The layout and flow of text across the display board is vital in getting the information across in a meaningful way.
Follow these simple guidelines and take careful note of the bad examples we've laid out for you. Everything has a habit to return, and gif animations that for a long time lost its dominance, popularity and utility among developers has taken a fighting stance nowadays. So by a nice irony, our toolkit of presentation instruments has been recently replenished with a new tool, which actually all this time was nearby.
Today we have compiled a fresh collection of animated gifs that pleasantly show work flows of various mobile applications. First shot in Chapps by Dmitriy Chuta – Here you can enjoy the whole beauty of a fully animated set of photo cards with various professionals. App concept by Bastien Leprince – Here the primary focus of attention is on the dragging filters that are built into a map widget.
FaceScan app concept by George Frigo – Although the animation lasts only 12 seconds it is quite sufficient to clearly express a main idea of the app. WIP Discover Music app by Alexander van Ravestyn – As the nameplate implies, the designer wants to direct users’ attention towards the process of navigating through the multimedia content, which quite predictably ends up on a well-crafted screen with a music player. Speedcam app animation by Jakub Antalik – The designer does a great job of presenting its app in action. Workflow Payment by Barthelemy Chalvet – The team exhibits several gifs dedicated to its new app. Dashag Tour by Barthelemy Chalvet – Here the team has displayed only a small gif that is aimed to remind others about their previous project. Gif Animation by Sergey Valiukh – This topnotch screen with pleasant and carefully-crafted transition animations uncovers a small process of navigating through a basic map widget and a main menu.

Walkthrough Animation by Devin Ruppert – The gif points out a welcome screen that has a slider with several dynamic slides and panel with login buttons. Interaction overview by Mihnea Zamfir – This is a quite short yet effective animation that was originally created to walk a client through a simple process of adding and deleting items from the card directory. Delete task and assign task to your teammate in action by Tobs – The gif is aimed to demonstrate a standard swipe technique in action that effectively contributes to the whole aesthetics and makes the app look alive, modern and alluring. Team Messages by Jan Losert – The team has provided its readers with an extensive explanatory material that is intended to reveal not only static screenshots with descriptions but also video and a huge gif animation that shows how the app will be actually working. Menu interaction GIF by Ben Dunn – Here the animated gif serves as a tool for displaying a whole beauty of a basic menu in action that elegantly slides out from the left side and presents all necessary links. My First UI Animation by Dennis Terrey – The gif tries to exemplify how a basic slide menu can look clean, stylish and subtle. Those who want to try their hands on such sort of presentations we have also included several freebies with gif animations that can be easily disassembled into components. I would love to see a tutorial on the process of making one of these ridiculously fabulous GIFs. This Collection is Great, but I’m missing a discussion about the gif format vs alternatives like keynote, avi etc. Remember, all the sections may not conform to the same height, but they can easily be made the same width. Although it is still the same array of images that are consistently shown, yet there are no more rough plain transitions between frames that in the good old days recreated a sense of a quite abrupt video with lack of quality. All we know how it can be difficult, irritatingly and time-consuming sometimes to explain to clients or end-users how the app will look like in the end; and no spectacular screenshots of topnotch, beautifully-crafted user interface designs together with extensive descriptions and effects “shown on the fingers” won’t do the trick. The gif reveals a lovely approach of alternative and visually pleasing searching process through a database.

All the presented functional screens and widgets perfectly interact with each other, providing users with a smooth work flow. For those who want to take a glance at the full version the UI designer also provides an avi file. The one that is presented below establishes a focal point on the payment process that looks quite neat and handy.
If you want to thoroughly familiarize yourself with the app you can visit theirs official website that includes a massive gif animation that reveals almost all functional screens.
Everything is brought to life in order to effectively showcase what you can expect from this app. Gifs that can be used as short explanatory animations can efficiently reveal work flows for better understanding of what is going on. I’ve noticed the use of gifs lately for showing off new features, which is a lot more effective at conveying the nature of whatever the new thing is, as well as more enticing for the reader to click through and read more. At the moment gifs can be effectively populated with various eye-catching effects and smooth transitions that give the final animation a sleek and sophisticated appearance. The area of animation is very new, and exciting, for a lot of web developers and designers that have been used to more static design, and now that the browser support and tools have improved, the future is bright.

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