Simply because large corporations spend tens of thousands of Euros on these tiresome company presentations does not mean that you have to follow suit!
After all, the point of the meeting is to determine whether you can help him solve his problems! When meeting with suppliers and partners you should also only present your company briefly.
Do not waste time, but get to work on the important topics that you need to spend time on together.
When you are asked to present your company for an official event or as part of a competition you should never use a canned presentation! When presenting your company during an official event, do not start by talking about yourself or your company. Only now demonstrate briefly and concisely how your services or your product solves this problem. The best way to improve how you deliver a speech or presentation is to practice it out loud. The most effective way to rehearse a speech or presentation is to talk it through not in your mind, but out loud. Practicing your speech out loud—actually saying the words, not just having an internal conversation—forces you to explicitly explain and develop your reasoning, your logic, your message. Stand up and speak your presentation in a setting that is similar to the one where you’ll be presenting. If you can rehearse your talk using all three steps, you’ll be a much more confident and professional presenter. How do people talk about you or your company to their colleagues after your pitch or presentation? Providing a succinct and memorable takeaway that sums up your value proposition or key message will help clients to form a distinct image of you and your company in their mind. This enables them to understand and talk about you to others in the way you want to be spoken about. While the takeaway you need probably won’t be as dramatic as these, it should still be as clear and effective in creating a powerful, concrete and long-lasting impression.
If you’re struggling to create the simple, clear and brief messages that will enable you to pass the Takeaway Test, then speak to us; perhaps you need one of our famous Messaging Cracker Sessions? Our knowledge of the financial, PR and private equity sectors combined with our expertise in crafting narratives and coaching for persuasive pitches ensures we deliver fast, effective results. A CEO can easily shoot to fame for all the wrong reasons when a bad media interview goes viral.
For 10 years the team at Benjamin Ball Associates have been helping executives to Pitch, Present and Persuade. This influence of emotions also percolates into how large companies choose to partner with smaller companies or startups.
Now that I work with a large corporation that relies on many smaller companies to perform their work, I get to sit on the other side of the table. The idea that emotional needs of clients should be addressed exposes a gap in the corporate thinking of many smaller companies. When large corporations are evaluating potential vendors for their projects, they will lean towards the small company that feels right if the technical hurdles have been met.
Every company, through their actions, presentations, people and personality, evokes certain emotions in their clients.

Unlike the Vision Statement or Mission Statement, a successful Emotion Statement is by definition outward looking and, to some extent, client specific. Crafting a good Emotion Statement takes time and effort, but it also requires companies to look outward. Once a startup or small company has developed an Emotion Statement, all interactions should be aligned to evoke the emotions laid out in the Emotion Statement. Engagements provide avenues for companies to seek feedback on the emotions they evoke in their clients. If you feel that your startup or small company is good but unable to win the big contracts, maybe your company needs a good Emotion Statement.
The Web Africa Marketing team got together over the last week and drew up an awesome presentation for the company. Noted that it doesn’t explain everything, but thought it had some pretty cool images in there! The issues that are important for the suppliers and partners will be talked about during the technical discussion anyway.
It is therefore much more effective to refer to the website or to hand out a company brochure. This allows you to make an interesting presentation without boring self-promotion and will also position your company as a problem solver. If you can only practice the first two steps, you’ll still be better prepared than most presenters. When directors and producers pitch new film ideas to studio executives, they often condense complex plots into a handful of words. Please download the latest version of the Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, or Windows Internet Explorer browser. Some, like Sir Richard Branson, admit to this openly when they say, "I rely far more on gut instinct than researching huge amounts of statistics." Others claim great pride in quantitative assessments behind their decisions, but are just running away from the unquestionable influence of emotions on corporate decisions.
Early in my career, I worked for smaller companies that looked to large corporations for projects.
Though these companies spend enormous amounts of time crafting Vision Statements and Mission Statements, they may not realize the impact their Emotion Statement has on their clients. For example, a large corporation delivering a technically challenging project would rather work with people they feel can bounce back when things go wrong, and have the courage to give them bad news early and not sweep it under the carpet, hoping that it will go away. This feeling, which is a combination of the many things including company profile and culture, becomes a key differentiator for small companies and startups if it fulfills the emotional needs of larger corporations.
It requires an understanding of felt emotions in others so as to identify the correct behaviors in ourselves. Small companies and startups need to understand their business landscape, the needs of their potential clients, research their prior experiences and sometimes make suppositions about their fears and inhibitions. Small companies and startups should spend considerable effort to understand their potential clients.
This begins with the company brochures -- their feel and content but also their color -- to company personnel and associations and even company presentations. Companies should ask specific questions related how their clients feel after engagements and compare them with the Emotion Statement that they have crafted.
But the more thoroughly you know it, the less you’ll have to refer to your notes or look at your slides, and the more you’ll be able to engage your audience. He works as a speech and presentations consultant, an executive speech coach, and an orals coach.

Chosen well, these can be evocative enough to bring to mind a clear concept, which is easily shared and understood. The fact is that corporate leaders -- and the corporations they lead -- rely more on feelings than the data in front of them to make decisions.
I witnessed firsthand the excitement and confusion in these companies before high-stake engagements.
Surprisingly many companies fail to grasp, or do not want to admit, that their competitors also fulfill the technical threshold required for most projects. Simply saying, "We don't have an Emotion Statement," is not adequate because, planned or not, a small company makes an Emotion Statement every time they engage with these large corporations. Very few small companies have thought through and developed an Emotion Statement, which is a statement of how they want their (potential) clients to feel when they work or engage with them.
It requires startups and small companies to understand the emotional needs of their potential client base and tailor their interaction with these potential clients to address those emotional needs. All this is not easy but the following three step process can help small companies craft a good Emotion Statement. They need to put themselves in the shoes of their clients to ask the question, "How do I need to feel when I meet a possible contractor for me to want to work with them?" By understanding the emotional needs of their clients and the current environment, a company can develop a list of emotions or feelings that they need to evoke during engagements with potential clients.
Other aspects, like the kind of projects the company chooses to undertake, the type of people it hires and the office decor should, as much as possible, align with the Emotion Statement of the company. Companies can then change behavior or develop a different engagement strategy if there is disparity between the evoked emotions and the Emotion Statement.
He wants to waste no time getting to the most important point – and this point is not your company but his own problems instead. If you can’t remember the main points of your presentation in order without checking your notes, how do you expect your audience to remember? Clients tell us we stand out because they get expert advice, practical help and fast results. Provided commercial implications are similar, companies that are considered for partnerships fulfill emotional needs of these large corporations.
Successful engagements occur when the Emotion Statement of a small company is suited to fill the emotional needs of the large corporations.
Finally, it requires small companies to be flexible and aware of their marketplace, tweaking their Emotion Statement to address local and global moods that affect the emotional needs of their clients. And you’ve created audio-visuals to help illustrate, explain, and substantiate your main points. So when you practice it in your mind, it makes sense to you because your mind fills in gaps. An Emotion Statement is much more dynamic and alive than either the Mission or Vision Statement.
These are only some of the many questions that swirl around, with no definite strategy to guide the answers.

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