Jonathan says: Rachel’s usual cool street style looks great, but it tends to be repetitive at times.
His verdict: Hmm… I thought this girlie and quirky look would work for her, but I’m not really digging it.
Channel your inner “off-duty model” with a chic top-to-toe black look that’s anything but boring, thanks to layering and a mix of textures (here, leather is paired with denim).
Getting dressed, like many things in life, would probably be easier with an instruction manual. Last month, a New Jersey middle school banned girls from wearing strapless dresses to prom.
She looks so sultry… love the red-hot lipstick and the heels (she doesn’t wear them often).
I especially love the fire-engine-red accessories (bag and shoes) that make this whole ensemble pop!

A midi-length floral skirt pairs perfectly with a hot-pink sweater for a sweet, ’50s-inspired look. But I would pair the individual pieces, like the pink sweater, with my existing wardrobe staples.
There are more than a few men in our lives who often ask for some simple guidelines they can follow to get their wardrobes on track.
Our new favorite: this infographic, made in partnership with the subbreddit community Male Fashion Advice. A high school principal in Minnesota emailed parents to ask them to cover up their daughters.
While those incidences of victim-blaming are certainly symptoms of a deeply-rooted rape culture in this country, they’re not the only examples of this dynamic at play. Her fair complexion stands out against the black and I like how the overall look is interesting with the different layers.

The dudes on Reddit have lots to say about style, so eBay Deals teamed with Male Fashion Advice to assemble the ultimate guide to getting dressed using tips from some of their most influential users. A principal in Minnetonka, MN recently wrote an email telling parents to stop letting their daughters wear leggings or yoga pants to school. Before the dance, girls were apparently required to flap their arms up and down and turn around for male administrators’ inspection.
The school issues image guidelines for appropriate dress on its website — though the images were nearly all of women, and the only male image depicted proper attire. Some parents also complained, leading the school’s assistant principal to record a voicemail explaining the new policy.

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