One of the hardest things to do is to make sure that the ring you buy is a perfect fit for your partner’s finger. If your partner wears rings regularly, you can borrow a ring (make sure you know which finger your partner regularly wears that particular ring on) and have it sized. If you’re terrified of losing the ring, then consider making a tracing of it on paper, both the inside and outside circumference, or alternatively, get a piece of slightly warmed wax or soft soap and press the ring into it slightly to make an impression and take that to a jeweler. If your partner doesn’t wear rings, consider asking a good friend, or family member to find out for you. Another fun idea would be buying a yo-yo as a silly gift – your partner will have to tie the string around one of their fingers to use it – just make sure you know which finger it was on, and measure it with a ring sizer later. If you are planning your perfect surprise proposal,  contact The Heart Bandits and let us help you figure out how to make it amazing!
Jewelry and watches, Click Rings there and in search tab type the kind of the ring you are looking (Below are the some popular keywords you can use  to search). Always complete your transaction from ebay (whether it be an auction, offer or fixed listing).

If in case you have not received your ordered item on time, first try to contact your seller to fix it out and if case this is not working then file a case on ebay to get it resolved. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website.
The correct ring size is important to ensure a perfect fit whether you are shopping for yourself or a present for someone else. Please note: if the ring is a comfort fit design,match circles to the contoured edge of the innner surface of the ring. Doing this, while keeping the upcoming marriage proposal a surprise can be a tricky maneuver but never fear, we here at The Heart Bandits know how to help! A reputable jeweler should be able to figure out an approximate ring size for the correct finger based on the ring you bring in. The ring size something that cannot be made as per guess or neither it is something that can be consider fixable at later dates.
The narrower rings can be adjusted to the finger size and can provide enough space to the finger to adjust but wider rings do not.

This can be possible only when there is size difference in decimals like from 6 to 6.5 and so not like from 6 to 8. Here you can compare US ring sizes, with UK ring sizes and those from France, Germany, Japan and Switzerland. There you will find link for the following categories: engagement and Wedding, Fashion, Fine Rings, Vintage and Antique Rings, Handcrafted and Artisian and others to choose from. Below you will find tried and tested methods to measure your ring size, however, if at any point things get a bit technical or you feel unsure in any way,please contact us for help.

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