Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. How To Get Over Someone You Love - Time HelpsGoing through a breakup is never an enjoyable experience.
Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation. When you lose a pet, it's usually nothing to laugh about, but when people put up hilarious posters, that aren't meant to be taken too seriously, it really is. It’s funny how when you finally get over someone, you start seeing them in a whole new perspective.
Don’t look for the boy who can be the best boyfriend look for the boy who can be your best friend.
How To Get Over Someone You LoveIf you want to know how to get over someone you love, you must realize that none of the answers areeasy ones. The problem with unrequited love — well, one of the problems — is that our holding onto it essentially renders us non-contenders in pursuit of the real thing. When we love, we love in broad, all-consuming strokes, filling the space between the dotted lines so completely that we unknowingly present ourselves as a whole image, regardless of all we know to be missing.
Love will never be solved, worked out, fully understood — there is no secret angle, key or elusive password leading to a definitive answer. To move on from an experience we subconsciously require an ending point, a marker, some form of memorialization.
At first, all wounds hurt, but then they scab, and the scabs heal, and soon, there is new skin. It doesnt matterwhich side of the break up youre on, and it doesnt matter how amicable itseemed to be; its still a relationship coming to an end. Find out your bending element and then let's all try and forget about the horrible movie M. No matter how ready you might think you are to move on and get over that person, thatyou have to ask how to do it at all shows that its going to be a painful process. We need to understand this in order to overcome it; learn to respect the power of our emotions as infinitely beautiful, special and unique to our human experience. In fact, I suspect a man on his deathbed, with an entire lifetime of experience and worldly insight, would consider love with as much understanding as my 8 year-old cousin might contemplate a schoolyard crush. Too often we attempt to move on by shifting our feelings onto another person, transferring our emotional baggage into a new basket with the hope that it’ll hold. And for a feeling to be memorialized, we must first give it a chance to live, breathe and be appreciated for what it truly is.

With time, you’ll stop noticing the ache because the ache will not be there any more. No matter how long you were together, you had time to build up real feelings for the other person, and now you want to know how to get over someone you still love.
No matter how long youwere together, you had time to build up real feelings for the other person, andnow you want to know how to get over someone you still love. Not only does it look fancy and makes you feel like a giant, it’s also convenient as a finger food. But at the end of the day, I had to learn to be my own best friend, because there’s going to be days when there will be no one there for me but myself.
The problem with this approach is that we essentially leave a long, broken trail of loose ends, scattered unforgivingly behind us.
Stick it on your bathroom mirror, look at it every night as you brush your teeth, see the reality for what it is; let it grow old and wither — like a polaroid photograph fading under the unforgiving midday sun. Unrequited love will always be painful, but with the necessary time, respect, and understanding, your heart will soon become available once more. Im going to behonest, it wont always be easy, but it is possible.Before we start looking at the specific steps you can take to get over someoneafter a break up, lets take a look at why thats so important to do.
You might think youre over someone and a year or two later be reminded of thatperson and feel all the pain and sadness again. Nobody else has their criteria for perfection lie so surely on the dip of this lower back, the crinkle of this smile, the gap between these teeth.
We love and therefore, we want — and the subject of our affection will either love and want us in return, or they won’t. Love is non-transferable, non-refundable, and unavoidable; you must walk through it, not around it.
You’ll pass it every morning until it one day slips to the floor, while your at work or in the shower, and becomes nothing more than another simple, fluorescent piece of paper. So, if you can change the target ofyour affection, it will help you to get over the other person.How to get over someone you still love is not always the easiest thing to do, noquestion. That doesnt mean youre not over the person,though.If youve had a lot emotionally invested into a relationship and it ends, its something that canpotentially make you feel sad for years.
Your bond, while emotionally unrewarding in its non-reciprocation, is as strong a connection as anything that’s existed before you. Forego any feelings of resentment or floundering self-worth, for it pays you — and your heart — no service. Relationships are complicated, and getting over them takes time.However, by following the tips above, you will soon be over your ex and be ableto start living your life.

The new person in your life deserves your fullaffections and shouldnt have to compete with the feelings you have for someoneelse. But that doesnt meanthe sadness has to be paralyzing or has to throw you into a depression. Okay, now on to ways to get over your ex.The first thing to do is to think about any of the times you were treated poorly.Did your ex ever put you down? By getting over the person,you can realize that losing them made you sad, and look back on it as you would any sad loss.
Itsthe period of time soon after the loss that should be the hardest, that makes you ask how to get oversomeone you love.If the break-up is new, often the only way to deal with it is just to face the pain and ride it out.
This step can be painful, but the goal is to showyourself that they maybe didnt love you as much as you thought they did. Thismakes it easier to stop feeling as though they should be loved back.You also need to give things some time. It seems that the longer we are separated, the stronger our lovefor the other person becomes. Dont let that happen to you.Another thing that will help to answer the question of how to get over someoneyou still love is to accept that its over. This tip can be found in pretty much every list thatexplains how to get over someone you love, so its at least a popular idea thats worth a try.If youre really having trouble living your life after the break-up, it might be necessary to seekcounseling.
Simply explain that youve just been through a painful break-up and ask the counselorhow to get over someone you love. What youhad may have been special, but there will be somebody else who will be evenmore special. They can offer helpful advice, and can be more specific thatgeneric lists about how to get over someone you love. Living in a fantasy world where your ex and you will be happy againisnt going to help get your feelings back in check.
A counselor can also probably offer betteradvice than friends or family.Your friends and family might feel they know your situation too well.
They might not have liked that you were in the relationship to begin with, sothey might want you to get over things or move on to another person too quickly. With a counselor,though, you can safely tell them things about the relationship you probably dont want friends or familyto even know.Feel free to go to counseling for as long as you need to.

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