LicensingLicensing InformationGet more detailed information about Kentico licensing options, support, and conditions. Marketer CertificationBecome a Certified MarketerBe recognized as a Kentico expert with Kentico Marketer Certification. This article describes how to use a Report object in an aspx webpage using a DataSet with a TableAdapter.
Using the AdventureWorks database and a SQL Database View as the SQL Data source, note that the View is created in the Human Resources schema with joins between HumanResources, Person tables. Select the data connection, if available, or click New Connection to create a new SQL Database connection. If adding a New Connection, select the Server name and Database names from the drop down items.

The Save Connection String to Application Configuration file updates the web.config file and puts the connection string information in it. In the Enter a SQL Statement section for the TableAdapter, click on the Query Builder button to select the item to use (Table or View). The Choose Methods to Generate are pre-populated with the default Fill and DataTable method names. Drag and drop the EmployeeID field into the 1st column, 2nd row of the Matrix from the DataSet in the Website Data Sources tab. If you are running IIS 7, an error may appear the first time the report is run as shown below. To fix this error and prevent it from blocking your report, go to the IIS Manager and select the website from the Sites listed.

For additional information about Business Intelligence Development Studio SSRS Reports, please check out the link here to get started.
The Connections and formatting are shown here as well as overcoming any obstacles in getting the webpage to display properly.

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