Come mi piace l'atmosfera del Natale, mi piace anche l'abbigliamento natalizio, d'altronde rosso e bianco sono i colori che piu adoro..
As a parisian I totally agree with you post!But that is only the beginning of a french wardrobe.
Any comments deemed inappropriate, including offensive comments, rude language, self promotion, or other topics unrelated to the post, will be deleted. French women are usually walking everywhere they go so a good pair of sturdy shoes are necessary. These are staples that are used year after year and by saving up and buying a really great bag with excellent structure or a tailored wool coat you’ll be able to pair them with anything else you throw on. When you got the right basics then you find the special items that define your style.I am a personal shopper in Paris. I would ask that all photos taken from this site be property credited back to "by Missy Sue" and linked to the original post.

Please download the latest version of the Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, or Windows Internet Explorer browser. These are nice for the cooler nights in the Fall and Spring and throughout the cold Winter. Forget about white tennis shoes because that is the signature look of a tourist and a definite no-no.
Crafted from soft and durable rubber, the flip flops boast thinner, more delicate straps than the original design. When you add a scarf to the mix it can really add an extra pop especially if it’s a bright color that is just perfect for catching the eye. The rice grain textured footbed provides optimum comfort and the non-slip rubber sole enhances the grip. I realized that if you are wearing tailored jeans or pants you will always look more put together.

With a non-digging frame and convertible straps that can be styled a multitude of ways, including racerback and halter, it's a top contender for your new favorite bra. This Guy Harvey tee is slightly fitted for an updated look & provides a casual sea life inspired style! These semi-sheer stockings in a very versatile shade wear wonderfully with your feminine floral dresses and look gamine-chic when layered under cuffed shorts paired with a button-up Oxford.
Convertible straps can be styled as a halter, worn singly, crossed in back or over the shoulder, and can be removed to create a strapless silhouette.

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