So to further answer your question, hair growth is really quite individual as there are many factors that affect it. Some people have a longer hair growth cycle of up to 7-10 years and so they can grow their hair to crazy lengths. Your hair growth cycle is genetic, and so you can’t make your hair grow for a longer period of time. If you want really long hair, maybe you should stop colouring your hair and keep heat styling to a minimum. My problem is that my hair is quite fine, so this in between stage isn't so flattering.
Hiya just a quick question how long did you hair stay at ear stage and does your hair normally grow fast if not what did u do differently??? Wow, I found that so interesting and it's given me all the more reason to workout a little more regularly ?? Thanks so much!
What happens is when you use heat, it makes the older ends fragile and so they split and break off, so whatever you grow, you lose in breakage. Regarding shampoos, dilute them and try sulphate free ones; much gentler on the hair, conditioners use moisturising ones that say for damaged hair it helps those older ends.
Trim individuality splits as you see them and only trim every 3-4 months and only then have a teeny bit taken off. If a magic pill could miraculously make hair grow more quickly, odds are it would fly off the shelves.
Do you find you can’t seem to grow your hair past a certain point no matter how hard you try?
I spoke to a hairdresser, a scientist and a trichologist and the trichologist was the most helpful. So depending on the individual (and this depends on both genetic and environmental factors) your hair will grow to 24-48cm long before it falls out. The only other way to get long hair is to make your hair grow faster during the 24-48 month growth cycle. By avoiding these environmental stresses on your hair, you give your hair the best chance to grow and look fabulous. I have always had hair at around shoulder length and is extremely curly and always wanted LONGER hair.

It's ok, I should have said that your hair is in a continuous growth cycle where you lose about 100 hairs a day so you won't ever wake up to a hairy pillow! The interesting thing with hair is that it takes about 3 months or any lifestyle changes to change your hair. I must be having a longer cycle as my hair is starting to get quite long and my diet is pretty healthy these days too. I'm not sure if it won't get any longer than that or if I just always got bored around that time and chopped it off! It's often prescribed for chemo patients, and when I asked at my local vet, they said they sell loads of it to people trying to grow their hair. I don't know from personal experience, but anecdotal evidence from friends says your hair grows like crazy.
I highly recommend mane N tail shampoo and conditioner but only use it once a week, the other time i use inecto coconut shampoo and conditioner.
When your hair is long enough to put up, buy either olive oil or coconut oil and using a pea sized amount, rub your hands together and spread this on the bottom few inches of your hair, this will act as a barrier and help prevent breakage and then put your hair up. Agree about too much heat styling & over-washing causing damage and breakage to your hair. Each follicle grows at approx the same rate and has the same life cycle based on your genetics and environmental factors such as your diet, and if you dye or heat style your hair. But until such a wonder .It is important to follow natural and right methods, especially when you are facing hair loss. Your hair will also love you back if you spoil it with a conditioning treatment once a week. I once watched a plant (a floppy Baby’s Breath) perk straight up when exposed to soft music from a radio playing next to it.
I think I would accept that your hair won't grow long and to embrace a cut that makes the most of your hair. My hair was stuck at boring shoulder length for ages and I used Lee Staffords hair growth treatment. Even now that it's had some TLC it still stays around the same length, not that I'm complaining at all! Also, you can lengthen your growth stage by taking MSM (a sulfur) you can buy at any health food store.

There is a rolling cycle of growth and if your hair grows 1 cm per month and has a cycle of 4 years your hair will only grow to 48cm long. However, we’ve read that many people get longer hair by the end if they get regular trims. If you trim them, they will grow back in to about the same length they were before, (possibly longer if you keep trimming, who knows?) but you can do this multiple times with the same few hairs before they fall out, meaning, the same hair follicle can stop growing, and start growing, the hair within its growth cycle multiple times, can’t it? It is ALOT healthier now that I have been caring for it properly so it is MUCH easier to manage! I moisturize every day, stopped dying and only blow dry and straighten with products once a week.
Your hair always keeps growing but will only grow to a certain length in that time before it falls out. Sure, it may keep the hair healthy, but what if if I cut six inches off, those same follicles keep the hair growing to the same expected length, don’t they?
I’ve used mane and tail, taken hair vitamins, done weekly olive oil treatments, had regular trims, you name it. Eating a high protein diet with good levels of iron and zinc can make your hair grow faster.
I get complemented every where I go so it lets me know all these years of dedication are paying off. Silica supplements don’t make a significant difference, but making sure you are eating a diet high in iron and protein will help. When we did a hole on a full moon and put the dirt back in the hole, there isn’t enough soil to fill the hole.
Anyway, she told me if I didn’t want my hair to grow, trim it, even a tiny bit on a full moon. I wish I knew of something that no only lengthens the Anagen (growth) phase, but also lengthens the LENGTH phase.

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