Maybe, like me, you are a market addict and enjoy reading anything and everything related to trading and investing? Sure, like me you are probably fascinated by all aspects of the market, but also like me, this is not an academic endeavor.  As cool as it is to talk about and discuss the market, none of that matters unless it can make you cold hard cash. As I got older I began to understand that being able to extract money from the market on a regular basis is great, but it’s what that money gives you that is the real prize. When my first child was born I was a full-time trader, and I was able to be present, to experience every moment of her precious childhood, because I had the freedom to do it.
What would you do with complete freedom?  How would you spend the time that freedom gives you? I hope that the content, insights, and accessibility I provide, in some small way, help you to get what you want from the market—because I know how great it is when you have it. Unfortunately, with two young kids, a writing career, and my own trading, I just don’t have the bandwidth to teach others.  And though I am always willing to help you out in any way I can when it comes to the market, I don’t think my personality lends itself to teaching. I am not affiliated with any of these services in the sense that I don’t get any compensation for mentioning them. Most offer a free trial, so check them out and start getting what you want from the stock market.
How to Get What You Want clipboard of steps and instructions as a to-do list for getting your desire or goal - dream, plan, do it.

And I don’t know about guys, but part of the excitement of a wedding is getting fancy with the clothes. And then I have some friends who think that marriage is like a security deposit, that since their husband or wife took a vow they automatically will love them forever and always. My boyfriend and I have a solid relationship and there is no doubt we want to be together for the rest of our lives.
I’m not ready to turn into a controlling, hurtful Bridezilla, my actions guided by an idea of consumeristic perfection. Little girls grow up flipping through bridal magazines, circling their favourite dresses or conjuring up designs in their heads.
Your grandmother finally approves of you sleeping in the same bed as the opposite sex, and now fills your mind with thoughts of child rearing. When else do you get to dress like a princess and have your picture taken like you’re a super model or something? I have friends that believe there is no point in dating someone if you’re not going to marry them. Having a family with someone I love is important to me, and I hate that there is still a social stigma against couples who have kids out of wedlock.
I know it’s totally what people do and everything, and I’m not opposed to the idea, but it freaks me out when my relatives or friends badger me with “EVERYONE ELSE HAS GOTTEN HITCHED WHEN DO YOU PLAN ON JOINING THE REAL WORLD?!” Like, chill out dude.

I’m so happy for them, I can’t WAIT to get married!” and “I am going to throw up if I see one more g’damn Pinterest post of your wedding gown inspiration.” Why am I so bipolar when it comes to marriage?
I’m talking aerial ropes dancers, a cake made out Cadbury creme eggs, some kind of funky theme like Indiana Jones or masquerade or something. You have to be good at keeping secrets, which I’m not, and you have to steel yourself after the onslaught of disappointed commentary from relatives who felt left out of your special day (the guilt is MADDENING).
Think about how great your birthday is, when all of your friends get together to celebrate your life and how cool you are. Throwing the party of the year to commemorate the success of my relationship is pretty appealing.
Your last name (if you’re female, or new age), your tax information, and, if you were living at home beforehand, your residence.
I guess some people also get that warm, fuzzy feeling, but I get that feeling with my boyfriend now, every day, and we’ve been dating for the past three years.

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