Just like you keep under tabs your car oil and fuel levels to avoid frustrating problems, in the same way you need to keep under check your own web site and of all the specific performance, load and speed indicators which can indicate whether your site is performing and serving your content in the best and most efficient way or not. In this guide, MasterNewMedia tech director Drazen Dobrovodski, explores most underrated aspects of website monitoring and testing. Find out how to troubleshoot potential web site performance threats such as bandwidth loss, potential server downtimes, or sudden web traffic drops. This guide can be read and understood by non-technical people, and it is in fact prepared for those who need to coordinate website supervision tasks as well as for those who will actually perform them. If you want to find out how to best test and monitor your web site performance, speed and reliability, this MasterNewMedia guide has all of what you need to know.
If you have a web site, no matter how big or small, you need to keep an eye on several important performance indicators in order to keep it functioning as expected. Whether your web site is just an amateur blog with grandma's cooking recipes or a major shopping site, everyone wants to know how many visitors they had. Other points like difference between traffic monitors and log file analyzers are less taken care of. However, the interaction between different web server contents, settings and performance is a point that is not so frequently discussed. In this guide I will try to shed some light on all corners of web site monitoring, both for professional and rarely-visited web sites. Today it is hard to find a web hosting provider that doesn't boast with 99% or better uptime.
Even if you have an amateur blog this is a point of concern, but if you have a professional web site - where downtime means money - then it is crucial to have a reliable way to monitor your web site. However, a web site owner needs to keep in mind that there is also a very big "gray area" when it comes to web site availability.
Just about everyone experienced the situation when you click on some URL from someone's tweet or similar and it is opening very slowly. Then you think: "Oh, never mind, I'll just come back later" and you just go somewhere else. The question is: "How many other visitors never came back because the site was opening too slowly?" A slow site can lose a lot of visitors. You should also be aware that a web site will not load equally fast from all geographic locations. All those web servers from the list are the machines that stand between you and the web site where you clicked the button. The further the geographic location of the web server is from the visitor, the more machines will the code of the pages have to pass on the way to your visitor. That is why you need to know what is your target audience and then test how your web site looks from their location. Ping: a function that allows you to test if a particular IP address (or web site) exists and can accept requests. Traceroute: a function that - just as the name suggests - traces a route that your request takes through the web servers to reach the IP address (or web site) that you requested.
These two types of services will help you to check the response speed of your web site from as many locations as you need.
Thus if one proxy server is located in New York City, you can see how your site is seen from New York City and so on for any other proxy server in any other location.
This is especially important if you have Google Ads (or ads from a similar service) on your web site and you want to see what ads are displayed in what geographic area.
Proxy servers will help you evaluate your web site accessibility from different geographical locations.
Obviously, the best time to think about using a proxy server is before the site launch, when you are still developing your web site and choosing your web hosting service. The best time to think about your web site speed and thus the site coding and hosting is when site is still in the planning stage. If your site is already up and running and only then you realize that you have problems with speed, the solution will not necessarily be fast or easy. The subject of maximizing the speed of a website is very important and very broad so you can find a complete guide on speeding up your web site here. Visits: The number of web page requests from the same machine (IP and browser) with no more than 30 minutes between each page request.
Another Google service which is less famous, but a must for a serious webmaster is Google Webmaster Tools. Google Webmaster Tools not only will tell you about the dead links on your website, but also all issues that may affect your search engine rankings, which include meta tags, keywords, page loading speed times and much more. One important distinction to be aware of is that both Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools are JavaScript-based tools.
What this means is that all "non-page" files such as images, TXT, PDF etc will not be registered on Google Analytics. To get a full picture of your web site traffic, you need a log file analyzer such as AWStats. AWStats is a free software that most web hosting services already provide as a part of their hosting package.
Once you compare the data from Google Analytics and your log file analyzer, you will see that they are completely different.
In simple terms, Google Analytics can only register visits to web pages by "normal users" (JavaScript- and cookies-enabled). Finally, log file analyzers will tell you the total number of "hits" - all files requested from the web server. You could be looking at your visitor number and think: "Well, this is a modest number" and the very next day your hosting service could be sending you an email stating that your bandwidth is gone or that your web site is getting too many hits and you are asked to upgrade to a dedicated server. Web server slowdowns can be a tangible symptom of how hits disproportionate to visits and in that case some urgent actions are needed.
Your web site will not be visited just by human visitors but also by web spiders or bots as well. Over here you can see a partial (always growing) list of all bots, spiders and other "user agents" that visit web sites. Spiders and bots will not target only your web pages but just about any file that you have. I have seen cases where server log files clearly show spiders that requested 10 different pages from a web server in one second. Here you can find a set of useful resources from Google on how to create a Robots.txt file that will fit your needs. However, the bad news is that ever increasing is the number of automated RSS spiders that are visiting RSS feeds.
Many web sites collect news and posts from as many web sites as possible and as often as possible.
Let's say you only have five categories and one RSS files for each + 1 full RSS containing articles from all categories. Depending on the number of RSS hits you are getting, using a service like FeedBurner can significantly improve your web server performance. The experience of your web site visitors may vary depending on their geographical location.
Big web sites care about location a lot because a web site may serve users different content in different languages depending on user location (detected through their IP addresses). However, even webmasters of small web sites could be interested in location because your Google Ads also depend on which country your web site visitors come from. To check ads for specific geographic locations, you can use some of the online proxy services described earlier in the guide. However, if you have a more advanced web site and you need to perform such checks a lot, then a service like GeoEdge can help.

Once a web site grows to some amount of popularity and starts generating serious income, it becomes important to monitor its performance in real-time.
Google Analytics is not good in this respect, as it displays data for your web site with at least a few hours of delay. If your web site had a slowdown and you were losing 50% of your visitors in a matter of hours, you will find out about it too late. A simple fact is that every web site has certain peak hours when most of the traffic and income is generated. In this short walk through the issues of web site monitoring and web site testing I tried to cover issues starting from those that concern every web site owner from amateur to professional and then slowly moved up to those issues that belong to web sites with higher levels of traffic. As the web perpetually grows and changes, the list of issues that you need to monitor will probably keep expanding, but this little guide should still remain quite useful as a checklist of things to keep in mind when running any web site.
Originally prepared by Drazen Dobrovodski and Daniele Bazzano for MasterNewMedia, and first published on May 24th, 2010 as "Website Monitoring And Testing: How To Monitor And Test Your Web Site Performance". Hubspot Grader – Hubspot has a website grader tool which can easily appraise your current website using publicly available information. WooRank –  This is a Chrome Browser extension which does a similar job to Hubspot and can be used to double check your own website in a similar manner.
I was searching for a Real Estate agent recently and got given the wrong office phone number from my search. You can edit the display listings on Google search by registering your website in Google My Business.
In the tool you can link your Google analytics account, maps, YouTube account, reviews and G+. The first 3 lines are the most important part and so you must put both a short description of your organisation, one line about your services or products, and how to contact you.
Google analytics is your friend because once you have an Analytics account you also get a Search Console account. In the old days Google allowed you to see what search terms were being used that brought visitors to your website. You should consider which of these six pages is the most important and the order in which you want to display them. Setting the page priority levels is done using your site map this determines the hierarchy of pages. One money-earning opportunity out there that you may not be aware of is website usability testing. EarningStation is a new rewards program that pays you for doing things you already do online. Thanks to this need, there are lots of different websites cropping up that act as the middle man. There are many different websites out there that will allow regular people like you and I to sign up to test out websites. The only equipment you need is an up to date computer with a microphone and DSL or high-speed internet connection.
Try My UI pays $10 per test, and you will receive this money through PayPal roughly 72 hours after your test has been completed and accepted. To sign up, you must do a sample usability video and also provide a sample usability written summary. If you have to only sign up for one paid survey site to make money with, I recommend Ipsos-iSay.
Your likelihood of being selected for a test depends on your demographic and your ability to provide good feedback.
A sample test is required to sign up, and it could take up to two months before the sample is reviewed depending on how many other people have applied and are waiting to hear back. Making the most of website usability testing means signing up with as many sites as possible.
Your chances of getting lots of invites are greater if you always provide your honest opinion during tests, provide lots of detail in your reviews, and follow the instructions perfectly.
In accordance with the latest FTC guidelines, we declare that we have a financial relationship with some of the companies mentioned on this site. Each year, millions of people in the United States get a tuberculosis skin test to see if they have the infection that still affects one-third of the world’s population. Now, a team led by University of Washington engineers has created a patch with tiny, biodegradable needles that can penetrate the skin and precisely deliver a tuberculosis test. A tuberculosis test is a common precautionary measure for teachers, health care professionals and international travelers. Rolandi’s lab and collaborators at the Infectious Disease Research Institute in Seattle believe this is the first time microneedles made from biomaterials have been used as a diagnostic tool for tuberculosis. The researchers tested the patch on guinea pigs and found that after the microneedles were inserted using the patch, the skin reaction associated with having a tuberculosis infection was the same as when using the standard hypodermic needle test. Comparison of a microneedle tuberculosis test with a traditional test administered with a hypodermic needle. With the standard test, if a hypodermic needle is inserted at the wrong angle, the solution to check for tuberculosis is injected too deep or too shallow into the skin, and the test fails. Microneedles have been used in recent years as a painless alternative to hypodermic needles to deliver drugs to the body.
Microneedles are made from silicon, metals and synthetic polymers, and most recently of natural, biodegradable materials such as silk and chitin, a material found in hard outer shells of some insects and crustaceans.
The UW team developed microneedles made from chitin that are each 750 micrometers long, or about one-fortieth of an inch.
The researchers will continue developing the microneedle tuberculosis test and plan to test it next on humans.
Other co-authors are Jungho Jin, a UW postdoctoral researcher in materials science and engineering, and Valerie Reese and Rhea Coler, both at the Infectious Disease Research Institute.
The research was funded by the Coulter Foundation, the UW Center for Commercialization, the Washington Research Foundation, a 3M untenured faculty award and the Infectious Disease Research Institute.
In the documentary, several students talk about how miserable the pressure to succeed is making them.
Nice article, I think almost all the Indian Parents here in Australia should read this article and watch 'race to nowhere'.
Would you know if your hosting provider is a bit sloppy and if it lets your site become inaccessible to the public, even if only for a few minutes?
The reality is that very few web hosting providers actually have third-party confirmation of such claim.
Too much traffic is one reason and it is actually a pretty sweet problem that all web site owners hope to get one day. Proxies are web-based services that let you access any given web site from their own web server.
If you have a web page with one image in it, then every visitor to that page will register as two hits. That code will register only the visits to the web pages by JavaScript- and cookie-enabled browsers.
Visits from browsers with JavaScript and cookies turned off will not be registered as well. Usually AWStats is not activated by default, so you need to log into your hosting account and activate it yourself. Web site monitoring can prevent such situations and if the problem is already present, then analyzing the log files will tell you what the problem is. Then your web server ends up serving those images both on your web site and on all other web sites that hotlinked it. Given the fact that each page also has CSS and image files this can cause serious web server performance issues.

You can cordon off sections of your web site (like images or CGI-BIN folders), set crawl delay time, etc. You just have to register, enter the URL(s) of your RSS feed(s) and then your RSS feed(s) will be served from FeedBurner's server. Some content (like videos on YouTube) is unavailable for visitors from certain parts of the world. If you are getting a lot of visitors from some country, then you should check what sort of ads those visitors get.
If this slowdown happens in critical hours (which is often the case because web spiders and visitors can be at their maximum at the same time), then you can lose over 50% of the daily income in few hours. Your visits are monitored as they come in and if something happens you can react immediately. This is not perfect but it gives you a score out of 100 and then explains where your website could be improved.
If you have Google analytics installed on your website and you are logged into the service you can open up your own website and using the Page Analytics chrome extension appraise exactly the % of people who have clicked on each hyperlink.
Of course having all of these is the best way to be – but if you only have one, you should plan to add others.
You should see a listing on the left hand side of the page and a map and logo listing on the right hand side which includes a Google Streetview if you have an address listed.
This means that Google has an accurate, integrated record of everything your business adds. This last should be a hyperlink so you can send visitors to the correct page on your website.
In short, this is exploring a website and voicing your thoughts into a microphone as you navigate. They provide the software to make the user test possible and take care of recruiting the testers. For the most part, you will not need any special skills, although, some of these sites may require that you take a test first to see how well you do. User Testing makes it clear on their site that they do have an over supply of user testers, so there will be a lot of competition for the tests that are available to do. Testers who consistently do a good job will be invited to take more tests and may be able to earn an extra $100 to $200 per month supplemental income. If they are not accepting testers at any given time, you can place yourself on their waiting list by entering your email. You can’t realistically make a living doing this type of work, but the amount of extra cash you can earn is substantial, provided you are getting regular email invitations to participate in tests. And getting more invites simply means you will be able to make more money from get paid to test websites programs. But the standard diagnostic test is difficult to give, because a hypodermic needle must be inserted at a precise angle and depth in the arm to successfully check for tuberculosis. The bacterial infection usually attacks the lungs and can live in an inactive state for years in the body. They say their test will be easier to use, less painful and has the potential to be more successful than the standard tuberculosis skin test.
A microneedle patch test has potential as a simpler, more reliable option than the traditional tuberculosis test for children who are needle-shy, or in developing countries where medical care is limited, Rolandi said. Microneedles on a patch can be placed on an arm or leg, which then create small holes in the skin’s outermost layer, allowing the drugs coated on each needle to diffuse into the body.
Each needle tip is coated with purified protein derivative, the material used for testing for tuberculosis. They also hope to develop different diagnostic tests using microneedles, including allergy tests. I'm not a parent yet, but I would find out what my kids are naturally interested in and encourage them in it rather than push them in any direction.
It gets easier and easier each year and this kind of left wing nonsense just makes the kids weaker and softer. Is this case study and the comments pertinent to the level of pressure that is on students in Australia?
How do you find out if your web pages load fast enough now that Google places ranking value also on page load times? That site has a whole list of web servers in various cities and countries from which you can test your web site. This can get especially painful if you have several RSS feeds (one RSS for each category of your content is rather common today).
By associating the two accounts you can then help your analytics to display additional useful information. Now you can see search phrases and the number of times your website has been displayed for each phrase.
You can switch these around inside Google Search Console based on your needs as I explained above. The researchers found that these microneedles were strong enough to penetrate the skin and deliver the tuberculosis test.
One person's success may be getting into a top university and having a stellar career, whereas another person's definition of success may be having a flexible job that allows them to travel, or another person may simply want to have a family or socialise. It also panders to their inflated sense of entitlement.Our standard of education drops each year progressively. Monitoring and testing your website is a serious matter for any professional web publisher, big or small. It’s very important to have a sitemap and then you can display insights inside your analytics account for your marketing team. Then, the user testing sites take that money, keep part of it for themselves, and send the rest to the testers. There are many definitions of success, so I wouldn't want to impose a particular type on my kids.
Make sure they study, make sure they take extra classes, make sure they get good quality coaching. The rot has to stop sometime.Also, maybe if the coder who wrote the JavaScript for this page had studied harder he wouldn't have coded a refresh on the page meaning I'd lose my message and have to retype it. It reminds me of the all the documentaries you see about Japan where they seem to propose that every child in the country attends Cram school to succeed. In our e-book how to Get My Website Working For Me we explain how to edit the six pages that Google displays underneath your business name.
Get them into the selective school (make sure it's a good one, though) -- and make sure they get to a good university and a good faculty.
I have lived and work in Japan in education for over 20 years and basically it is just not true to assume that the whole teenage population is suffering stress to achieve. It's a jungle out there, and unless you can hand the kids a fortune on a plate, they will have to earn it themselves.
My children also attended school in Australia for a few years and the concept is far less true in Australia. Some stress and some parents stress mainly because they do not fully understand the system or know of the options or bother to look beyond the norm track.If you want to stress to achieve go to China or Korea.

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