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We love maxi dresses, learn the best and appropriate way to wear them even if you're short and pair them up with our style guide for this spring! Prepare for the comeback of the roaring twenties with the glitz, the glam and the glimmer of the Great Gatsby! In the era of excess, luxury and economic prosperity, the women of the twenties never faltered in their elegance. Channel your inner flapper by donning your sequins, grabbing your pearls and following our ‘how-to’ guide on the most fabulous 20’s inspired hair looks. Using a strong hold mousse (Schwarzkopf Osis Grip $23.17), apply to damp hair and power dry in.
A modern version of the classic finger waves. Starting with damp hair apply a golf ball size of strong hold mousse, and using a large paddle brush apply a wrap dry technique. And not just because we're massive fans of the book and want to see Leo DiCaprio at his best, but because of the fashion!

Where art deco reigned supreme – a new essence of style was born that infiltrated fashion, beauty, art and even architecture.
We got the scoop on the tips and tricks of recreating the hottest Gatsby looks that are storming the social scenes and dominating the fashion pages.
Whether you opt for the subtle and understated bob, a la Daisy Buchanan, the divinely elegant finger curls distinct of the era, or the bouffant statement hair of Myrtle Wilson, RY have the tips for you! Then using a small curling tong start at the nape and work your way up the head, securing along the way with pin curl clips.
To make a drop-waist feel totally of the moment, select one that is slightly more fitted on top, and incorporate on-trend accessories like nude heels. Once done, use Cloud Nine hot rollers in a brick lay pattern starting from the parting on the forehead. Take note!Goodbye pants:It’s all about dresses, cocktail, draped, wrap-over, and coat dresses.
Once the roller shape is achieved, take rollers out, slightly smooth out side fringe and loosely place curls in a soft and structured manner. Most dresses should be a few inches below your knee, if you are wearing something shorter make sure to use black translucent tights, it’s about feeling feminine and elegant.

Once finished comb out using a mason Pearson styling brush, brushing right from roots to ends, using a shine spray to avoid and smooth away any fly-aways. Once desired look is achieved, secure the mid length and ends of hair with bobby & fringe pins. If you are not a fan of elaborated hairstyles, keep it simple by using pulled t side wavy locks, or just curl you hair and leave it down.
Check out how to get a classic bob hairstyle inspired on Daisy Buchanan of The Great Gatsby in 5 steps here!Makeup:Dramatic makeup is part of the glam look for 20’s screen stars.
Egyptian makeup is an essential part of the influences for this vintage look, smoky eyes and deep colors, red matte lips and cream sheer blush.

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