Your word processing document will appear on screen to display the Rosser & Townsend in-text citation and bibliography - notice that it's properly formatted in APA 5th edition style! The word processing document shows: 1) the figure citation (Figure 1), 2) the figure caption, and 3) the List of Figures title. You may need to modify individual citations in your paper by excluding the year or author, adding page number(s) when quoting verbatim or for inserting a comment or correction.
The Rosser & Townsend edited citation now includes the referenced page numbers while excluding the year.

Then select the EndNote FIND CITATION(S) icon in the toolbar or go to TOOLS, ENDNOTE X, FIND CITATION(S). The word processing document will appear and show that the citation was inserted into the word processing document and create a  corresponding bibliography entry. To select multiple citations click on one citation then hold the CTRL key while clicking on the second citation (or holding the down arrow key).
To create a List of Figures section in the document, 1) move the List of Figures title, 2) copy and add the Figure 1 caption below the List of Figures title.

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