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Well-connected super brokers are fortunate, but others often have to rely on guesses and hearsay in their hunt for wealthy clients.
Wealth-X has 220 employees in 12 offices on five continents, and its research covers more than 150 countries. As Friedman explained, its database doesn’t just gather information on income and net worth. It also compiles biographies, records philantropic activities, and surveys the hobbies and passions of the global rich.
New York brokers with foreign language skills and foreign ties have been able to build up impressive networks, but in most cases their knowledge of wealthy foreigners is limited to specific countries or regions.
Corcoran Sunshine’s director of sales Gordon Hoppe said his company gets much of its information on foreign buyers from prior experience, but also does research on market trends.“We look at lifestyles, what they are used to,” he explained, adding that Corcoran Sunshine has a research department with six employees.

Unlike Corcoran Sunshine, TOWN doesn’t have its own research department, but that doesn’t stop it from gathering information.
Wealth-X seeks to complement this research by offering the first database with extensive information on every single “ultra-wealthy” person, which it defines as someone with assets worth more than $30 million.
The company was founded in 2010 by Mykolas Rambus, prior to that an executive at Forbes Media, and David Friedman. Morgan, UBS and Morgan Stanley, Casa Lever is the prime power lunch spot for Midtown's finance guys. He may be a bit pudgy, but he knows how to dress: gray flannel suit with exposed silver cufflinks and a coordinating tie clip. Wealth-X also creates a “social graph” for each individual that shows its contacts and club memberships. We help the broker to be more proactive in targeting those individuals that are connected,” Friedman said.
An influx of foreign buyers has poured money into New York real estate, but it has also exposed how little most developers and brokers know about their new clientele.

In order to change that, brokerages and marketing firm have begun doing systematic research on foreign clients. Hoppe said Corcoran Sunshine also relies on brokers travelling overseas and participating in trade shows, where they can cultivate contacts and gather information. Before founding Wealth-X, Friedman had worked as managing director at CBRE, and as an advisor to the Saudi Royal Family, Jumeirah Capital, Malaysian Sovereign Wealth Fund and Kuwait Finance House, according to the company’s website.Clients can simply access Wealth-X’s database, or they can go further and hire Wealth-X as consultants on how to approach certain individuals. Rather than just ask their clients if they know anyone else who is looking, better-informed brokers can be more specific and ask about particular contacts or club members. Zanetti added that TOWN also has a network of foreign brokers providing information and referrals.
Even if he didn't graduate college within the last couple of years, he likes to think he did, and relives his frat days almost nightly between East Village and Murray Hill bars.

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