Try to keep stress levels low. Stress can have a big impact on both morale and productivity. Develop a culture of trust. Don’t hover over your staff, watching their every move - micromanagement creates uneasiness.
Make your workplace fun. If your work environment is a positive place to be, people will want to come to work and be productive.
Let people know what's happening. Staff can become disillusioned if they feel they don’t know what is going on at their own company.
Managing performance can be as simple as a yearly appraisal, or quick one-to-ones every month. One of their objectives might be training or development of a certain skill. If so, do you need to commit to sending them on a course or giving them experience of a particular task or project to increase their skills? While managing performance takes up time, it will help to get the most out of your staff and therefore help your business. Learning how to be a manager isn’t easy, but with some tried and tested tricks, you can soon climb that corporate ladder in no time. To begin with, when it comes to inspiring other people to do work, you cannot expect any results unless you’re doing a great job yourself. Nobody’s perfect, and even if you are a good manager, you are likely to make a mistake every now and then.
A common managerial mistake is to adopt a “manager personality” or “manager persona” that isn’t really who you are.
As a manager, you have an immense amount of influence on how people in your team feel, think and in effect, work. Three weeks after the Denver, Colorado-based owners of the Chestnut Hill Village apartment complex on Stenton Avenue agreed to a list of property improvements aimed at thwarting a rash of break-ins there, residents say they have failed to keep them safe. According to Tom Lind, president of Concerned Residents in need of Better Security (CRIBS), that action list included installing new locks on all the exterior doors of the apartment buildings by February 18. Victims from two of those break-ins attended the CRIBS meeting February 22 at the clubhouse at the complex.
She and her roommate Rob Kern were aware of the 15 or so burglaries in the complex over the last year, and they were always careful to set the deadbolt a€“ except this one time. Over the last several months residents have thwarted at least one burglary in progress by themselves. Adding insult to injury, Lind and other residents claimed their fliers announcing the two CRIBS meetings held last week were systematically removed by management despite being located in approved posting areas on the huge campus. John Serafin, the community manager at Chestnut Hill Village, told the residents last Monday that he spends a good deal of his day trying to complete the improvements on the action list, which include improved exterior lighting, new parking regulations and re-enforcement of individual apartment doors. But if corporate headquarters was the place he was going for the answers, he might be out of luck. Some residents at the CRIBS meeting said they were already doing what they could do about security, in spite of the policies at the complex. And Tom Keenan, who supervises a group of college residents at Chestnut Hill Village, went even farther. Tom Lind (far right) gives residents of Chestnut Hill Village and update on recent discussions with apartment management about improving the safety there following a rash of burglaries over the last several months. When staff feel valued and respected, they are likely to be more productive – and your workplace will be a happier place as a result.

Whether you offer monetary rewards to staff for achieving targets, or simply give praise and acknowledge a job well done, showing you appreciate your staff can really help to keep up morale. Unmanaged, it can lead to more days of sickness and serious problems such as depression and heart disease.
Make sure all your staff understand exactly what is expected of them and then step back and allow them to meet those expectations.
Think of little things you can do which will make the staff you manage feel happy and valued.
Consult with your staff rather than telling them what to do, keep calm in pressured situations and give constructive, positive feedback.
Make time for your staff – speak to them about their current role and involve them in problem solving and decision making. Offering training or development opportunities can help to motivate and retain your staff, and many employees see this as a key benefit when searching for a job.
Being a good manager finds its roots in learning some essential managerial skills, without which you absolutely cannot be a successful manager. A good manager is one who first and foremost does his own job and then moves on to tell others what to do.
The trick to being a good manager is to allow yourself to make mistakes and learn from them. If you try to force yourself to display personality traits that don’t come to you naturally, you are either going to have tough time balancing your real personality with your work personality or it will result in poor management. Learn about how this masters degree in organizational leadership can improve your managerial skills. Your team members will constantly be looking up to you as their manager for direction so it is imperative that you are self aware and you keep a track of how you behave, talk, carry yourself and interact with the others.
With The Leader Phrase Book, we provide 3000+ ready made Powerful Phrases That Put you in Command.
But when management failed to meet that deadline, he said, there were two burglaries and one attempt in the unaltered buildings on the very next day.
The property owners, Apartment Investment and Management Company (AIMCO), sent a letter praising that action and encouraging residents to contact the police if they had any information about the crimes. He said he respected the residents and that he was committed to working with them to keep the community safe. But Duffy emphasized his openness to the residents and the good progress he was making on the safety action items.
Aaron Palmer, a resident of the Town Homes at Chestnut Hill Village said he has long complained about the low quality of the exterior doors on the units, until he finally got fed up with the lack of response from management and took matters into his own hands. According to him, more two of the apartments he is in charge of suffered burglaries over the last few months, and still he feels he has to do things for himself.
For many people, intangible benefits such as flexible working or getting along with colleagues are key to their job satisfaction. Tech companies like Facebook and Google seem to be leading the way on including features that bring a sense of fun to being at work. Make it easy for people to come to you with ideas, suggestions and questions so people feel they are a valuable part of your business. When allocating tasks, clarify exactly what you expect of them and give them enough time to plan their work.

If you are offering training, make sure that they can use whatever they learn in their current capacity within your business. In this article, we show you some of the skills of a good manager, and the fabulous techniques with which you can manage your team and get great results! A manager who assigns the team members theirs tasks and then does nothing himself with the explanation that he is too busy overseeing the work is a bad manager. There are several managerial skills such as being able to give positive and negative feedback, sort out issues between coworkers and laying down the law regarding office performances, that do not come to people on their own. The slightest negativity or harshness can create a chain of negative actions and reactions in your team, even if you don’t mean to be tough on the team members. They come in the daytime, make their way into an apartment building with an old lock (Lind claims there have been no robberies on recently re-keyed buildings) and they use a crow bar or some other heavy tool to force their way into the apartments.
But Lind and the 40 or so people who crowded into the clubhouse last Monday night thought the largest apartment management firm in the country should be doing something more. But when residents asked why the signs were removed, and whether they were, in fact, located in the designated posting areas, Serafin did not have an answer. She said the new exterior building locks would be done this week, and the latch protectors to the several hundred apartments in Chestnut Hill Village would also be completed this week (that work started Monday), while the lighting upgrades would be done by the end of March. Google’s headquarters in San Francisco includes a slide for staff to get from floor to floor as well as free food and nap pods. A fantastic manager is one who does his work, gets other people to do their work and makes sure all other work is progressing well.
This way, they will know who they are being led by and what they can expect in all situations. Obviously, not all companies have the resources to offer the same perks as Google, but simple things like creating somewhere comfortable for staff to relax or installing a drinks machine could make a major difference to staff morale. To make appraisals count, you need to agree objectives with your employees to focus on for the coming year - and then monitor how well they are meeting this throughout the year.
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