Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Use a Q and A format• Helps to keep your slides crisp• Engages the audience as they have to think about what your answer will be ! Slide Design1) Text Is Death The deplorable practice of putting huge blocks of text on a slide and then reading every single word to the audience probably accounts for half of the problems people have with PowerPoint. For Making an Impressive presentations one must have to know about the major facts for creating presentations.
If you want to perform best on the day of your presentation then firstly you must research on your topic so that you can deliver your best there.
Before going to deliver the presentation you need to know the knowledge level of the target audience.
Some of presenter uses so many technical terms that it become difficult for the audience to understand that what they saying.

Presenters who do not practice their presentation just fumble in between the seminar and it is really looks awkward. A person standing on the same point and telling you crammed data can never be a good presenter. In the end of the presentation Say thanks to the audience for being patience throughout the seminar.
January 14, 2014 by drjim Leave a Comment Concise and accurate discussion of clinical cases is important is all areas of medicine, but perhaps even more so in the time-pressured atmosphere of the emergency department. Most people in the audience will be able to read the text faster than you can say it out loud. If you choose the perfect title then it will become easy for you to connect with the audience. They give you a general method to convey your points but using too many formulas that your presentation becomes a math book is a bad idea.

I ask them a question is it better for them that your audience start sleeping in between the presentation. Make your presentation like a story so that all the people starts loving your presentation.
Do not cross the limit of allotted time because you must know that which slide will take how much time.
If you talk continuously then you may miss the main aspect of the question and you will not be able to deliver the best answers. I am writing this article for all those who dona€™t know that How to give a good presentation.

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