If you ever want to easily and quickly gain someone’s attention just be pleasant, smile but don’t ever do it make eye contact and just smile away.
Pay Attention To Her Pinterest Pictures, Pay Attention To Her Facebook Images, Pay Attention To Her Photos for Tumblr. F1 stories that warm the heart cockles have been a bit thin on the ground lately, meaning anything contrary to the gloom slew really does leap out. It does not matter how much sad you feel try make yourself elegant and treat yourself with dignity.

They recently have not had the best run but I think that’s going to be tricky and tough". Instead they plumped for Kimi Raikkonen, who he (or Valtteri Bottas or Daniel Ricciardo) might now replace. Sometimes the outcome seems inevitable (Fernando Alonso heading back to McLaren) other times it comes out of nowhere (Sebastian Vettel leaving Red Bull). I’m just quietly working away in the background, keeping on my job and hopefully keeping delivering.

You might think that jumping cars and stuff will hurt my F1 driving style or performance, but actually I think the opposite was the case: driving a bit more and having more car time, even though it was a very different thing, was actually a positive.

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