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How to Get a Girl KISS You Men and women alike have plenty of horror stories to tell about their very first kiss. How to Get a Girl KISS You How to Get a Girl KISS You:Tips #1 “ Man up ” “Boys shuffle their feet and avoid eye contact before darting in for a surprise kiss.
How to Get a Girl KISS You How to Get a Girl KISS You:Tips #2 “ Watch her eyes ” “One of the telltale signs of a woman waiting to be kissed is if she is glancing from your eyes to your lips.
How to Get a Girl KISS You How to Get a Girl KISS You:Tips #3 “ Hold her hand ” “Kissing is a very intimate form of touch. How to Get a Girl KISS You How to Get a Girl KISS You:Tips #4 “ Start with a cheek kiss ” “If cuddling and closeness has preceded the kissing moment, placing a kiss on her cheek or temple is a good way to ease into the more intimate mouth kiss.
How to Get a Girl KISS You How to Get a Girl KISS You:Tips #5 “ Whisper in her ear ” “Like kissing her on the cheek, a quiet whisper in her ear will tell her in a gentle, romantic way that you want to kiss her more intimately.
How to Get a Girl KISS YouThank You for Reading “How to Get a Girl KISS You” slide presentation.

The very first kiss is among the things someone remembers from their meeting with a man they desire a lot. Men look into a woman’s eyes, knows she wants him as much as he wants her, and takes that little risk to lean in and kiss her on the lips. The moment a woman realizes she wants to kiss a man, she becomes fascinated with his lips and entranced by his eyes. To ease that first contact, make sure you have touched her hand or shoulder sometime before or during conversation or flirtation. Because a kiss on the cheek is seen as a casual and adorable act, it will lighten the mood and help her relax, too.
You don’t have to say anything particularly romantic during the whisper; in fact, you don’t actually have to say anything at all. If youwant to know more about how to attract woman, you can watch the Great VideoBelow.Discover Top 3 “Seduction Secrets” in this special video presentation.
Now you’ve triumphed in kissing the girl the very first time, here is a hot trick to making her kiss you and perhaps even more.

Her eyes will dart from each of your eyes to your lips and back again, in a triangular shape. You don’t need to do anything special with that hand; just hold it softly, and then look her in the eye. It is nerve-racking for girls, but more so for guys, since they often must make the very first move.
If in a public place, and cleaning isn’t possible, you need to have a minty gum or some fruity chews to help freshen your breath and neutralize the flavor in your mouth.
Here are four suggestions on the best way to get a girlfriend to kiss you without hesitation.
A girl will soon smell your breath when you are discussing, so she determines early on not or whether you are kissable.

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