The only guys who like insecure girls are the ones who are insecure themselves and want to dominate another human being. Look your best. Without being fake, make an effort to look your best around the guy you like.
Smile a lot – research has found that people become more attractive to others when they smile, so flash those pearly whites as often as possible to look prettier, as well as friendlier and more approachable. If you’re too serious or straight-faced all the time, he may find you intimidating and unapproachable, which is the last thing you want.
No matter what tickles your sense of humor, it’s much easier to like someone who you can have a good laugh with once in a while. If you have a Facebook account and he’s not already in your friends list, invite him; just make sure your status is set as single! Letting your friends in on the situation is probably a good idea – they can help strategize to get the two of you together, and also diffuse any awkward situations. Just be careful though – if it gets too platonic, you might lose the romantic connection and sometimes it can be really hard to get back that spark once you are placed firmly in the friend-zone.
Talk to him. This may seem like a no-brainer, but actually talking to the guy you like (rather than pining after him from afar) is of utmost importance when it comes to getting him to like you. Do things together. Finding activities that you can enjoy together can really create a bond between the two of you and allow him to appreciate how fun and interesting you are.
If he thinks of himself as the next premier league player, turn up at any football practices you’re invited to and cheer him on. For example, If you both love a certain kind of music, ask him if he’s ever listened to a particular artist and offer to play a CD for him.
Get to know his friends. Guys love their friends, so its essential that any potential girlfriend gets along with them.
Be flirty. Once the two of you have got to know one another and are frequently hanging out, you can start to kick things up a gear.
For example, if he has a sports game or exam coming up, you could text to wish him good luck. Invite him to hang out. If the two of you have only been hanging out in group situations or in more formal settings (like school or work) til now, it might be time to invite him somewhere on his own.
There are plenty more fish in the sea and as long as you have confidence in yourself, you know that you’re a good catch and the right guy is out there waiting for you.
Take his feelings into account. Finally, but importantly, keep in mind that you cannot control what other people think and do. Rebbeca Martinson, the University of Maryland student who gained web notoriety after her insane sorority e-mail went viral, now has an advice column. In her first effort, Rebecca Martinson offers some advice to female readers about how to get a guy you meet at the bar to text you the following day. Stars Rebecca Martinson Rebecca Martinson Advice Column: How Do You Get a Guy to Text You the Next Day? The question how to Get the Guy You Like to Ask You Out has been asked 264 times by our users. Aug 07, 2013 · This page is dedicated to all girls wanting attention, affection and passionate love.
We humans tend to notice a nice smell instantly and it gets etched in our brains for long.
When you already know about the things he like, sports he is into or the places he likes to visit, it might get easier for you to talk to him and gain his attention.
Talk enthusiastically about his interests and he will be drawn towards you without even realising it.
Just make sure you do not overdo it, you want to shift his attention to you not to make yourself look desperate. When a girl stands for herself and speak what she believes in, it shows she is not afraid to be herself and guys love this. To get the guy to like you may have become your mission of life for now, but do not forget you had a life before this guy came in the picture.

So keep calm, continue to do whatever you were doing in life earlier and try to make him a part if it. These are the 7 infallible tips to get him to like you and start thinking about you day and night.
Remember, if at all the guy never seems to take the hint, chances are low but if that happens, do not worry. While you can’t force someone to feel a certain way, you can definitely put your best foot forward and give his feelings a chance to develop. And who wants to be with a guy who wants a girl to feel bad about herself or who wants to tell you how to be all the time? You don’t need to color-by-number your face, but clear mascara opens up your eyes, lip-balm enhances your smile, and tweezers could really help nightmare eyebrows.
Some people are witty and sarcastic, others can tell hilarious stories, and many people just do quirky things and poke fun at themselves.
They also know where you stand on the relationship front and won’t start falling for him themselves. Treat him like you would all your other friends – be casual and comfortable around him.
When he’s talking to you about something he loves, he’ll start to associate the positive emotions he feels with you! If he’s talking about something that he loves, tell him that you admire how passionate he is. Once he sees that you’re someone he can share his passions and interests with, he might start to see you as potential relationship material. For instance, you could bring him along to a dance class or invite him to try out some unusual ethnic cuisine.
Shared interests are the foundation of many a successful relationship, so this step should not be overlooked. They will root for you and bring you up around your crush, even when you’re not there. It doesn’t need to be a three course dinner in a fancy restaurant, it could be something as simple as coffee or the mall.
He may genuinely have another commitment, or he may just feel too shy around you to hang out one-on-one . Sometimes your best bet is to tell the guy straight out that you’re interested and ask him if he feels the same.
He may be the object of your interest, but that does not create any obligation that you be an intimate part of his world. If there was some random guy who took an interest in you, is there anything that he could do to make you like him? In this case, you’re better off not waiting around but looking for a guy who has already made the decision to grow up.
If there's anyone who knows how to administer tough love or lay the smack down on BroBible readers when needed, it's R-Mart. And begins with the observation that "to most drunk guys a wet hole is a wet hole." Becks always cuts to the chase. To most drunk guys a wet hole is a wet hole, and with each cranberry vodka you slurp down you're both less likely to remember what either of you talked about. 10 foolproof ways that outline how to get a guy ask you out—from an actual two qualities men look for in long-term relationships just like do. Eye contact shows you are confident and comfortable with him and the little longer one signals him that you like him. He will leave feeling a time spent good and unconsciously will relate it to your presence. Thinking all the time about him or the ways to make him fall for you, may make you do some studio things you will regret later on. Go win his heart over, be smart, be confident and do as I said, and wait for the guy to come to you and convey his feelings.

When you think things are moving forward better than you have planned, a removable discontinuity blocks your bath. We are not experts, especially if we are emotionally involved, then we can get scared and paranoid. The time can be spent thinking on how to be a better person instead of trying to find ways on how to get a better guy.
Now, this doesn’t mean you have to be loud, boisterous, arrogant, chatty, or forward. A well-fitting pair of jeans and a top that brings out the color of your eyes is a safe but striking combo. This doesn’t mean you should be a giggling fool, laughing at everything that crosses your path, but you should try not to take yourself too seriously and always be ready with a laugh, especially when your crush is around. You can also compliment his sporting performance or tell him what a great job he did on a class project. Discovering that you’re a person who can introduce him to new and exciting experiences can be a major attraction for a guy. This will let the guy see how easily you could slip into his life – no complications, no drama. One great tip is to look at him from across the room, then once he catches you looking hold his gaze for a moment before smiling and looking away. Just try not to let things get awkward – you’re just two friends having a good time, right?
Whatever his response is, at least things will be out in the open and you can either move forward with the relationship or move on.
In fact, just the fact that you had the courage to ask might be enough to impress the guy and make him say yes. You can’t force someone to like you, and trying to hurry things up can ruin the courtship altogether. Is it mentioned anywhere in there that he's out trying to find a girl with a lovely personality and who cooks like Paula Deen on a crack binge while simultaneously being Jenna Jameson in the sack? Whether it is a guy you have just met or someone you already are crushing on, sometimes it is difficult to gain his attention. Make that your signature perfume so every time he smells that scent he will unconsciously think about you and vice versa. He will love the touch but most importantly, all his focus will come down to you in an instant. When a man feels that his efforts are getting noticed and are appreciated he feels proud of himself and if you're the reason he is feeling this way he will definitely want to be with you all the time. Just a little effort from your side and a bit of intelligent yet casual flirting can literally pull the guy towards you. We have compiled a list of tips and tricks you could try the next time you notice someone you like.
Go on and start a conversation with your crush taking into consideration the tips we have prepared for you.
If he says no a second time, you might have to face the fact that he’s not interested. Instead you can make him come to you, by doing things that will make you simply irresistible. Guys like that usually drift through life with a string of adoring and simultaneously fed-up women in their wake.
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