Missouri is one of a handful of states that have made digital death certificates available to the public. The online index can be searched by first & last name, and county, as well as by month and year.
GenealogyBlog is sponsored by our favorite hotel in Salt Lake City - the Salt Lake Plaza Hotel. Now, some people choose to go to places like the Family History Library to find vital records. What do you need to know about the state where your ancestors lived or died before trying to find a vital record in that state?
Why would it be wise to find your ancestor's death certificate before his birth certificate? What information could your ancestors' death certificate tell you that might be important for your children to know?
Do you think that the person listed as the informant was a reliable source of the information? As mentioned in the episode, death records are valuable sources of information because they can give you clues that will lead to other records, such as marriage and birth certificates.
You can record what you find about your ancestor's causes of death on your standard pedigree chart, or create a genetic pedigree. In this interesting article, entitled "Double Helix Genealogy," Mark Howells muses on what the future may look like for genealogists who begin doing family history using DNA samples instead of records. This is the homesite for the American Journal of Medical Genetics, a key source of research on genetic science. At this companion web site to the PBS show, The American Experience, you can learn all about the Influenza epidemic of 1918. Now that you know what vital records are and where to look for them, you can fill in some of those blank spaces on your pedigree chart.

Primary Source: A record created at or near the time an event occurred, often by an eye witness.
Secondary Source: A record created after an event occurred by someone who either remembers the event or has compiled the information from a primary source. Gene: The chemical unit that contains the dominant and recessive traits that are passed on from one generation of species to the next.
Vocabulary words are included at the end of the lesson, though not specifically brought into the lesson in the form of an assignment. When a person sets a world's record, say for eating the most banana cream pie in one sitting, a judge has to be there.
If you were born in New York, then no doctor or hospital in Texas has the right to say you were born in New York. If your grandfather was born in Orange County, California, chances are Orange County still has a record of his birth. To receive copies of their certificates in the mail, others write the vital records offices in the states in which their ancestors were born, married or died.
Follow the guidelines listed in this site, and within a few weeks, a copy of your ancestor's death certificate will be mailed to you, if it is available. You'll also meet experts who will explain how vital records create an important link between generations. For instance, if your ancestors tended to die of heart failure, then, according to doctors, it would be very important for the members of your immediate family to eat healthy foods, exercise, and avoid stress as much as possible. The information for each person includes the illnesses from which they died, the dates of onset of the illnesses, and the death dates. As you know, vital records are kept by the state, typically, but not all states decided to keep vital records at the same time. Following is a digital copy of his death certificate – which took me all of 30 seconds or so to find and access.

This judge must be someone who is recognized by the organization in charge of recording world records. Now, the Orange County Historical Department might have copied the record and then shipped it off to the Family History Library in Salt Lake City, but this would be a duplicate. The Orange County Vital Records office is the first office that has the right to record events that happen in Orange County, just as the officiator from the World Records office is the only one who can approve when new world records are achieved. Still others take long journeys, preferring to see the original record, no matter where that record may be kept. It's best to choose an ancestor who is closer to you in time, such as a grandparent, or a great-grandparent. In the next lesson, you'll find out why these ancient records are some of the most intriguing records to search. While the lesson's main ideas logically build on one another, the activities and assignments suggested can be adapted or omitted according to your needs. Sometimes the genes that a person receives from his or her ancestors contain the code for producing certain diseases.
What do you do if you're trying to find the marriage certificate of an ancestor who moved to Pennsylvania in 1880? The 1910 through 1957 certificates are available however – indexed and available for FREE. Of course, not all diseases are genetic, but if you discover that a certain disease runs in your family, then you and the people you love can often do things that will help you avoid developing the disease.

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