in her life that she couldn't help but rave about -- her son Draco. McKellar has been keeping busy since the split was finalized; she recently filmed a music video with Avril Lavigne and has been spotted filming her new movie, "The Wrong Woman," in Los Angeles. Click through the slideshow below to see what other celebs have said about dating after divorce.
Peter Facinelli filed for divorce from Jennie Garth in March 2012, after 11 years of marriage and three children together. Anne MacDonald is wrapping up the divorce process after two years of back-and-forth with her ex -- but that doesn't mean she's ready to start dating again. There's one thing I've repeated to myself during this whole challenging process: This is my life now and I have to keep living it. As for parenting, I had to start thinking of the man I thought I would raise my children with under one roof as a business partner.

The reality is, losing a marriage is like grieving a death but the person is still standing right there in front of you. I choose to be alone (and at times, lonely), but in that, I'm finding who I am again -- the person who exists outside of a 14-year marriage. Dating can be difficult for most people, but it can be especially difficult for those re-entering the scene after experiencing divorce. Fears and insecurities are normal: Know that every person in your shoes has felt the same way. After having your heart broken, putting yourself out there again can be a risky proposition -- and the stakes are even higher if you have children. While some said they waited until the kids were grown before they pursued someone new, others said they jumped back into the dating scene right away.
In November 2012, the former "90210" actress sat down with Jeff Probst to discuss her newly single status.
I vividly remember thinking to myself, "This wasn't in my plans, how could this happen to me?" I had invested 14 years of of my life into that relationship and it was all gone.
How would I manage my finances, figure out where to move and take on the husbandly honey-do tasks I never had to do before?
We're at risk of throwing ourselves into loving the first decent man that comes our way. In order to get yourself back out there you need to let go of those hard feelings and regain confidence in yourself and in relationships again. It was unnerving at times but then I asked myself, does anyone really know how to do this right?

For me, rushing into a new relationship would have only masked the pain and been a short-term fix.
The pain and despair has challenged me but it's also turned me into a much stronger person.
The grief would still be there, just waiting to find a way to show itself and that would hardly be fair to someone new in my life.
This is a great way not only to get over your divorce but to improve yourself so you have more to offer others in the dating world. I'm navigating it the best I can while drawing on the strength of other people going through this. Relationships require vulnerability; when your heart has been shattered, it's that much harder to open it up to someone new. Time goes by, people change and the man you thought you'd be with forever walks out the door and leaves you all on your own. Others were sympathetic and encouraged me to move forward with my life but really, I had no other choice. Being yourself and being confident about it will ensure that you find someone who is crazy about you.
And when you find someone who is crazy about you, sparks will fly and your relationship will be off to a great start.

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