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If you show us a pic of the case and tell us, whether the plates are cast or punched, we will give you a date of the clock.
Donna, if Gebr Siedle Triberg was the producer of the movement, we know that the clock was manufactured before 1902 (which I regard as very possible!), because Gebr.
Font utility Find My Font promises to do just that, plus some alternatives, both locally and online. It's after dinner hour and you're still at work searching for the font your boss requested.
For fonts that probably no longer exist, Find My Font may come up with a near match that could work as well.Once you have your mystery-font letters selected, enter the actual letters using upper- and lowercase, and no spaces. Unfortunately, Find My Font is not very accurate when it comes to especially detailed or archaic fonts, or when working from a low-resolution file.
Find My Font did much better at identifying standard fonts, especially those from a really clean sample. Once you have a number of matches, chose the best fit and use Find My Font to purchase (if the font is not freeware) and download the font from the official owner of the font set. Unfortunately, Find My Font doesn't include the function that I would find most useful: a font creator for those fonts you just can't match.
Find My Font could be useful if you have a clean sample of a font that you know is somewhere hidden in your fonts folder, or that may be an easy match.
PCWorld helps you navigate the PC ecosystem to find the products you want and the advice you need to get the job done. How to re-install Bluetooth drivers on Windows 8.1 without manufacturer specific instructions? I couldn't find any helpful guides, and the Windows troubleshooter simply informed me that there was a problem and referred me to the Bluetooth settings page which offered no help or options.
So, what are the generic, non-manufacturer specific steps for reinstalling Bluetooth drivers in Windows 8.1? The 'hardware' tab is completely blank, and the 'General' tab simply gives the Code 43 error message with no suggested follow up action. I was hoping that being able to figure out the manufacturer would allow me to find assembly instructions and to possibly purchase a few panes of replacement glass. I know it's probably hard to tell just by looking at the pictures, but I thought it may be worth a try.

It is all glass (single pane, I think) and includes shade cloth, the cooling unit you see ouside of the GH, power vents, misting system, 2- 26' tables, thermostats, plant hangers, and a few other random accessories.
As far as what it's worth, a lot depends upon how successful your seller is in disassembling it in good shape.
Although it seems like it may be a good deal of work to get it back together, we are pretty handy and I don't see a problem. Ben Fogle reveals the winners of Great British Make Off, a National Design & Technology competition that challenges children to transform cycling.
Celebrity chef Steve Walpole and Ben Fogle sampling Spa Dew, by Paige Dean, Shauna Scott and Airann Richards.
One morning in December, adventurer and broadcaster Ben Fogle unveiled the winners of the first ever Great British Make Off national schools design and technology competition at the Design Museum in London. The competition, run by the Design & Technology Association, the professional association that represents all those involved in design and technology education, challenged students aged between 11 and 14 to create design concepts with the potential to change the sport of cycling.
Shock Tyres need no air and therefore never goes flat by Jay Earnshaw, Rachel Creer, Ella Richards and Iliya Ivanov from Sale Grammar School. Winners spent the day at the design headquarters of the judging panel organisations that included folding bike creators Brompton, Team Sky kit supplier Rapha, cycle safety developers Blaze, and celebrity chef Steve Walpole. It allowed young people to gain design experience and get a taste of what it would be like to work in industry.
21st century, but we now face the very real prospect of the subject disappearing entirely from schools in the next five years.
But only carving workshops with a larger number of clocks could receive in the order of the movements their initials engraved in the Movements, not smaller workshops with only a few clocks per year. You want to strangle the person who suggested the boss keep a scrapbook of designs they like.
And Find My Fonts will be no help if you don't know what the corresponding letters are (as is common with dingbats or pictorial fonts). This may be useful if you see a font you like, but can't afford it and need to search for a similar freeware alternative. This is a useful addition to Find My Font, as is the automatic installation of fonts if you happen to be running Windows 2000 or XP (Windows Vista and 7 don't require you to install fonts, just drop them in your fonts folder).
How great would that be, to take a sample of the closest match in Find My Fonts and be able to tweak it until it matched perfectly? Otherwise, Find My Font may be your last resort when others fail, but depending on the font you need, you may be better off searching one of the many font sites online. Every help page I can find on this topic is either vague offering no practical steps, or only offers steps by manufacturer.
As you can see, there's an uninstall button, but there doesn't seem to be any way to simply reinstall this version of this driver, and I can't roll back then re-update because there has never been an update available.

Given the questionable condition it may be in when taken apart, its age, and the fact that a glass house is troublesome and hard to heat to begin with, I wouldn't offer much over $2,500 for everything. Instead of trying to value what you think the gh is worth, it's probably more accurate to value the effort it will take the seller to disassemble it, and how easy he makes it for you to carry away. I currently have a twinwall poly greenhouse that I designed and built myself with a little help from my DH.
That would be helpful to both you and the seller you can use your help in disassembly as a bargaining point in price. If your post is not directly related to this discussion please consider making a new thread.
To make matching fonts easier, Find My Font offers tools to magnify, rotate, split letters (for when your letters are too close together to get a good sample), and alter the baseline shift if your sample letters are not straight. My machine is not made by one of the most common manufacturers (it's a Wacom Cintiq Companion 2), and I can't find any manufacturer-specific guides. Retrofitting with twinwall is certainly an option, but would add considerably to the expense.
He didn't pay for it himself, but it perhaps added a bit to the cost of the home when he purchased the property. A glass greenhouse was something that I really wanted and the cost of heating won't really be an issue since I will be starting out with a woodburner (we have an endless wood supply) and possibly hooking into our geothermal heating and cooling system.
So far the gaskets really look like L&B's, but I haven't checked Florian or Texas GH yet.
In addition, if your image is not high resolution, you'll probably need to hold down the shift key to select additional pixels of the letter to give Find My Font a good sample.
If this is a function you really need, try FontCreator 6 Home Edition ($79) or (if you need it for commercial purposes) FontCreator 6 Professional Edition ($199). I'm guessing new, twenty to thirty years ago, that gh went for $6-8,000 in parts, not including kneewall and accessories. I would ask him first what he wants for it, then weigh against what you're willing to spend on it. Both versions offer a free trial, and are good---if not complex---programs to create a bespoke font. I really think this is going to be much more trouble than it's worth, but it could have value for you depending on what you want to use it for. If you're on a tighter budget, try similar Type 3.2 ($65), or its free, limited-functionality Type light version.

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